‘Merli: Sapere Aude’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Does Pol Come To Terms With Himself?


“Merli. Sapere Aude” is a young adolescent fictitious series that follows a group of college students as they start on a journey to shape their worldviews. The characters focus on a college lecturer who makes them rethink their ideas and leads them down a route that is more in line with who they are. This helps them develop a more grounded perspective on their way of life.

The original series, “Merli,” is about a philosophy teacher named Merli who encourages students to think freely through philosophy. Hector Lozano developed and wrote “Merli,” with each episode honoring a different philosopher or school of thought. Lazano’s goal was to spread philosophy to the general public, influenced by films like “Dead Poets Society.” Each episode featured a prominent thinker or school, such as the Peripatetics, Nietzsche, or Schopenhauer, who were linked to fictitious events and characters via their teachings.

In the spin-off series, “Merli. Sapere Aude,” director and writer Hector Lozano brings to us a story of life after Merli Bergeron Calduch has passed away, leaving his philosophical legacy to his son Bruno and mother, along with Bruno’s best friend Pol Rubio. As Pol gradually replaces his old mentor’s memories with a female professor, he is presented with a new world. As they gain independence, they begin to uncover their truth. Without further ado, let us learn who Merli is and what he left behind for us to see.

‘Merli. Sapere Aude’ Plot Summary – Who is Professor Bolano?  

Bruno’s father, Merli Calduch, an unemployed philosophy teacher, died, leaving him and his mother, a well-known actress, to carry on his legacy. Pol Rubio, Bruno’s best friend, is deeply saddened by his death because he spent so much time with him. Professor Merli was someone he looked up to as a mentor who helped him understand philosophical concepts. Bruno develops a close relationship with Pol as a result of his proximity to the professor. They both have an intimate night with Pol’s girlfriend, Tania, which causes Bruno to constantly remind Pol that he isn’t completely heterosexual.

While debating whether he is straight or not, Pol refuses to disavow his sexual proclivities and continues to engage in devious behavior. Things gradually improve for him, as his widowed father proudly boasts that a breeze finds him on a Friday and carries him to university the next day, where he sits across from his new love, Gloria. Pol accepts the statement with a hearty chuckle, gently allowing the concept of college to take over him. Since he has moved past the experiences he shared with Merli, Pol debates with himself about going to college at the railway station. He talks with Merli about his hopes and dreams, claiming he is lost without him but accepts his new life.

When Pol and Bruno start university, they join a new world full of individuals who are just as curious as they are about their sexual identities and who they are as people. Pol meets Biel, a blue-eyed boy, on his first day of college, and he accompanies him to their first philosophy session. Professor Bolano enters the room with a bang and begins the ethics class. Minerva, a student, looking for a university scholarship, is introduced to Pol and Biel. However, after lunch, Pol meets Rai, a wealthy young man who has abandoned his business degree to pursue philosophy. He takes Pol’s wallet and replaces it with his own. Pol follows him to his house to retrieve the wallet and finally becomes friends with him.

Professor Bolano is fighting for custody of her special daughter, Laura, while the pupils begin to build stronger ties with one another. Laura is currently employed at a gardening store and visits her mother occasionally to ensure that she does not resume drinking again. Bolano practices patience with her when she secretly drains the alcohol from bottles that Bolano buys, but her daughter is aware of her mother’s struggle with alcoholism. While doing so, she expertly takes Pol under her wing and trains him slowly to recognize his talents.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Merli. Sapere Aude’ Ending, Explained – Will Professor Bolano Save Herself?

Rai has a tumultuous connection with his mother, an artist who runs a multibillion-dollar art enterprise with his father, who has now passed away. When he dropped out of business school, he thought philosophy would better suit him because he was attempting to understand other people and their faults. It was a type of atonement for his animosity toward his father, who had deceived his grandfather by stealing the company. Pol begins to stretch himself and grows close to Rai, forming a bond.

Gloria, Pol’s father’s new lover, must be accepted. They both move in together and live at her house. For the first time in his life, Pol feels like he is in a strong position to develop something for himself after stabilizing his life with academics and a solid job. He begins to form a closer bond with Bolano in a hope that she will give him a fair score. Bolano ultimately informs him that, as a student, he is capable of much more. He admits that his ambition is to emulate both his previous mentor and her. Bolano’s associate professor and close friend Silvia continually reminds her that she needs to go to a support group meeting and deal with her drinking.

Bolano is having a particularly inebriated evening when Pol happens to pass by. He drops her off at home, and she makes a move on him, but he resists and ensures she arrives home safely. Rai, on the other hand, has his own challenges to fight, from his physical relationship with his aunt to his mother almost selling a home he values, but he finds solace in Minerva. His heart, though, yearns for Pol. At a party thrown at Rai’s place, Rai strategically plans a game for Pol to win a bike. A bike that he had to sell earlier to pay for an electricity bill. This captures Pol’s heart, and they share an intimate moment, sealing Pol’s conviction in his bisexuality.

Meanwhile, Bolano is forced to confront her addiction when she becomes inebriated and injures herself with shattered glass. Silvia saves her and takes her to the hospital’s psychiatric unit. She hopes Bolano does not show up at the university the next day to take her place as Ethics Professor in Bolano’s absence. Bolano shows up to class with her arm in a sling, even though the students are on strike at the university. She verbally ousts Silvia from her position as a professor and resumes teaching. Pol grows concerned about her and tells her that she can’t go on like this and that she must take care of herself. Bolano is encouraged by this and turns to Alcoholics Anonymous for help.

In Conclusion

“Merli. Sapere Aude” is a teen drama that presents philosophy as an undercurrent for teens to begin questioning their way of life and gaining a deeper understanding of who they are. While remaining humble and kind, the protagonists indulge in their desires to discover themselves.

Director and writer Hector Lazano take a detailed look at the liberal lifestyle that these folks lead, throwing the tale off but still keeping key moments holy. While certain characters overindulge the majority of the time, the plot sags, and the viewer becomes tired. Despite this, the characters bring out the best in one another, creating a balance that saves the series from deterioration.

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