‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Caspar Dead?


After an eventful first episode, the second episode of Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 takes the slow lane. While slowly building up the tension, the episode reveals that someone is taking a hit on Bunny’s men inside the prison by supplying them with drugs laced with poison. But who could it be? Well, even though the episode doesn’t make it explicitly clear, it’s suggested that it is the work of Aryan Gang Member Merle Callahan, who wants to take revenge on Mayor Mike McLusky and his friends for destroying his stash house in the first episode. So, without further ado, let’s explore the events of Mayor of Kingstown episode 2 and speculate what to expect next.

Spoiler Alert

How did Big Hush die?

During the visitor’s hour, a woman named Sharon came to meet Big Hush inside the prison and dropped a packet of drugs inside the bag of chips. Sharon worked for Bunny, who used to deliver drugs inside the prison without being caught. These prisoners, on the other hand, would swallow the packet during the visitor’s meeting, poop it out in their cells, and sell it to other inmates. Well, it was a perfect plan until Bunny’s enemies or competitors found out about it and took Sharon in confidence to deliver their stash in prison. Sharon never met these new clients, but she probably found a better cut there, which then made her betray Bunny and give Big Hush the “balloon” from another vendor, which was laced with some poisonous substance. A few hours later, Big Hush died inside the prison. Raphael didn’t want the authorities to find out about their secret channel of drug trafficking, which is why they cut Big Hush’s belly open to take the drugs out and left his dead body in the chamber. 

Later, two other prisoners puked and died in the field, which worried Warden Kareem as he decided to investigate the matter and keep an eye on Bunny’s men, who were the most likely suspects. Even on the outside, a few young individuals lost their lives to the poisonous drugs. It was a messy situation, and DA Evelyn Foley had no other option but to turn to the Mayor of Kingstown for help. Also, Kareem, who is battling demons of his own, is trying very hard to make things very difficult for Mike when he knows he is the only person in Kingstown who can save the city. And I guess sooner or later, Kareem’s crimes against the inmates are going to come to light, and he is going to pay a heavy price for the same.

How did Sharon die?

If there is anything that Mike is good at, then it is smelling imminent danger. I mean, that man has great instincts. He had already warned Bunny about Sharon, but Bunny put too much trust in his men to concern himself with Mike’s warning and, therefore, failed to take necessary action against the mule. Later, Sharon’s corpse turned up in an abandoned car outside the Anchor Bay prison, which made Mike realize that someone is tying up the loose ends after framing Bunny and his gang as the prime suspect in a poisonous drugs case. Mike and Detective Ian visited Sharon’s younger brother, Lucas Hayes, to find some information about her, but unfortunately, the young lad couldn’t tell them anything more than what Mike had already figured out.

Who killed Caspar?

The shady gangster, Merle Callahan, had been planning something big, but we don’t know his true intentions yet. Callahan’s short meeting with a prisoner makes me wonder if he was the one to have ordered the hit on Aryan gang leader Caspar, locked inside Anchor Bay prison. In season 2, Mike had called Caspar for a meeting with other gang leaders but called the cops on him so that he could be sent to prison and control the chaos inside. However, Caspar believed Mike had betrayed him and wanted to take revenge, which didn’t end well for him. Now, in season 3, Caspar talked to his daughter about his release, but before it could happen, an unknown inmate entered the visitors’ chamber and tried to suffocate Caspar to death. I guess that’s the end of Caspar’s story, but he can survive too. However, the question here is: why did Callahan call a hit on his own gang member? I guess Callahan believes Caspar has lost his touch and is too weak to carry the gang forward. That could be one of the reasons, or maybe he blamed Caspar for the attack on the stash house, where the gang lost millions of dollars worth of drugs. I am sure Callahan will reveal his true intentions soon enough.

What Happened to Iris?

Iris had been having a hard time trying to cope with Miriam’s death and get comfortable around Mike’s family. She is definitely not cut for family life, as she has been a loner throughout. However, the problem didn’t seem to stop chasing Iris either. Just when she started to let her hair down, a cop stopped her car on the road and asked for her driver’s license. Well, yes, Iris didn’t have one because she never had a normal life like everyone else. She tried to run away, but the cop arrested her and brought her to the station. Now, I don’t know why she didn’t call Mike from the station because he is the only person who could save her. Nevertheless, she refused to get her fingerprints taken, which was why the cop put her in a cell before they could arrange a court order for her. And the reason why Iris refused to be printed could be because she already had her records in the legal system and didn’t want to expose her real identity. Maybe. We don’t know much about Iris, right? So she might have her reasons to protect her true identity. But we all know that Mike is going to save her again, like he always does.

What Happened to Greg Stewart?

Some five years ago, Greg Stewart got into a fight with a fellow friend and ended up shooting him in the head. Later, Greg dumped the boy’s body in the lake and pretended to help his friend’s mother find her dead son. For his crimes, Greg was sent to prison, but due to his good behavior, he was given early parole. However, the dead boy’s mother didn’t want Greg to be released from prison, which is why she paid a visit to the Mayor of Kingstown, seeking his help in the matter. Mike contacted Carney’s sister, who worked in the StoneBrook prison facility, but to his surprise, Greg had a clean slate in prison and deserved the parole, which was why Mike didn’t intervene. However, after Greg’s release, the mother decided to take matters into her own hands and pulled a gun on Greg near the bus stand. She shot her son’s murderer at point-blank range, and he probably wouldn’t survive the attack. This storyline doesn’t have anything to do with the main plot of the story. It just depicts a normal day in Kingstown, but what it does underline is the fact that even Mike cannot help everyone in the city and has his own limitations. 

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