‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Miriam Die?


Mayor of Kingstown season 3 had a slow start, but it did introduce the two antagonists of the season– a Russian mobster named Konstantin and an Aryan gang leader, Merle Callahan. So it’s obvious now that these two menacing forces are going to make Mayor Mike McLusky’s life a living hell, but how? Well, I’ll try to explain it along the way. Also, the first episode of the third season takes place some 2-3 weeks after the events of season 2, so there might be a lot of things that old and new viewers wouldn’t be able to pick up on, so I’ll connect the dots.

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How Did Miriam Die?

Mike’s mother, Miriam, who used to teach at the correctional facilities in Kingstown, suffered a fatal gunshot at the end of season 2 when Mike’s worst nemesis, Milo Sunter, arrived at Mike’s family house looking for Iris. Earlier, Iris had killed Milo’s right-hand man, Joseph, because he tried to rape her. Soon after the murder, Iris ran away from Joseph’s bar and tried to hide in Miriam’s house, where Milo took her hostage along with Miriam. The Russian mobster, Milo, called Mike and demanded the bonds in exchange for his mother and her lover. Mike and his younger brother, Kyle, arrived at the house to save their mother and ended up shooting Milo’s goons. However, in a moment of chaos, Kyle accidentally shot her mother close to the spine. The brothers brought Miriam to the hospital, and it looked like she would survive, but she didn’t. Maybe Miriam had lost a lot of blood or didn’t survive the operation. Or maybe Dianne Wiest’s contract was over, which was why she didn’t return for season 3.

Who Planted the bomb in the car?

The first episode began with Miriam’s funeral, attended by Mike’s close friends and family. And if you know Mike, you know why the entire Kingstown Police Department (KPD) was present there to mourn his loss. However, what was more tragic was that some hoodlums planted a bomb in DA Evelyn Foley’s car, but fortunately, she survived the explosion. And even though the bomb didn’t do any collateral damage, Mike and his buddies, Ian, Robert, and Kyle, began their hunt to find the person responsible for the blast. Stevie and Ian suggested it could be Bunny, but Mike knew his best friend wouldn’t do anything like that. 

As usual, Mike paid a visit to Bunny and persuaded him to return the guns that he had stolen from the gun shop in the previous season. It was a delicate situation, and Mike didn’t want Bunny to become the target of the cops’ wrath. Later, he convinced Ian, Robert, and Stevie that Bunny didn’t put a target on Robert. In short, Mike crossed off Bunny’s name from the suspects list, and now they have to find a new target to put the blame on.

Mike suspected that it could be the Whites or the Aryan gang members who planted the bomb in Evelyn’s car, and he had his reasons to think that. At the end of season 2, Mike had called a hit on their gang leader, Caspar, who had sent his goons to kill Mike as he sided with Bunny and his gang. With Carney’s help, Mike got him thrashed inside the prison and, therefore, believed that the gang was taking revenge. On his way to the office, Mike hit another Aryan gang member in the alley to get the address of their safe house, which was later bombed by Robert. Yes, his hands had been itching for a long time.

Robert, however, messed up the whole operation. Mike wanted a peaceful raid and arrest. It would have helped him get the name of the person responsible for planting the bomb. Additionally, he could have found the reason why the gang was targeting him or Evelyn. But Robert killed them all, thereby inciting yet another war with the Aryans, who are obviously going to blame Mike for their fallen brothers.

Why did Konstantin kill Tatiana?

While not much was revealed about Konstantin in the first episode, it seemed like he was the top boss who had returned to Kingstown to bring back his gang’s lost glory. It was implied that Milo used to work under Konstantin, but after Milo and Joseph’s deaths, the gang needed a new face, and Milo’s lover, Tatiana “Tati,” couldn’t be the one. The episode also revealed that Konstantin wanted to get rid of Milo and, therefore, contacted Tati, who snitched on her lover. It was hinted that it was Konstantin who’d planted a bomb on Milo’s boat and blown it up to end his chapter, but Tati had double-crossed him and informed Milo about the bomb, because of which he survived and called her later to confirm the same.

So as the first episode began, Konstantin arrived at the club to take over, but more importantly, to keep an eye on Tati. During this time, he found Tati discreetly turning to call someone. It was obvious that Tati was trying to contact Milo, but he had switched off the number. Konstantin understood the entire coup and, therefore, shot Tati in cold blood in the alley. Her son, however, survived, but I cannot imagine what Konstantin would do with that innocent soul. Additionally, it can be speculated that if Milo is alive, he will surely return to Kingstown to avenge the death of his lover and kill Konstantin.

Why did Merle Callahan kill Dedrick?

The first episode suggested that after Caspar’s death, Callahan became the leader of the Aryan gang. Callahan was locked up in the Millhaven correctional facility, but as soon as he got the news of the violent raid on their safe house, he quickly planned his transfer to the Kingstown correctional facility. Mike had already informed Bunny that after the KPD’s attack on the Aryans, the gang was going to retaliate, and that’s exactly what happened. Inside the prison, a White gang member killed Dedrick, a Black man who belonged to Bunny’s gang, though Bunny wasn’t a fan of him. Mike believed that the Aryans would attack the Black Gang Leader, Raphael, but he was safe for now. But I am not sure for how long. After Dedrick’s death, Callahan was transferred to Kingstown, where he wouldn’t let Bunny and his gang be in peace inside the prison. As mentioned earlier, Robert’s itch for violence had incited yet another gang war and Mike had to clean up his mess to equalize things so that he could restore peace inside and outside the prison.

Why Did Bunny Plant a Mole in the Prison?

After the events of season 2, Bunny knew that he couldn’t trust anyone anymore, not even Mike. And why would he? It was Mike who had betrayed Bunny and sent him to prison, where he faced a near-death experience that obviously left a scar on his mind. You can see that Bunny doesn’t drink beer on the lawn anymore. He hides himself on the terrace or in a closed-down building and has raised the security because he trusts no one anymore. And even though Mike has connections with the prison guards, they are not the best of allies. One can understand this through Kareem, whose actions say it all. The warden refused to pick up Mike’s call and had been acting all tough. Only if he had picked up the call could Mike have saved Dedrick’s life. This one’s on you, Kareem.

So, after the entire fiasco in season 2, Bunny is cautious now. He had one of his own, a young lad named Kevin Jackson, enrolled as the new prison guard. Kevin kept him in the loop because, even though Bunny knew no one would dare touch Raphael, he wasn’t sure anymore. And with Callahan’s arrival inside the prison, even I am not sure if Raphael is safe or not. In the next episode, we could expect a tussle between the two gangs.

What’s Happening With McLuskys’?

On a happier note, Mike became an uncle, and Tracy brought a baby boy into the world. The family named him after their late brother, Mitchell “Mitch.” And while Kyle and Tracy had been away to the hospital, Iris tried to mend things between her and Mike, though Mike made it abundantly clear that he didn’t want anything to do with her, at least for now. The most he can do at this moment is provide a home for Iris, for as long as she needs one. But she shouldn’t expect anything more than that. He even gives her the freedom to leave, as Mike believes Milo is dead and Iris will be safe in the outside world. Iris, on the other hand, doesn’t know anything anymore. She takes drugs from Miriam’s room, which obviously implies that she is still fighting the demons inside her head and could suffer a relapse anytime soon. And on that note, I will stop writing the screenplay for Mayor of Kingstown Season 3, episode 2, and take your leave.

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