‘Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Lee & Duvall Do With The Explosives?


Last week’s episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters built up to two different altercations with Godzilla in two different timelines. The younger Lee Shaw and Dr. Keiko fell in love, but their hunt for Titans came in the way, and Keiko had to go to Japan with Bill Randa. Lee had to attend a budget proposal meeting in front of the defense forces. He was warned by Puckett, who was aware of his feelings for Keiko, that if he didn’t stay back for the meeting, then he wouldn’t be able to run Monarch on his own terms. Still, Lee went to Keiko to confess his love for her. However, Keiko said that the lives of the people and their research around Titans were more important than their relationship. Godzilla popped out of the water to confirm that Keiko was right and that they should be worried about him and put their love life on the back burner. The older Lee Shaw, despite getting separated from Cate, May, and Kentaro, managed to make his way back to them with Duvall’s help, who was rebelling against Monarch for personal reasons. The team traveled to North Africa in search of Hiroshi Randa. They did find him, but they also found Godzilla. Lee Shaw decided to follow him, along with Randa, while the kids decided to follow Hiroshi, even if they didn’t know where he was. Let’s find out if they made any headway in today’s episode.

Spoiler Alert

Cate and Kentaro parted ways with May and reunited with Tim

Episode 7 of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters opens in Algeria, where Cate and Kentaro are calculating their next steps. May isn’t sitting with them because of her fallout with the siblings after the revelation that she is the one who sold them out to Duvall because she wanted to go back home. Given that Cate is the one who asks where May is, she has clearly forgiven her, even though she was angry about May’s betrayal earlier. May is apparently abducted by two men clad in black from the bathroom, and although it seems like that is Monarch’s doing, the “abductors” are actually connected to May’s past with a company called AET. A three-year flashback shows how May, whose actual name is Corah, was recruited by Brenda Holland because of her coding skills, and due to the allure of access to bleeding-edge technology and money, May (I’m going to call her May for the sake of simplicity) accepted the offer.

In the present day, while searching for May at the airport, Cate and Kentaro come across Tim, who has arrived there after surviving Godzilla’s awakening. Cate takes a very direct approach to getting some answers from a very dehydrated Tim. He does open up to Cate about Hiroshi’s role in Monarch, and he beats around the bush regarding the Hollow Earth theory because, I guess, the showrunners are keeping the big reveal of the Hollow Earth for the last few episodes. But since finding May is the only thing on Cate’s mind, she strikes a deal with Tim: use Monarch’s connections to find May, and Cate will take him to Shaw. Kentaro has a brief disagreement with Cate because he is feeling betrayed by Hiroshi, especially because he woke up Godzilla and then ran away into the distance. Tim calls up Natalia to give her the details of his efforts to capture the Randa kids and Shaw, and he also reveals that he has seen Godzilla in the flesh. When Natalia starts to talk about protocol, Tim tells her that he owes the Randa kids big time because it’s Monarch’s antagonism that has led everyone astray. Natalia only advises Tim to tell the Randa kids the truth about May before going forward with the search and rescue mission. So, Tim first wins over the Randa kids’ trust by talking about Hiroshi and then lets them in on the fact that May is actually Corah. The scene shifts to a Monarch outpost in Alaska, where Shaw, Duvall, and a mini-army under their command take control of it. Dr. Barnes sees all this and tries to make a run for it.

Tim, Cate, and Kentaro try to free May

30 months before May’s current “arrest,” she was working at AET with Brenda. She had started questioning her role in the place, and Brenda was, weirdly enough, vague and aggressive about May’s questions. In the present day, we see Dr. Barnes informing Natalia about Shaw and Duvall taking over Monarch’s Alaska outpost, where they were studying the rift around the place where Shaw, Cate, Kentaro, and May had encountered the ice-breathing Titan. When Natalia wonders what Shaw and Duvall plan to do by taking over that outpost, the visuals answer that question by showing Shaw and Duvall packing a bunch of explosives. By the way, I have to point out that in the last episode, Duvall, Shaw, and the rest of their team were in Algeria along with the Randa kids, May, and Tim. I thought Duvall and Shaw were going after Godzilla. How did they go back to Alaska? I don’t know because the episode of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters chooses to keep that piece of information under wraps. I am guessing that it’s not very pivotal to the plot, and that’s why it has been left on the cutting room floor. If it’s some big revelation, then I am sure that the showrunners will cut back on it sometime in the future because they’ve been fairly consistent in terms of covering every bit of plot-related detail.

Anyway, the narrative shifts to Cate, Tim, and Kentaro arriving at May’s house in the hopes of finding her there. They hit a dead end, but when the trio follows May’s sister (played by Morgan Dudley) into a parking lot, the sister gives some valuable insight into May’s past, but only after making it clear that the trio isn’t associated with AET. Now, according to May’s sister, May went on the run after exposing AET’s illegal activities. She didn’t say where she was going or when she was going to return. She just took her sister’s passport and ran away. When the episode cuts to a conversation between Brenda and May, we actually see what prompted her to take such a drastic step and then disappear. May saw AET experimenting on literal monkeys and she rebelled. She flushed years of research down the drain and then tried to bid her time in Japan. However, her random encounter with Kentaro snowballed into the situation she is currently in. Tim, Cate, and Kentaro manage to locate AET’s headquarters, and Tim sets off a Titan-attack alarm in order to shift AET’s focus from May to the evacuation process. Natalia sees that a Titan-attack alarm has gone off, but she doesn’t know if the warning is real or fake. That said, Brenda knows that the alarm is fake, and she gives May an offer. She says that May can escape with her friends and act as AET’s spy in Monarch because AET is interested in Titans. Or, she can do the same officially by rejoining AET. When May comes across Cate, she actually refuses to go with her, and she decides to stay with AET, thereby making her whole endeavor seem pointless.

What Did Lee and Duvall Do With the Explosives?

Cate, Kentaro, and Tim exit the AET building, confused about May’s stance, while throwing doubt on Brenda and May’s relationship. Before they can process all that, Natalia swoops in and proceeds to take the trio to the Monarch headquarters. Natalia plans to do what she has done before with them, but Cate comes up with a different idea. She says that she’ll help Natalia find Shaw if Natalia gets May out of AET’s clutches. As Brenda begins to express her satisfaction regarding May’s decision to stay at AET, she gets a call. The episode cuts to May returning to her house and reuniting with her family, which means that Natalia has kept her end of the deal. Tim asks how Monarch is going to deal with the false Titan attack alert, and Natalia says that their PR team will deal with it. Tim suggests that Monarch should step out of the shadows and be at the forefront of tackling Titan-related incidents headfirst. Surprisingly, Natalia agrees to do that and assures the world that Monarch is in charge of dealing with MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms). Brenda gets a call from Walter Simmons as the AET logo turns into Apex Cybernetics. Simmons appeared in Godzilla Vs. Kong, and, with the help of Ren Serizawa (the son of Ishiro Serizawa), he came up with the Mechagodzilla, which was powered by the skull of King Ghidorah and the energy from the Hollow Earth. Both Ren and Simmons are currently dead in the Monsterverse. But this particular name drop means that we can get more of Simmons and see how he came across Ghidorah’s skull and then manipulated Ren to use it to control Mechagodzilla. To be honest, given the time jumps between Godzilla, King of Monsters, and Godzilla Vs. Kong, there is a lot of room for developing pre-established characters and fleshing out the characters who have been introduced in this show. 

At the end of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 7, we see Shaw and Duvall going to the Hollow Earth rift in Alaska. They set up the charges around the rift, lure the ice-breathing Titan towards it, and then explode all the charges around the rift. This causes a weird cyclone that sucks in everything around the epicenter, including the ice-breathing Titan. Shaw celebrates this because he thinks he has found a way to trap a Titan, but is he right? I don’t know for sure. The concluding minutes of this episode are weirdly edited. Why? Probably to hide information or speed up the events of the episode (I hope it is the former). Firstly, we don’t know what happened between Duvall and Shaw’s time in Algiers and their eventual arrival in Alaska. Secondly, what is the nature of the deal between Natalia and Brenda? Thirdly, Cate promised to take Natalia to Shaw and stop him from doing what he was about to do. But then Natalia went for a press conference, and Shaw succeeded in blowing up the rift. Therefore, even though Natalia kept up her end of the deal, it doesn’t seem like Cate did the same. Cate did say that she and Kentaro are going to work with Monarch. To do what? Find Shaw and stop him from causing further explosions around rifts? Maybe, yes. Then why didn’t they just leave with Natalia? It feels a little contrived for them to stay back so that May could reunite with them at the last minute. Also, why did May leave her family right after reuniting with them? Wasn’t her need to get back with her family the one thing that was driving her? Why did she leave them so soon? It just seems like at least 40 more minutes of plot have been cut out of this episode. I hope the reason is good enough, and I hope we get to see it. Or else, this rushed storytelling is going to hamper all the steady storytelling that has been done so far.

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