‘Miss Shampoo’ Ending Explained: Is Tai Dead Or Alive?


Miss Shampoo is when someone promised the audience to show them a bad film and did exactly that. It is hard to understand the purpose or motivations of any character because all of them are committed to silliness or, rather, senselessness. Regardless, we have tried to bring together the narrative of the movie in the following summary to establish a semblance of coherence to it.

Spoiler Alert

How do Fen and Tai start dating?

Tai is his boss, Hsing’s, second in command, and he is on the run from the people who have killed the boss and are now looking for him. Tai hides in a hair salon where Fen is alone and is practicing cutting hair on a dummy. Fen protects him by distracting the other gangsters, and since then, she has caught Tai’s eye. After Hsing’s death, Tai becomes the boss, and a man named “Long Legs” becomes his second in command. Long Legs is a more rational man, and unlike the rest of the gang, he keeps his own opinion, though he remains staunchly loyal to Tai.

Tai and his gang members start frequenting Fen’s hair salon. Fen is still learning on the job, and she is a hair washer as of now, which she is not very professional with. Fen is also very terrible at her job, and she gives people the most comical haircuts, but the gang keeps coming to her because Tai wants to spend time with her. Only Long Legs keeps away from her since he can separate work from personal matters and does not believe in sucking up to the boss. Either way, Fen initially knows that she has done a bad job, but when the increased clientele brings in more business and money, her confidence in her terrible abilities grows, and she also becomes somewhat attached to Tai. He is already thinking of ways to propose to her when he receives the shocking news that Fen already has a boyfriend. For a few days, he is in a daze until his gang intervenes. They track down Fen’s boyfriend and see that he is cheating on Fen. Tai explains to the man the value of going steady with one person and decides to step back. He doesn’t want to interfere with Fen’s life this way, but Long Legs points out that the boyfriend’s hair was not cut by Fen. This is too much for Tai to bear, who decides that this is disrespectful to Fen. If the boyfriend is not blinded by Fen’s love, he deserves to get beat up, and that is exactly what Tai and his gang do. The boyfriend had been breaking up with Fen before getting beat up, saying that she was holding him back in life. It turns out that there is a price to pay for a good haircut as well.

This time, Tai doesn’t waste any time in proposing to Fen. He makes his way to her house, meets her scared family, and proclaims that he is serious about her. Fen is also very charmed by his manner and agrees to go on a date with him, where she proposes that they spend a night together. But Tai wants to be a gentleman, which angers Fen. In other words, she was probably embarrassed. Either way, they get past this and become a happy and silly couple, like they were destined to be. 

Why did Fen and Tai break up?

This is one of the silliest things we ever saw, and it is the part of the story that convinced us that the writers were playing a joke on the audience. Fen breaks up with Tai for an unexplainable reason. She has always been a fan of baseball, specifically the player Xuxiang, and seeing him party with Tai makes her extremely angry. Essentially, at the party, Xuxiang is drunk and has drawings on his face. Fen thinks that this is the result of Tai’s influence and fear as a gangster. The people try to explain that Tai and Xuxiang were friends from their childhood, and Xuxiang had arrived at the party in that state, but Fen isn’t ready to listen. When Tai tries to convince her to come back, they have a fight where he tells her that he hates the haircut she gave him. That is pretty much the end of the relationship.

Does Tai Get Back Together With Fen?

After the breakup, Tai cuts off his dreadlocks with a Swiss knife and looks good for the first time in the movie. Meanwhile, Fen gets her hairdressing license, and we are guessing that she finally learns to cut hair properly. They are both adjusting to their breakup when Xuxiang pays a visit to Fen’s salon for the sake of his friend and leaves while regretting his entire existence. What we mean is that Xuxiang tells Tai’s story to Fen about how he was the captain of their baseball team in school despite being terrible at the game. When some gangsters were beating up a team member, Tai stepped in to handle them all, and he didn’t care that he got beaten up instead. The team came out to fight with him, and when the school wanted to take action, Tai took the entire blame on himself. He was expelled, and that was the start of his journey to become a gangster. Since then, he and Xuxiang have kept in touch on an on-and-off basis, and Tai has always made sure that Xuxiang is never served alcohol, perhaps for the sake of his game. Xuxiang said that he owed his life and career to Tai, and he wanted to help him find a good wife. Xuxiang certainly paid his dues because, by the end of his story, Fen was in tears, and she had also ruined his hair, forcing him to go completely bald.

On the other hand, Tai and his gang were in danger. Boss Chuan had sent people to kill them to take over the organization. The attacking gang did a lot of damage, but luckily, at the last moment, they were all saved. At this point, Tai wanted nothing more than to reconcile with Fen, so he drove to her hair salon, but before he could go inside, he passed out.

During Miss Shampoo‘s ending, Fen imagines that Tai has quit the gangster life and come to reconcile with her. However, she sees that she is just shampooing the fake hair of a mannequin. She breaks down into tears when Tai comes into the salon for real. He is not dead, and he has somewhat survived the shooting. His people outside are surprised at his resilience, and it can be assumed that Tai has left the gang behind since Long Legs says that he is the new boss. Apparently, Tai had to be alive because Miss Shampoo is a New Year movie that is released early because every day is New Year when you are with your loved one.

Final Thoughts

The decision to make this movie couldn’t have come from a place of seriousness. Criticizing Miss Shampoo would mean that the joke is on the audience because it was evident that the movie promised nothing of value to anyone. It was just something to roll our eyes at, and that was a workout we weren’t prepared for.

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