‘Mcgregor Forever’ Explained: Why Did Conor Mcgregor Lose The Match Against Dustin Poirier?


Before tuning into Netflix to watch McGregor Forever, I decided to browse through the available information on the MMA legend to compensate for my lack of knowledge about the sport. Popularly known as “the notorious,” McGregor demonstrated his sheer determination and pure resilience over and over again. Starting at the age of 17, McGregor swiftly rose to the top and became a master of the combat sport. His Ultimate Fighting Championship wins caught the attention of his nation, and he single-handedly inspired several young Irish boys to pursue the sport. Apart from his inspiring MMA journey, there is also a long list of controversies that caught my attention. Evidently, anger management is something that McGregor struggles with, and it has resulted in pub fights, driving offenses, the infamous bus attack, verbal altercations, and alleged sexual and physical assaults. The comment section of the McGregor Forever trailer on YouTube demonstrates that even though there are reasons to hate him, the MMA audience loves him for his indisputable dedication to the sport.

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‘Mcgregor Forever’ Summary: What Is The Documentary Series About?

From the trailer, it was somewhat expected that the documentary series would only focus on Conor McGregor’s UFC highs and lows, and that is what it delivers. The documentary glorifies the MMA champion and chooses not to cover the negative impact that his aggression had on those subjected to it. It is almost like watching a Rocky film; the only difference is that McGregor Forever is a documentary. The four-part series is repetitive and a little too single-noted. The documentary series begins with the aftermath of UFC 264, which was held in July 2021. During the match, McGregor severely injured his leg, and Dustin Poirier was declared the winner. McGregor was forced to rethink his approach after the fracture. It is evident that McGregor is not the one to give up, and the creators take us back to 2018 when McGregor faced Khabib Nurmagomedov. It was one of the most hyped UFC fights, with McGregor publicly trash-talking. McGregor and Khabib shared a history. Khabib’s actions had triggered McGregor, and he attacked the bus Khabib was leaving the stadium in after which McGregor was arrested for assault and criminal mischief. Conor pleaded guilty and the court asked him to attend anger management classes for his behavior and perform community services as a good samaritan. Therefore, Conor had a lot to prove to the world, and bringing their public fight to the arena was a declaration of war.

While Conor McGregor was pumped up to defeat Khabib, soon after entering the cage, he realized that the fight was going to be tough. Ultimately, Conor tapped for release when Khabib held him in a neck crack position during the fourth round. Khabib was declared the winner, and Conor was forced to accept his defeat. Soon after the championship, he focused on his community service. It was perhaps the best distraction for Conor. There was an evident shift in his behavior as he started to spend more time at the church. He enjoyed reading little anecdotes and took home some positive lessons. He realized the importance of positive energy. He admitted that his fight with Khabib was purely out of rage and revenge, and in a way, he disrespected mixed martial arts. He wanted to be in a position where he could enjoy the sport instead of using it to satisfy his personal vendetta. Conor trained rigorously, and his team agreed that his temperament was quite different than before. Conor was not training to fight his enemy; he was training to demonstrate the beauty of MMA. The shift in his attitude helped him learn better and work towards his goal. Conor’s next match was against Donald Cerrone, and unlike the last time, he was quite respectful of his opponent. The audience witnessed a new Conor. Along with his calm personality, he demonstrated that he was more powerful than ever before. Within 40 seconds of the match, Conor defeated Donald Cerrone. McGregor proved his haters wrong; he was not done yet.

Why Did Conor Mcgregor Lose The Third Match Against Dustin Poirier?

The pandemic affected the sport massively. Even though Conor continued to train, there was a feeling of uncertainty in the community. Soon, McGregor announced his retirement on Twitter, indicating that he was disappointed in the UFC and had decided to retire because he was not assigned a fight. Conor’s retirement announcement left everyone in a state of frenzy. The public found it impossible to believe, considering that he was just 31 and in good shape. Many said that the retirement announcement was just a way to gain leverage. McGregor was frustrated with the delay, and the Twitter announcement was an act of desperation. He personally contacted Dustin Poirier and proposed an MMA charity fight, and Dustin agreed to it. It was an obvious threat, and the UFC intervened. They agreed to organize the fight between Poirier and McGregor. In 2014, McGregor completely crushed Poirier, and over the years, Dustin trained and evolved as a fighter. The audience wanted to watch a rematch between the two, and UFC delivered it on January 24, 2021. The audience anxiously waited for McGregor to defeat Poirier just like he did in 2014, but it was not the same this time. Poirier continuously kicked McGregor’s left calf, leaving his left leg completely numb by the end of the match. Dustin was not the fighter McGregor met in 2014; his techniques had evolved, and he had become adept at the sport. While Poirier was declared the winner, Conor had to use a walking stretcher to return home. Conor had lost the match, but he won hearts with his calm demeanor and respect for his opponent. He did not blame Poirier for his condition; instead, he stated that it was just the way sport worked. After being on a six-month medical suspension, McGregor was back to reclaim the UFC Lightweight Championship title.

Conor McGregor stated in a press conference that he no longer fought for money or for revenge; he fought to create his legacy. He wanted to create as many highlights as he could in his career to make a movie out of it and watch it with his son. His third match with Dustin Poirier was to establish that he was still the champion. Conor’s temperament was quite different before the third match. Many criticized him for staying calm and encouraged him to unleash the trash-talking Conor that he once used to be. It seemed like Conor was affected by the criticism, and he altered his approach to please the crowd. He was back to his previous self, and his aggression was beyond his control. In a way, not having his family by his side affected his attitude. Many believed that his purposeful anger could drive him to win the match. Conor’s head coach Julian Dalby described his student as an unreasonable man but he also believed it was his passionate madness that made him stand out from the crowd.

The first round of the third match began with two continuous turning sidekicks from Conor. He started well, and even though Dustin got hold of him, he managed to get back on his feet. Unfortunately, just when the match had gotten interesting, Conor fractured his leg. He was completely devastated. After months of preparation, he could not accept that he lost the match out of sheer bad luck. The internet was not ready to accept Conor’s defeat. They believed that he had a powerful first round, and the only reason Dustin won was because of the tragic accident. It was assumed that the fracture was the end of Connor McGregor’s career. At the hospital, all Connor could think about was getting back into the arena. He was mentally preparing to make a return after recovering from the accident. With his bandaged leg, Connor continued to train to get back in shape. He was committed to the sport and was not ready to give it up yet. The announcement for his upcoming match with Michael Chandler in the 2023 UFC has already been made, and we look forward to the clash between the two legends.

McGregor Forever demonstrates the extreme passion that Conor McGregor has for MMA. Throughout the documentary series, we witness Conor suffer several injuries, yet each time he comes back stronger. There is an insane, almost inhumane power and determination that McGregor possesses. As someone with barely any knowledge of the sport, I was in awe of the physical caliber that MMA requires. Each fighter is brilliant in their own way, and I have developed immense respect for the sport and the fighters. Coming from a small Irish town, Dublin 12, Conor proved to the world that nothing is truly impossible. He became the highest-paid athlete in 2021, and even though he had it all, the drive to stay relevant and continue fighting never left. McGregor Forever is purely a celebration of the MMA legend, and it chooses to steer clear of his problematic past. Surely, McGregor’s fanbase will enjoy the celebratory documentary series, but for those hoping to objectively look into the life of the sports legend, the series will be a disappointment.

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