‘Mishan Impossible’ Ending, Explained: Does The RRR Trio Capture Ram Shetty?


“Mishan Impossible” is a funny and offbeat Telugu-language film that depicts the story of three boys who boldly leave their little hamlet to pursue their ambition of being like their heroes and apprehending a deadly criminal. These three young men started out for Bombay but instead ended up in Bangalore, where they are involved in a child trafficking racket. When a journalist comes across them, they plan the perfect rescue and arrest.

When Shailaja, a journalist with a clear motive of killing and/or capturing corrupt politicians, is involved in a collision and her informer is put in jeopardy, she devises a plan to exploit these lads’ bravery to promote her cause and apprehend a most wanted criminal notorious for trafficking children. Let’s witness how these disparate personalities get together to unintentionally work together to apprehend a wanted criminal.

RRR- The Dangerously Stupid Trio of Boys Who Avenge Children in Distress.

The three young men are from Vadamalapeta, a small village in Andhra Pradesh. One young man named Rajaram claims he is the country’s fastest bowler, but every time he bowls, the batsman knocks a sixer. His friends are always supportive of his goals and ideas. Raghupati, the tallest of the group, is constantly tossed out of class for being too cheeky with the teacher, an act that pays homage to his idol, Ram Gopal Varma. Raghava is the third musketeer, who prefers to stay at home and is enamored with his glowing Rubik’s cube. His selling point is telling the world the erroneous answer with such conviction that everyone believes him. This intriguing group is ready to embark on a quest, armed with dynamic intelligence. They aspire to make their lives more meaningful and to achieve their goals at all costs. Is it about traveling to Bombay? Is it accumulating all of the world’s wealth and becoming famous? They’ll find out soon enough.

The lads have a strong desire to do something other than go to school. However, they would have to leave their hometown. Raghupati is eating his meal when the TV in front of him announces that the world’s most dangerous mobster is named Dawood Ibrahim. There is a prize of 50 lakh rupees if he is apprehended. Suddenly, he is struck with an idea. He hurries to his friend’s house the next day, enthralled by the notion, and tells them both about his brilliant plan to catch Dawood. The boys dubbed the idea “Mishan Impossible,” a combination of foolishness and daring. They construct their conceptions of reality based on innocence and complete ignorance. When they reach Bombay and find out it is Bangalore, they roam the streets and ask people where they can find Dawood. Some think it’s a joke, while others are startled to recognize the image but appear unconcerned about the boy’s plan to track him down. The trio have no idea that their quest is going to take an unexpected turn.

On “Mishan Impossible,” they stumble across a pair of men beating another man to pay them money. Raghupati notices them and believes that they could be paid to find Dawood. When they approach these two individuals to inform them of their objective, one of them devises a plot and locates an actor who can play a gangster who knows Dawood. These three actors give the boys fake names and act as KGF (Khalil, Ghilani, and Farook), the predecessors to 1 and 2. RRR is a proud moniker for the boys. Or, as we like to refer to them, the dangerously inept musketeers. When the ‘KGF’ trio takes the RRR trio to a remote location, they tell them that Dawood will arrive soon and that their presence is optional. The KGF trio proceed to leave and the boys remain at that location which is when the boys witness a murder bringing their deepest fears to the surface.

It’s been more than a day, and their parents are worried about their children. Everyone in the small village is aware that these youngsters have gone missing, and posters have been produced encouraging people to phone an emergency hotline. After witnessing a murder, the boys begin to feel helpless as they continue their search for Dawood in Bangalore. They discover they are alone in the city when reality hits them. Frustration comes in at this point, and the three of them fight. When they quarrel, they discover that what is bothering them is the fact that they are lost in a city. They miss their parents and miss being at home. They are on the highway, hoping that someone will help them when their feelings diminish. Raja decides to obtain some food by crossing the road. A car approaches and grabs him just as he reaches the other side. Raghupati and Raghava run after the car, desperate to catch up to it. After understanding that there is no way to save their comrade, the car accelerates away, and they fight. A woman suddenly arrives from nowhere. The narrative develops as Shailaja intervenes to prevent the boys from fighting.

Shailaja, Satish and Vikram: The Vigilantes Seeking Justice

Shailaja is an investigative journalist who is meticulous in her job and collaborates with a police officer named Satish and Vikram, a Manager at a theatre. Her techniques are dynamic and harsh, yet they work. A political leader has been elected to lead the district at the start of the film. But his gaze is drawn to a young woman with whom he hopes to have an affair. When he inquires about the girl and her son, his attaché warns his superior that the boy is going to die and requests an audience. When the political leader sees the youngster, he kisses him twice on the cheek and begs for something in return, but the boy appears disoriented and stunned on stage. When he is asked for anything for the third time, he takes out a gun and shoots the political leader, causing confusion and fear. Shailaja is in the middle of the crowd, acting as if she is in mourning. When she gently turns around and walks in the opposite direction, she has a smile on her face.

Shailaja is collaborating with Satish and Vikram to apprehend Ram Shetty, the child trafficker. Vikram’s tale is unique. His child was kidnapped from his house and taken by the same wanted criminal gang while he was working at a theater. Vikram loses his cool when the police do not work swiftly enough to find her.  Vikram is severely depressed after finally getting his daughter back, who is drugged to a point where she has forgotten all of her previous life. He decides to join Shailaja in finding the man responsible for hurting his daughter. Shailaja has an informer in Mumbai who keeps them up to date on Ram Shetty’s whereabouts, but when she learns that he is in danger and that the plot has changed, she makes a U-turn in the vehicle with Vikram next to her and is involved in a bad accident when a truck collides with the car. They are both gravely hurt yet alive as a result of this accident.

When they awaken, Satish informs Vikram and Shailaja that the operation has suddenly become extremely dangerous. There are 40 to 50 children that could be trafficked shortly, and they have no chance to complete the mission on their own. They continue their mission with a sorrowful heart. Children have vanished from particular locations, and one of them happened to be where the three village idiots were sitting on the motorway. When Raja is kidnapped, Shailaja and her squad chance to be nearby, but she misses the vehicle and instead witnesses the two lads fighting. She steps in to find out the truth and, miraculously, this quest comes together.

‘Mishan Impossible’ Ending Explained: How Does The Rrr Trio Have Ram Shetty Arrested?

After Raja is abducted, Shailaja and the two boys meet for the first time. The lads have found their guardian angel at their lowest point. They’re both eager to return home, but they can’t shake the feeling that they’ve gone missing. Shailaja understands their predicament, but they make it clear that they can only go if Raja is present. Shailaja consults with her team, who are apprehensive about joining the operation but accept because it is the only way to go undercover and ferret out the crime.

In the presence of Satish and Vikram, Shailaja speaks with the lads. She explains the procedure in detail. She needs someone on the inside to give her information about where the children are hidden, knowing how Ram Shetty operates. Furthermore, because there are five beaches on the outskirts of that site, the youngsters will be transported by sea from one of them. Both Raghupathi and Raghava have been briefed, but they are concerned about being duped. The two boys leave the next morning and act as if they are lost. A street vendor recognizes them and offers assistance. She leads them to a spot where two men seize both boys and throw them into the back of a van. The same van will also transport other children. The automobile is being closely followed by Shailaja and the team.

Shailaja must find a way into the facility while they follow the automobile. First and foremost, locate the compound. She had taught the boys well enough that they needed to be able to leave a trail that she could follow if they got too far ahead. Raghava still has his Rubik’s cube and tries but fails to disassemble it. They had to pull over because he pretended to need to go to the restroom to pee. When Raghava throws a tantrum, the goon assisting in their transportation smashes the Rubik’s cube in anger, where it breaks into pieces.

Raghava drops small Rubik’s cube blocks out of the moving car window, establishing a trail for Shailaja and the team to follow. Everything goes according to plan. Both boys begin seeking their third Musketeer once they arrive at their destination. When Rajaram emerges from the toilet, tears streaming down his face, he sees the two lads, who embrace in pure joy. The boys give him an update on the plan and what needs to be accomplished. Outside, Shailaja must be on time for the toy truck, where they are conducting an unexpected search. They place an audio hearing device and a small camera in one of the toys when they open the truck they know is on the way to the children’s location. The boys acquire the toy and devise a strategy for deploying both devices. The three of them create joyful mayhem by singing, dancing, and playing that evening.

The man who is looking after the kids is watching films on the internet. Ram Shetty emerges from his lyre, glancing angrily at the man who is staring into his phone. This irritates him, so he plays a terrifying game with the kids in which he slaps the man’s face and asks them whether the slap is a four or a six, because cricket is their favorite sport. The harder the smack, the greater the score. This scares them, but Ram Shetty stresses the importance of the children remaining calm. When the three boys see the video surveillance room, one of them has the bizarre idea of setting up a police alarm. However, they must first prepare an audio recording device. After smashing a glass bulb, they managed to divert the guard’s attention near the video surveillance room and place the camera. Raghupati plants the audio recording device after the lads put up a bogus police alert that goes off while the children are queued up to be physically tested to see whether all of their essential physical metrics are green.

After receiving notifications that both devices have been enabled, Shailaja tells her team that all the lads have to do now is tell her which beach the children are being trafficked from. Satish has informed his senior police officer, who has already had a run-in with Ram Shetty, that an undercover operation is currently underway and will be successful. The SPO’s hands are tied until he obtains all of Ram Shetty’s video and audio evidence. Raghava has been approaching the various men on the property to inquire which beach they are heading to when things start to go smoothly. They push him away each time. When he enquires about Uchila Beach, the guy is enraged, and Raghava returns to the lads to inform them that this is the beach from which they would be trafficked.

When they are ready to be relocated in the evening, Raghupati pretends to need to use the restroom. He dashes away from the cronies and swiftly cuts a note into a regular newspaper. Shailaja’s crew sees the word on the wall via the sunshine when the light passes through the cutting out of letter forms from the newspaper pasted on the Glass windows. The way a movie projector works. The squad prepares to search the area once the lads have left, and Satish has submitted the proof to his SPO in Charge. When the police crew arrives at the beach in Uchila, they discover it is the incorrect beach. However, Shailaja’s crew had been following Ram Shetty’s movements, and through video, Satish arrives at their position and informs them where the lads and the rest of the youngsters are. The police arrive at Uchila beach just in time to reunite the RRR trio by bringing one of the boys back. When journalists arrive on the scene and allow the boys to speak, they finally get their two minutes of fame. They’ve prepared a speech, and the guys proudly tell their parents on the other side of the screen that they accomplished the impossible, overcame hurdles, and brought honor to their country. A strange finish, but one that is fascinating nonetheless.

Final Words

The video has an odd storytelling technique that reminds me of children nowadays who have a dangerous and naïve sense of boldness. Nonetheless, it is courageous and admirable. While the world can be a harsh place, good people emerge from the cracks of the bad people’s fated cosmos. The superhero craze persists, and its origins could be found in the most ordinary of homes.

The children, “Mishan Impossible,” make you feel deeply grateful for just believing in themselves in those impossible circumstances while remaining trusting and true to their hearts. Child trafficking is still a crime that we fight against today, with children going missing at an alarming rate. One can only hope that it will come to an end and that the world will need more of the RRR trio to continue doing good. “Mishan Impossible” is an excellent movie that is well worth your time.

“Mishan Impossible” is a 2022 Indian Comedy Drama film written and directed by Swaroop RSJ.

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