‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 1, Episode 8: Recap & Ending – Who Was James Parker?


Each and every person is the devil in their own lives. They design their own doom, and no one can save them from themselves. And that is what our Mayor of Kingstown, Mike McLusky is doing with himself. He almost reached a boiling point in the previous episode when Milo Sunter kidnapped Iris and shot the Feds in Mike’s office.

In Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8, Milo sets another trap for Mike. But Mike is done playing games. A single incident in the episode triggers Mike to pick up arms and shoot the people who harmed Damsel in distress. Let’s explore further.

The Crimes of James Parker

In Episode 7, Milo asked Mike to locate a metal case to find something of interest. Mike brought a metal detector on his hunt and ended up discovering an entire bus buried in the ground.

In the previous episode, James Parker, the serial killer of Kingstown, was sentenced to death by lethal injection. In Episode 8, Mike and local police officers found 26 dead bodies inside the school bus, which they believed were victims of James Parker. The serial killer was popularly known as the “spider.” Evidently, the dead bodies were wrapped in sacks and hung inside the bus in a way that symbolized that they were prey to a “spider.”

The police officers failed to figure out Milo’s motive for giving information about Parker’s victims. But the officers believed that the school bus was found on Mike’s property, and circumstantial evidence might point to Mike. After the bodies were sent to the morgue for further investigation, Assistant D.A. Evelyn Foley demanded an interrogation with Milo so she could connect the dots.

Meanwhile, Mike bashed Milo’s lawyer and threatened him to find out what Milo was planning to do.

Saving the Damsel in Distress

In Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7, Milo’s henchman, Joseph, gave away Iris as a gift to the white gang leader, Duke. Throughout the episodes, Duke and his men sexually assaulted and tortured Iris, which took a toll on her mental health. By Episode 8, Iris was utterly broken. Thus, Duke decided to sell her off to some red-black gang members.

While transporting Iris to their den, these red gang members had to drive through their rival gang territory. Their rivals, the Blue Black Gang, were commanded by Mike’s closest ally, Deverin ‘Bunny’ Washington. When Bunny’s men spotted the reds in their territory, they took out their arms and rained bullets on them. Fortunately, Iris, hiding at the back of the car, survived the fight between the two gangs. Bunny’s men brought Iris to Bunny’s den because she told them about Mike. As soon as Mike heard the news, he came running to meet Iris.

Mike was horrified listening to what Duke’s men did with Iris. Hence, he decided to take revenge. Mike drove to Duke’s den and shot each and every one of them, because they deserved it.

At the end of Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8, Mike took Iris to the woods where he removed the tracker fixed inside her body. With the tracker removed, Milo or his men won’t be able to locate Iris, and she will be safe for the time being. Finally, Mike took Iris to his cabin in the woods, a safe place he considered home.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 8 Ending

When all the gang leaders in the prison promised Warden Mills to maintain peace and order in the yard, he lifted the lockdown during the holiday season. However, in Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8, Ed saw the gang leaders together and suspected they were conspiring against the correctional officers. Ed quickly alerted Mike to double-check the situation outside the prison. Bunny assured Mike that there was peace in the jungle, but Duke hinted impending chaos. On the other hand, Mike shot Duke at the end of Episode 8, which might complicate the matter further.

The prisoners finally retaliated by targeting Tim Weaver’s nephew, Sam, who was transferred to a women’s prison. A female prisoner, Cherry, tricked Sam and brought him to an unmonitored prison section. She then lured Sam and stabbed him in the neck with a pencil. Maybe Sam would survive the attack, or maybe not. But Cherry did make sure that no one would sympathize with him. She framed Sam for a sexual assault and her attack as an act of self-defense.

Meanwhile, the black and white gangs targeted Tim Weaver in the men’s prison. The leader of the Crips, P-Dog, stabbed Tim in the waist inside the mess. After the attack on Tim, Ed tried to contact Mike, but he crossed the no network area and didn’t pick up the call.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 9 Expectations

The slight footage of “Mayor of Kingstown” Episode 9 suggested that local police officers, especially Mike’s brother Kyle, tried to clean up Mike’s mess that he created by shooting Duke and his gang members. While Mike was having a pleasant time in the woods with Iris, Mike’s mother, Miriam, took Sam’s case and interrogated Cherry in the women’s prison. After an attack on Tim, Warden Mills locked down the whole prison and strapped P-Dog. The upcoming episodes will reveal whether Mike will ease the tension or he will end up going to prison himself.

Even during the initial episodes of “Mayor of Kingstown,” Mike hinted at a desire to leave Kingstown. In Episode 8, when Mike asked his secretary Rebecca to rent another office after the shootout, Rebecca rented property not barely a hundred feet away from the old office. Mike understood the irony that no matter how much he tried, he could never escape the shadows of Kingstown. The crime, the blood, and the prison were gravely attached to his core and had become his only existence. Mike McLusky yearns for an escape from Kingstown, but will he ever be able to?

Mayor of Kingstown is a 2021 Crime Drama Series Created by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon.

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