Melanie And Priscylla Lee: Where Are The 7M TikTok Cult’s Sisters Now?


Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult made us privy to many stories where the victims came forward and spoke about what happened to them in the precincts of the Shekinah Church. They were traumatized because one man decided that he would ruin the lives of these individuals just so that he could afford a swanky lifestyle. Melanie and Priscylla Lee became a part of the church approximately two decades before the Wilking sisters were introduced to Robert Shinn. The Lee sisters served as the best target for somebody who was looking to brainwash people into believing that being a part of the church and adhering to his orders would be the best decision of their lives. Priscylla and Melanie moved from South Korea to the United States of America in search of a good life, but they had their share of struggles, and they found it extremely hard to cope with life in general. Their father abandoned them at an early age, and they moved with their mother to the States. Life still could have been beautiful if their mother had been there for them, but it was not so. Their mother was an alcoholic, and she didn’t care if her kids suffered or if they had a hard time. Priscylla looked after her little sister, and they both shared a very strong bond with each other. But things went a bit haywire, and their lives were turned upside down after they both joined the Shekinah church. It was Melanie who introduced her elder sister to Robert Shinn, but ironically, she was the one who got out of there because she suspected that the intentions of the self-proclaimed Man of God were not right. 

Melanie left the church around 2011, and since then, she has tried to move ahead in life and build her family. She lost touch with her sister, but when the news about Robert Shinn hiring dancers and brainwashing them to be a part of a cult started surfacing, Melanie thought about what he did with the old members. Priscylla was there with Robert Shinn for almost 23 years, and when she finally got out, she was not the same person she used to be. Firstly, accepting the fact that all these years she was living a lie was a difficult thing. She knew that what happened to her was not right, but her brain was tuned in a certain way by the manipulative tactics of Robert Shinn, and she had the hardest time coping. There was a scene in Dancing for the Devil where Priscylla didn’t turn up on time for her nephew’s birthday, and Melanie felt that her sister was just not letting her help her. Melanie wanted Priscylla to communicate whatever she was going through, but the latter told her that she was not in a state to do so. Priscylla had a lot of baggage from the past, and she just couldn’t seem to find a way out of it. Priscylla told how Robert Shinn made her and other victims like her believe that getting physically intimate with him was a privilege that only devotees and those who were destined to go to heaven had. Robert Shinn made it look like it was a blessing to be molested by him and that anybody who went against him would definitely go to hell. 

Anybody who had gone through so much in life just needed hope to cling on to, and the Shekinah Church gave them that. It gave the victims a sense of belonging, and it made them feel that they had a higher purpose in life. That’s why, even when they were sexually abused, for the longest time, their minds couldn’t feel that they had been violated or that somebody had taken advantage of the influence they had. Priscylla met her father in South Korea, and she told him about whatever she had held inside her for a very long time. She quite blatantly told her father that he had abandoned her and Melanie and that he should be ashamed for doing that. When Priscylla came back to the States after that, she was ready to put up a fight. She served a notice to Robert Shinn, and she told the authorities how she had been molested by the godman back in the day. The authorities were skeptical at first, and they told Priscylla that they would initiate a formal investigation only when more women came and complained about the same thing. 

The trial against Robert Shinn will begin in 2025, and though Priscylla is looking forward to it, I believe that it is not going to be a very easy task to prove the claims in court. I say that because, generally, in such cases, there is no solid evidence, and hence, it becomes extremely difficult for the prosecution to prove their point beyond a reasonable doubt. The Lee sisters worked closely with the makers of Dancing for the Devil, and they provided all the assistance and information that they could. Melanie is active on social media, and she is quite vocal about the experiences she had with Robert Shinn and his cult. Priscylla, on the other hand, took a break of sorts and moved out of LA, and she just wanted to cope with the traumas of her past life and be in a better mental state. 

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Sushrut Gopesh
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