‘Meg 2’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Do Jonas And Jiuming Make It Out Alive?


Ben Wheatley’s Meg 2: The Trench once again takes us back to the adventure of Jonas Taylor in a world where all sorts of prehistoric animals are living. The film makes us privy to the kind of apex predators that were a part of the food chain 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. Many of these predators had been able to cross the thermocline layer, and now they were wreaking havoc and posing a threat to humanity. So let’s find out what Jonas and Jiuming got to know when they went underwater and if they were able to fight the megs or not.

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What Happened In The Underwater Habitat?

On one end, Jonas had made it his life’s mission to catch the perpetrators who were carrying out illegal activities and harming the ecosystem of the ocean, and Jiuming had merged his father’s and his company and taken a vow to carry out his underwater explorations and make sure that in the process he took steps to conserve the marine ecosystems. We saw Jonathan conducting a raid on a ship that was dumping toxic waste in the ocean, and he was cornered by the crew on board. Jonas jumped in the water, and Mac and Rigas came on a helicopter and rescued him.

Jonas and his team went to China, where they saw that Jiuming had developed these exo-suits that allowed a diver to travel anywhere underwater at any depth. We also came to know that Hilary Driscol was funding the exploration missions of Jiuming’s company, and she was more than happy with the way Jiuming and his entire team were making progress by leaps and bounds toward a better tomorrow. Jiuming had a knack for taking risks, and even by Jonathan’s standards, sometimes he really stretched the limit. In Meg 2: The Trench, we saw that Jiuming had a pet megalodon named Haiqi, but of late, it was behaving very unlike itself. Jiuming had trained Haiqi to follow his orders, but this one time, it felt like it wouldn’t listen to him and would eat him alive. Both Jonas and Meiying got scared, and for a moment, they felt that they had lost Jiuming.

When Jiuming came out of the water, Jonas told him that it was not a very rational choice to go in the water, as at the end of the day, no matter how much he would have trained the megalodon, it still had innate predatory instincts. Jiuming, Jonas, and their team had decided to cross the thermocline layer and carry out their exploration mission. They reached Mana 1, the marine research center, and made the dive in two pods. Jonas didn’t want Meiying to come, but just like her uncle, she also had a knack for not following orders and doing what she wanted to, no matter what others told her. Jiuming noticed that Haiqi had come out of the open towers, and he decided to follow it when he saw something strange happening at the underwater habitat where they were supposed to go.

The team realized that there was illegal mining happening there, as the seabed had a huge deposit of rare earth elements that were not found anywhere else. Jiuming and Jonas were still figuring out on whose orders it was happening when they heard a loud thud, and before they knew it, their pods got destroyed by a landslide caused as a result of that explosion. It was Montez, the mercury, who had been tracking Jonas and Jiuming and had deliberately caused the explosion. Montez had a vendetta against Jonas, and he was the one who was overlooking the illegal operation happening underwater. While Jonas, Jiuming, and others got stuck underwater, Mac and DJ realized that the rescue boats had been sabotaged by someone. Soon, through CCTV camera footage, they realized that it was Jess who had intentionally broken the rescue boats so that when the time came, they couldn’t be used.

We came to know that both Jess and Montez were working for Hilary Driscoll, whose sole purpose was to earn money by exploiting oceanic resources. Hilary didn’t care what harm she was causing to the ocean ecosystem or how many habitats she was destroying. She told me very explicitly that she didn’t care about anything as long as she was making money. There was a market for everything out there, and Hilary had no qualms about catering to the demands of the people. We came to know that Jess was controlling the emergency escape underwater station from Mana 1, and she told Rigas to kill Jonas if she didn’t want her to launch the pods and leave them stranded. Jonas almost got killed, but somehow he managed to get the better of Montez but the team suffered three casualties as Lance Sal and Curtis were not able to make it out alive. Jonas believed that Montez would have died, but he, too, somehow managed to come out of there alive.

Do Jonas And Jiuming Make It Out Alive?

Mac and DJ realized that Mana 1 had been taken over by the mercenaries sent by Hilary, and they realized that they would have to fight them to escape from there. DJ had developed some insane skills, and he made use of them to keep both of them safe and alive. Meanwhile, Joans and Jiuming arrived there with nobody else, and they decided that they would have to take a boat and try to reach the nearest island called Fun Island. But the problem was that he couldn’t start the engines as the sound waves attracted the megs, so they slowly paddled their way through, making sure that they dodged the bullets being showered at them by Montez’s men.

Jonas and Jiuming had speculated that they would be safe once they reached Fun Island, but they were wrong as a shoal of megalodon followed them there and wreaked havoc on the tourists who were enjoying their time and swimming in the water. As if the danger posed by the arrival of megs was not enough, we came to know that the island had a huge reptile species present there, waiting to devour humans who came their way. Hilary, who also arrived on the island, wasn’t able to survive for long, and she was eaten alive by one of those huge reptiles. Because of the hole in the thermocline layer, a huge octopus had also been able to come to the surface, and with one swoop of its massive arm, it destroyed the entire deck area and killed many people. When Jiuming saw that Meiying was in danger, he decided to take the octopus head-on, and he saved Meiying.

Jonas and Montez came face-to-face, and this time, Jonas was able to get the better of him. A megalodon came and swallowed Montez down. During Meg 2‘s ending, the megalodons are killed by Jonas, and only Haiqi remains alive. Jiuming once again went underwater to control the beast, and this time he was able to, though Jonas thought that it was just a lucky coincidence. The team was grateful for the fact that they lived to see another day, and they knew that they were just lucky to make it out alive. The thermocline layer is still open, so we believe that we will see the megs and other prehistoric creatures making their way to the surface of the water body and wreaking havoc on humans in the future.

The insatiable want of human beings was the sole reason why the delicate balance of nature had been disturbed. The Capitalist mindset had blinded people like Hilary, who just wanted to make money no matter the cost. But there was still hope till people like Jonas and Juiming were alive. Jonas and Jiuming will keep on doing the work and carrying out their underwater expedition while making sure that they conserve and take active steps towards marine conservation.

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