‘Meskina’ Summary & Review: Leyla Discovers She Always Will Be A Queen


“Meskina” is a Netflix romantic comedy that follows a thirty-something woman as she progressively rediscovers herself when her marriage to a famous songwriter goes to hell and fades. When they split up, and she returns home, Leyla must rediscover true love and redefine her life, despite her mother’s insistence that marriage is the best thing that could happen to a woman. Her sister, who is married and has two children, is the most liberal person she has ever met, assisting her in discovering a new side of herself.

Witnessing Leyla’s strong support system, the film takes you on a roller coaster of laughter, joy, and tears as you experience situations that we can all identify with, relationships, and associations that we only see in movies. “Meskina” is sincere in its approach, enveloping you in a very cozy, warm hug that every woman needs and should have on hand. If you want to be a queen, let our main character, Leyla, show you the path and teach you what she learns along the way.

In the initial few moments of “Meskina,” Leyla Idriss is a single lady. Her mother is completely unaware that she is seeing a well-known musician. Leyla’s sister and mother find out about it at a wedding and are overjoyed. The paparazzi, as is their custom, follow celebrities about and come upon Abdelkarim kissing Leyla on the forehead, making the duo front-page news. They marry and tour the world together. The reality of marriage and the monotony that comes with it sends the marriage into cryostasis, and Leyla’s world begins to progressively transform. Things worsen when a magazine reports that her husband has been caught cheating on her with another woman. Leyla is forced to endure this humiliation and decides to return home.

There is a sense of tension in the house, with her relatives claiming that she could have made it work. Her mother and sister, Amira, come to her aid and defend her right away. Amira has already taken the initiative to send Leyla’s original manuscript of a book to a publisher, and she has done so fast. Amira’s mother begins to reminisce about her father and how life was different for her when she was freshly married. Soon after, Leyla learns that her ex-husband has moved on and is engaged. She is overcome by a blazing fire and begins a new life. She tries speed dating and even tells her mother that it’s fine for her to look for a boy. Her sister climbs on board and urges her to get ready to explore dating apps. 

Leyla starts working with her queen-like cousin Malika, who manages a media company, while Amira and her mother are at work looking for a boy. Malika has an adorable secretary who is both Malika’s and Leyla’s biggest supporter. Leyla has to start with the sales team, but she immediately turns things around in a meeting that surprises Malika but has a good outcome that gets the clients to approve the plan. Malika overcomes her apprehension and promotes Leyla. Leyla now has to juggle a new relationship with two men: Amin, whom she met through her mother’s contacts, and Fabian, a blind date found through dating apps by her sister.

Leyla is enamored with both of them. Things take a turn for the better when her supervisor is forced to call Abdelkarim to participate in an award ceremony that her company is hosting. When Abdelkarim tries to reignite their romance, things fall apart almost immediately when the media learns about their relationship, throwing her world into disarray.

Slowly, “Meskina” reveals whether she survives public humiliation and her family’s abandonment. Director and writer Daria Bukvic masterfully set her heroine Leyla in a position where she always understood what was best for her as a single woman while she attempted to recover herself and her image. Regardless of what is hurled at her, Leyla never gives up. Something that any thirty-something lady in today’s modern world can learn from. Her vision is something that all parents with children, regardless of gender, must instill in their children today. We can only hope we had a best friend like Amira, who has a touch of explosive liberal sexual humor.

When Leyla’s mother develops a crush on someone who is frequently visiting her, “Meskina” takes on a more genuine tone. Happiness is sought from within, with an end that makes your heart skip many beats. If you feel the need to cry, go ahead and do so. Writers Fadua El Akchaoui and Ernst Gonlag collaborate with director Daria Bukvic to create dialogues and reactions that will make you jump along with them, boost you as a viewer, or make you laugh out loud because you are probably a lady going through the same thing. Maryam Hassouni, who plays the protagonist character Leyla Idriss, has a fantastic sibling bond with Soundos El Amadi, who plays Amira, a liberal and extreme extrovert, probably more than her paramedic husband, named Klaas, in the film can handle.

With its vibrant tones and lively moods, the film is a joy to see, and each frame tugs at your heart. Few films revolve around the idea of a strong female protagonist. It has the power to uplift the spirits of those who appear to be in despair. Perhaps we need more of these. 

“Meskina” is a 2022 Romance Comedy Film directed by Daria Bukvic.

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