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Romantic Films are psychologically designed to bring a smile to their audience. However, a truly rich romantic tale would also narrate to you that happiness in love never comes easy. It is a cultivation of efforts by two different strangers who call themselves lovers. It is about their commitment to each other. Monday is the tale of two strangers who met by chance but staying together, was their choice. Will they be able to hold on to each other? Let’s find out.

‘Monday’ Summary

Mickey (Sebastian Stan) is an American DJ who lives and works in Athens. One Friday night, during his gig, he meets an American woman Chloe Gains (Denise Gough) through Mickey’s friend, Argyris. They instantly develop an attraction and end up naked on a beach the next day. Arrested for indecency, they are soon left with a warning. However, Chloe loses her bag which had her passport and she had to leave Greece and go back to America. Mickey offers to help, and they together try to find her bag while bonding with each other. In palpable moments spent together, Mickey develops a liking for Chloe. With the help of his friend Argyris, Mickey finds Chloe’s passport but a subtle argument between the two creates some distance. When Argyris urges Mickey to confess, they both ride towards the airport. Mickey makes a declaration of love.

On another Friday afternoon, Chloe comes back to Mickey’s apartment on her birthday. The couple has decided to move in together. In an exhilarating ride, Mickey helps Chloe to shift her belongings to his apartment. It is then that the real test of their relationship starts. Mickey has a son named Hector from a Greek girl named Aspa Karra. Through Aspa and other people in Mickey’s life, she learns the hard truth about him. Mickey is still very young and childish at heart, and no one knows whether he is ready to take the responsibility. Mickey is a person who likes to spend his life in high spirits. He doesn’t like being normal and he hates himself too. A close friend described him, “ he is not happy unless he is failing.” When Chloe learns all these traits about Mickey and unfortunately gets pregnant with his baby, she has to decide her next move. An action that will determine their future. The film further explores the complexity in their relationship and the ugly side of love.

Spoilers Alert

‘Monday’ Ending Explained

On Friday Christmas eve, Mickey and Chloe are preparing for Hector’s arrival that is due Monday. Aspa has agreed to hand over Hector’s custody to Mickey on the condition that Mickey and Chloe will remain a couple. To celebrate the night, the couple decides to go dancing on Chloe’s wishes. However, Chloe wishes to take drugs and roam around the streets of Athens naked. When some cops try to stop them, Chloe urges Mickey to just keep driving the bike. When finally they are stopped by the cops, Chloe blows a few punches on the cops which causes them severe legal issues. Due to Friday night, Mickey and Chloe are put into prison till Monday. A bail would only be granted on Monday because the court is adjourned till then. Mickey tries to argue as his son Hector is coming on Monday too but the cops pay no heed to his plea.

On Monday, Chloe is left off with a fine and when she reaches home she finds Mickey there. She learns that he had been bailed on Friday itself with the help of contacts Argyris made. Argyris actually contacted Christos, Chloe’s previous boyfriend whom she hates a lot. Christos is a well-off lawyer and his recommendation helped but to take revenge on Chloe, Christos only made arrangements for Mickey’s bail and he let Chloe rot in prison till Monday. The couple enters into another verbal and emotional spat over this issue when Mickey finally makes an argument that it was Chloe who hit the cops and it was her actions and ideas because of which they were arrested in the first place. In those moments, their relationship looked like it is going to end for good, but the couple is seen standing in front of a school. They have come to collect Mickey’s son Hector. Their relationship is still going strong.

The Symbolism of the Title

While Friday symbolizes an inciting incident in the couple’s life, Monday symbolizes both, the end of the previous chapter and beginning of a new chapter in their life. For example, it was on a Friday night when they met. It was on a Friday when they both decided to move in together. It was on a Friday when Chloe learns about her pregnancy, and it was on a Friday Christmas eve when they prepared for Hector’s arrival.

From Friday, the couple struggled against odds, dodging or facing the conflicts and growing together. No matter what the outcome of their effort is, there is always Monday for them. Monday worked like a reset button in their relationship. It was on this day when they let go of the past and begin again, again. The message here is, all couples need a symbolic Monday in their life. No matter how hard or horrible the past weekend/ or week was, we should be able to just start the new week with new enthusiasm and passion. The passion two people in love promised each other when they spelled, “forever.”


If you are in love with Sebastian Stan, or with his smile or with his charisma, then you don’t really need a review to check out his film. For other readers, Sebastian Stan is incredibly intoxicating. The film has a headstrong start. The momentum is maintained for the first 40 minutes but slowly the magic fades away. After that, the film feels stretched for far too long. A major problem with the narrative is that it fails to reap more into the character’s skin. It fails to exploit its brilliant performers. Unlike Before Series, the film doesn’t try to peep into its character’s souls. It tries to explore their past lives in return. The events of the past-lives that include a lover and a child are sub-plots which are a bit cliche. A film that had everything set apart fails miserably on the writing part. A good narrative could have saved it, it could have made it wonderful, but there is no going back now.

Monday is a 2021 romantic drama film directed by Argyris Papadimitropoulos. The film is available for Video On Demand.

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