‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Recap Before Season 3: What Happened In Season 2’s Ending?


I guess the only question Mike McLusky asks himself is: What will happen to Kingstown if he isn’t around? Often called the Mayor (not the literal one), Mike is the Hermes of Kingstown. The one who acts as a link between two worlds. There are around seven prisons within a ten-mile radius of Kingstown, holding up more than 20,000 prisoners. The prisoners don’t trust the prison guards, and the gangsters don’t let the cops come anywhere near them. It’s a sensitive situation. Gang wars and prison riots can break out at any minute, burning the entire town into ashes, and therefore, Kingstown needs its Mayor, Mike McLusky, more than anyone else.

Long story short, it was Mike’s father who started the family business of incarceration. I know that sounds wrong, but that’s how Mike defines it. Mike’s father used to facilitate deals between the prisoners and police, and that’s how he came to be known as the Mayor of Kingstown, or, in simpler terms, a mediator between two parties. The eldest of the McLusky brothers, Mitchell, took over the family business and filled his father’s seat after his death. Mike, the second-eldest son, helped Mitchell in the business. The youngest son, Kyle, on the other hand, became a detective for KPD (Kingstown Police Department) and has been helping his brothers from inside the department.

Spoiler Alert

Who is Milo Sunter?

The McLusky brothers had a common enemy, Milo Sunter, who has been acting as the show’s antagonist for almost two seasons now and most likely will continue terrorizing Mike and his family in Mayor of Kingstown season 3 as well. In the past, Milo had robbed an armored truck, in which he killed two police guards. Milo was on the run, and the police refused to let go of the matter because they had lost two of their own. That was when Mitchell stepped in and convinced Milo to surrender. In exchange, he bought him some time to hide the stolen money in a safe place. Milo was convinced that he would take the money and run away after his release from prison, but he went to the clink for life. As Season 1 began, Milo ordered Mitchell to fulfill his part of the deal and get him his money. Unfortunately, a greedy gangster tried to steal the money from Mitchell and shot him dead in the process. Later, the police arrested Mitchell’s shooter, and the bags were taken into custody.

After Mitchell’s death, Mike, who wanted to leave Kingstown for good, was forced to take up the family business. Milo knew that the McLusky brothers were the only people who had the means to help him get back what he had lost, which was why he sent a girl named Iris to lure Mike. Iris became Mike’s weakness, and Milo used her to blackmail Mike and forced him to get his money any way possible.

Who Are The Gang Members Of Kingstown?

There are about four vicious gangs operating in the heart of Kingstown. The Black Crips follow the command of a tall and heavy gangster named Deverin “Bunny” Washington, who happens to be Mike’s extremely good friend and tries to be there for him through thick and thin. The second gang is the Mexican Mafia, led by Carlos Jiménez. Then there are the Russians led by Milo’s right-hand, Joseph, who carries out Milo’s command on the outside. And last but not least, The Aryan, or the White Gang, is led by a guy named Duke, who was killed by Mike in season 1 and was later replaced by a guy named Caspar in season 2. Funny thing, Mike got Caspar murdered, too, because he tried to step over Mike and broke the rules of the pact. Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 also introduced another Black gang who went by the name The Bloods, though their leader soon pledged his loyalty to Bunny after a violent scuffle between the two in the tent city (or the place where prisoners were held after the riots in season 1).

How did Mike maintain peace?

If it wasn’t obvious, Mike knows everyone, and everyone knows Mike McLusky. Anytime a crime took place in Kingstown, Ian Ferguson, a corrupt cop at KPD, would bring Mike to the crime scene so he could find out the culprit behind it and use his connections to bring him to justice. Mike’s process is quite simple. Based on his instincts, he would contact the leader of the respective gang who could have been involved in the particular crime, and he would offer a deal to make their man (or men) surrender peacefully. Furthermore, Mike helps these gang members facilitate their business inside the prison, which mostly entails smuggling drugs into the prison. As per the deal, the prison guards turn a blind eye to these dealings, and in exchange, the prisoners maintain peace and order inside the four walls. In short, Mike makes everyone’s life damn easy. He, however, doesn’t get a moment of peace and often goes sleepless for days.

What Happens Between Mike and Bunny?

Mike and Bunny could be seen as two inseparable buddies who don’t even need words to understand each other. But at the end of season 1, there was a crack in their equation after the prison guards thrashed a Crip inmate named P-Dog. It was actually P-Dog who incited the prison riot in order to take revenge on the authorities, but unfortunately, it didn’t end well for both parties, and its effect was quite visible to the outside world. The gangs on the outside declared war on each other, thereby turning the entire city into a battleground.

Throughout Mayor of Kingstown Season 2, Mike tried to handle the situation, but it was a mess that was beyond his control. All the gang leaders inside the prison died in the violent riot, leading to a power vacuum, because of which all the inmates started acting on their own. The gang members on the outside opened fire on each other and snitched on their rivals to bring them down. Mike knew that bringing a balance to prison politics would be the only way to reinstate peace in the city. He tricked the prominent gang leaders and sent them to the tent city (where the inmates were transferred after the riot) so that they could help the prisoners find a new leader. On Mike’s word, Bunny brought all the members of the gang for a meeting but didn’t expect an arrest by the police. Even though Mike had his reasons for doing so, Bunny felt betrayed.

Why did Bunny attack Robert Sawyer?

Since the beginning of season 1, Robert, the leader of the elite SWAT forces, has been mercilessly shooting criminals without any remorse. Robert was the guy who didn’t make arrests. His instinct was to pull the trigger first and then put the handcuffs on, and this statement alone will tell you how big of a sociopath he is. In short, Robert enjoyed killing and was suffering from extreme PTSD.

After the prison riots in season 2 and ongoing gang wars on the street, Robert got a kind of free pass to shoot down criminals. In the beginning, he raided Bunny’s stash house and killed all his men, even the ones who were willing to surrender. It boiled Bunny’s blood to lose so many men, and that was one of the reasons why he wanted the situation to get better so that things could go back to the way they were. However, after Bunny’s arrest, Robert got a tip from an unknown caller, most likely Bunny’s rival, who gave him the address of Bunny’s house. Robert, being the hot-headed guy, didn’t bother checking the details and raided Bunny’s mother’s house, daring to point a gun at her. As soon as Bunny got the news inside the prison, he asked Mike to arrange his release, as he couldn’t stay a minute longer inside this den. But Mike was helpless because of the new DA, who refused to recognize Mike’s deal with the criminals only to be shot by Bunny’s men in the parking lot. After the attorney’s death, Mike’s new corporate friends, a private prison company named Warwick Group, stepped in and helped with Bunny’s immediate release.

As soon as Bunny came out of prison, he put a target on Robert, and at the end of season 2, his goons thrashed Robert brutally on the road. They could have killed Robert to death, but fortunately, Mike arrived at the scene in time and called for an ambulance. At this point, only Mike knew that Bunny had called for a hit on Robert. However, Mike couldn’t let anyone know about Bunny’s involvement; otherwise, even the Mayor of Kingstown wouldn’t be able to control the chaos that would follow. At the end of Mayor of Kingstown season 2, Robert remained in a hospital bed but most likely will survive, and his survival will hopefully cool down the cops.

Is Milo dead?

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Milo played an important role in inciting the prison riots. Actually, he had a plan in mind, and P-Dog just happened to take the bait. At the end of season 1, Milo used the riots as a cover to slip into the guard’s uniform so that he could walk out of the prison without much fuss. After his escape, he went into hiding and tried to find Iris, who was spending the best days of her life with Mike. However, as soon as Mike found out about Milo’s escape, he got paranoid and tried to send Iris away, which apparently didn’t end well. Iris walked out of FBI protection and went straight to Milo’s hiding place because she didn’t have anywhere else to go.

The cruel guy that he was, Milo pushed Iris back into prostitution because he loved to see her suffer. But more importantly, he knew that Iris had become Mike’s weakness, and he wanted to see Mike suffer for stealing his money. However, things got complicated when a construction worker found Milo’s hidden bonds worth more than seven million dollars. And unaware of the Kingstown mafia scene, the construction worker knocked on Joseph’s bar to send the bonds that ironically belonged to his master, Milo. Joseph tortured him to death, but he didn’t reveal the whereabouts of the rest of the bonds. In the meantime, his wife handed the bag to the police, which quickly found its way to Mike. So, long story short, Milo threatened to kill Iris if Mike didn’t return the bonds, and the Mayor, who didn’t have many options left at his disposal, brought the bonds to the port where Milo was waiting. In the end, Mike handed him the bonds in exchange for Iris’ life. However, in a surprising turn of events, as soon as Milo’s ship left the harbor, it exploded into pieces, implying Milo died in the explosion, which isn’t true. He survived and made a phone call to his lover, Tatiana, who was eagerly waiting for her lover’s return. It was deemed that Mike had planted a bomb inside the bag to end Milo for good, but he survived as usual. Or maybe he orchestrated his fake death so that he could finally rest in peace. Whatever the case might be, the trailer for season 3 doesn’t hint at Milo’s return, so maybe we’re putting Milo to sleep for now?

What to Expect in Season 3?

The trailer for the third season suggests the entry of new blood in Kingstown. From the looks of it, these criminals seem to have a history with Kingstown. Chances are, they might have known Mike’s father or were his friends. So, in a crooked way, Mike has to work for them. In the trailer, one of these two gangsters tried to create a rift between Mike and Bunny, and why wouldn’t they? Mike and Bunny are envied by the entire town now, as their association makes them the strongest force in Kingstown. And some good news, too. Robert is well and alive, so there will be more SWAT action in the upcoming season. 

Throughout the second season, Kyle has been struggling with personal and professional issues after facing a traumatic situation during the prison riot. He tried to stay away from Kingstown, but it didn’t help. He ended up shooting innocent individuals on the street and was suspended for the time being. As soon as Kyle returned to Kingstown, he tried to help Mike but accidentally shot his mother, Miriam, after Milo took her hostage at her own house to catch Iris. The incident took a toll on Kyle’s mental health, and maybe season 3 will continue the subplot further. From the trailer, it looks like Kyle is back in KPD and has joined the elite SWAT team to combat crimes in the city. And yes, Iris is by Mike’s side, but the question here is: for how long? Will their love story progress any further? We will find it out soon enough, so stay tuned for Mayor of Kingstown season 3.

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