‘Monsieur Spade’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: What Happened To Zayd?


From the very beginning of Monsieur Spade season 1, there were rumors about this kid who apparently had magical powers, and the entire world was after him. We got to know that Zayd was a gifted boy who had the knack for breaking any code in the world. He was a genius, and all the intelligence agencies around the globe could assimilate how much it could benefit their cause if they had the kid on their side. So from that point on, every intelligence agency and even the far-right and terrorist groups based in Algeria started searching for the kid. Spade didn’t want to be a part of the ongoing quest, but somehow, he found himself stuck in the situation. Spade’s only concern was that no harm should come to Teresa, and he realized that in order to save his own kin, he would have to get his hands dirty. So, let’s find out what happened in the season finale of Monsieur Spade and what fate had in store for Zayd.

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Why did Cynthia kill George?

In the final episode of Monsieur Spade season 1, we got to know that George was plotting behind Cynthia’s back, and he was secretly meeting Gazala all this while. They both loved each other, and they had planned to run away the next morning. It could be possible that George was feeding Gazala all the information that he got from his superiors, which was why the FLN was always a step ahead of others on a lot of occasions. FLN was an Algerian organization, and they resorted to terrorism to fulfill their vendetta. Gazala was staying with Phillipe, and though he worked for the French army, he didn’t harm Gazala because he knew that she was the only person who could identify Zayd. It felt like in the previous episode of Monsieur Spade, Gazala and Phillipe were attracted towards each other, but the equation was not as simple as it seemed. Phillipe might have liked Gazal, but she was using him for her own benefit. She was going to run away with George, and probably she would have taken Zayd with her. But Cynthia realised that George was up to something and that’s when she started tracking his movements. Cynthia was working for the British intelligence agency, and she knew that in her line of work, these kinds of mistakes were not pardonable. Cynthia rammed her car into George, and she made sure that he met his end. She knew that the asset had been compromised, and she had no choice but to put him down. 

Did Phillipe give the kid to Mr. Kahn? 

Mr. Kahn went to meet Spade, and he asked him if he knew where Phillipe was. Mr. Kahn was basically working for the French intelligence, though he refrained from telling anybody who his master was. Henri was also serving in the army, but Teresa had stolen his book, and that’s how she got to know that he was OAS, the terrorist organization that wanted to prevent Algeria from becoming an independent state. One more thing that we got to know was that the French intelligence agency had sent Phillipe to Algeria to eliminate a high-ranking officer, but he met Gazala during his stay there and that’s when he got distracted to say the least. So, it was decided that Mr. Kahn would give a huge sum of money to Gazala and Philippe and take the boy with him. Mr. Kahn came to the place where he was told, but as soon as he opened the suitcase to show Gazala that he had brought the money, Phillipe shot him and killed him on the spot. Henri, who was also sitting on the terrace with his sniper, fired a few shots at Phillipe, but he was not able to kill him.

Amidst the chaos, the monk also arrived, but before he could do anything, Spade, Patrice, and Phillipe shot and killed him. The boy was taken into custody by Patrice, and luckily, no harm came to him. Basically, from the church to the different intelligence agencies, everyone wanted the kid at any cost. They all knew that he could break codes, and they understood the kind of leverage they could get if they had his knowledge on their side. The church knew that if somehow the kid could mathematically prove that God existed, then it would be a boon for them. I personally don’t believe that the kid had any magical powers, and all those stories were hoaxes. It was said by many that Zayd had some magical powers, but it was merely a baseless assumption. 

What happened to Zayd? 

Spade went down memory lane and remembered the conversation he had with Gabriella, where she told him that she wanted to be left alone as she probably had a couple of months more to live. Gabriella told Spade that she didn’t want to say goodbye and that one day, she would just disappear from Spade’s life without telling him. Spade got really angry at the idea, as he was not ready to part ways, and it all didn’t make sense to him. But Gabriella was very sure that this was how she was going to act, and she told Spade to remember all the good times they had spent together.

During Monsieur Spade‘s ending, Virginia Dell, a retired lieutenant general of Canadian Special Forces, came to France, and she called everybody who was involved in the fiasco as she wanted to understand what they were up to. She wanted to know everybody’s narrative and decide who was at fault. Virginia was the secretary of the United Nations peacetime conflict resolution organization, and she told everybody that the kid was going with her. Virginia realized that everyone just wanted to serve their own vested interests, and nobody was looking out for the welfare of the kid. Spade had his doubts about the woman, and he knew that there were a lot of aspects of her professional life that she was not revealing. But Spade didn’t care. He just wanted to get back to his normal life. His life had been turned upside down, even when he didn’t want any kind of trouble. Spade got to know in the last episode that Teresa was his daughter and not Phillipe’s when she told him her age was 17 years. Probably in the future, they would mend their relationship, understand each other’s perspective, and fill the void that existed in their respective lives. As far as Zayd is concerned, I don’t think that the intelligence agencies of various countries are going to stop, and they will try to get custody of him through legal or illegal channels. 

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