‘Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Has May Betrayed Cate, Kentaro, & Lee?


With last week’s episode, it seemed like Monarch: Legacy of Monsters had found its groove. The show threw Cate, May, Kentaro, and Lee into a hostile situation as they were being chased through the chilly plains of Alaska by a Titan that had the ability to freeze anything with its breath. Every aspect of their survival skills was put to the test, and, in addition to that, the vulnerability of humans in a world of giant monsters was on full display. We got a glimpse of the origins of May and Kentaro’s relationship, which was expertly cut together with the present state of their bond, i.e., both of them were dying of hypothermia. It seemed like all hope was lost, but Kentaro stumbled upon a radio station, which he used to call a helicopter, and he managed to save May, Cate, and Lee from being frozen to death by the Titan. That said, as soon as they landed, they were cornered by the titular organization. Let’s find out if they managed to extract any information about Hiroshi Randa and his files from the protagonists.

Spoiler Alert

Monarch frees May, Cate, and Kentaro

Unlike the previous episodes, the fifth episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters takes place in the 2010s only. The narrative doesn’t swing all the way back to the ‘50s this time. We see that Cate, May, Lee, and Kentaro are being held captive by Monarch. Tim and Duvall are convinced that they know something about Hiroshi Randa’s mission, and they’ve to force them into spilling the truth. Duvall goes to May and reveals that she knows about Lyra. That’s the phone caller who May has been talking to all throughout her journey. May’s relationship with Lyra is a mystery, but given how May goes silent when Duvall brings up that person, it’s obvious that she means a lot to May. Duvall leaves her contact details with May and tells her that if she doesn’t retrieve the backed-up version of Hiroshi’s files, Monarch is going to go after Lyra. Then, Duvall advises deputy director Natalia Verdugo to free May, Cate, and Kentaro. She thinks that they aren’t going to speak, no matter how much they pressure them. But if they follow them as they begin the next stage of their search for Hiroshi, they are going to unknowingly lead Monarch to their goal. Natalia thinks it’s a good idea, and that’s how May, Cate, and Kentaro get to leave, unscathed.

For some reason, Tim tries to warn them that they’re in a whole lot of trouble. However, the trio is unfazed by Tim’s intimidation tactics, and they proceed to go to San Francisco and search Hiroshi’s office for any clues about his research. Natalia tries to break Lee by showing some old footage of him along with Bill Randa and Keiko. It’s a really cool scene because Wyatt Russell’s face is projected onto Kurt Russell’s, and Kurt’s smile feels so genuine, as if he’s proud to be in a project with his own son. It’s a very smart way of putting the audience in Lee’s shoes, because you can see why such a method of manipulation can break a man. That said, Lee is cut from a different cloth, and he begins to mess with Natalia. The scene cuts to Tim and Duvall, who are talking about Lee’s looks and age. Finally, Tim brings up a mission that can be the reason why Lee doesn’t look 90. This fuels my ongoing theory that there’s a Lazarus Pit out there that has slowed down Lee’s aging. Plot-wise, I don’t know what purpose it’s going to serve. However, this is a version of Earth that has an ecosystem underneath its surface. So, a Fountain of Youth doesn’t seem far-fetched, does it? By the way, Cate, Kentaro, and May reach San Francisco, which is still a pile of rubble, and they’re picked up by Cate’s mother’s work friend, James.

Cate, Kentaro, and May try to enter Hiroshi’s office in San Francisco.

James takes the trio to Alameda Point, which is a trailer park made by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for the survivors of the fight between Godzilla and the MUTOs. Caroline greets them, and the mixture of elation and heartbreak that Tamlyn Tomita expresses is really moving. You can see her coming to terms with the fact that Hiroshi wasn’t exactly a faithful husband after seeing Kentaro, and it’s more brutal than any scene of a Titan killing another Titan. This is the moment where Monarch: Legacy of Monsters proves that they’ve nailed the human side of the show. The monster stuff was fantastic from the get-go, but they were really struggling with the humans. But, yeah, in this particular altercation, the existence of this human-centric show about people living in the shadow of gigantic gods made sense. By the way, I still think that Hiroshi wasn’t two-timing. I think Cate is his biological daughter, Caroline is his wife, and Emiko and Kentaro are the survivors of a Kaiju attack who he was looking after because of an unbreakable promise or something like that. We’ll see if I am right or wrong in the following episodes.

Coming back to today’s episode, Cate and Caroline get into a huge argument as Cate scolds Caroline for pushing her daughter to find out the secret about her father because she couldn’t do it herself. In the heat of the moment, Cate decides to go into the restricted zone—which is the zone where Godzilla and the MUTOs had their fight—and access Hiroshi’s office in the hopes of finding some more secret files. Caroline says that the area is heavily guarded, but as a FEMA volunteer, she can get Cate and her friends in. That said, they’ve to avoid getting caught and return to Caroline by sunrise, or else they’ll be prosecuted. Weird rules, I know, but given how the Titans are known for emitting or absorbing radiation and the whole area is full of unstable structures, it makes sense to not let people in there without proper supervision. The journey into that zone is evidently triggering for Cate because it is full of familiar places, and seeing them in such a sordid state is understandably upsetting. Back in Alaska, Natalia continues to converse with Lee, who makes a reference to Ken Watanabe’s “Let them fight” line to convey the point that Monarch merely observes and never takes any action because they are nothing compared to the Titans. For some unknown reason, Lee addresses Natalia, Tim, and Duvall and tells them that Monarch knows nothing, even though they pretend to know everything. Yes, I think he’s talking about the Hollow Earth stuff which we have already seen in Godzilla vs. Kong.

Has May betrayed Cate, Kentaro, and Lee?

May, Cate, and Kentaro narrowly escape getting captured by the soldiers, who are talking about killing the cats that have taken over the damaged zones, which is just bizarre! But Cate suffers from an intense mental breakdown as she remembers her life before G-Day (the day Godzilla arrived). Apparently, she was a teacher. She was in a relationship with a colleague who was asking her to move in with her. At the same time, she was in a relationship with another girl. And going by her colleague’s last interaction with Cate, before she went to the Golden Gate with the bus full of children (which fell off the bridge because of Godzilla), she was called out for being a bad lover. You can clearly see the parallels being drawn between Cate and Hiroshi. She thinks that she is like her father in the worst way imaginable, and she lashes out at Kentaro because she thinks he is the result of her father’s infidelity. As a fan of bad characteristics being passed from one generation to another, I liked this moment.

Thankfully, Kentaro isn’t affected by Cate’s meltdown, and May is there to calm Cate down. Kentaro finds the route to Hiroshi’s office, which is where they find the Hollow Earth map. They take that and return to Caroline on time and without getting caught by the soldiers. Cate tells Caroline that there’s a chance that Hiroshi is alive and is pursuing his Hollow Earth theory. Meanwhile, at the end of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, episode 5, we see May calling up Duvall to tell her that she has access to Hiroshi’s map. It’s tough to hate May because she is doing this to protect Lyra, but it’s unfortunate that she can’t confide in Cate or Kentaro and take their help to thwart Monarch. It’s obvious that this is going to cause another rift in their friendship. Who knows if it’ll be a temporary one or a permanent one? By the way, we see Lee being taken somewhere by the guards of Monarch. Do I think he’s going to spill the beans on the Hollow Earth or take Monarch on a wild goose chase? I hope it’s the latter, because if he starts talking about Hollow Earth, then May’s betrayal will be pointless.

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