‘Monsieur Spade’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Jean-Pierre Do To Zayd?


In the third episode of Monsieur Spade, we got to know that the French army and a lot of other far-right organizations and groups were after Zayd, and the Maulvi had told Samir that he was “Mahdi,” the chosen one. Spade, on the other hand, was trying to find Phillipe so that he could know what he was up to and if he was working for the French army or if somebody else had employed him. Spade and Jean Pierre had a conversation where the former told him that he was not going to hand over the vineyard to him at any cost. Jean Pierre warned Spade that he would file a case against him and not let him take what he deserved. Jean Pierre was broke, and he needed the vineyard to sustain himself and also his wife, Marguerite. Jean Pierre had planned that after he got the money, he would move to Algeria, as he had realized that his wife didn’t want him in her life. We saw that someone broke into Spade’s house and attacked him, though the face of the attacker was never revealed, and the episode left us on a cliffhanger. So, let’s find out who attacked Spade, what he wanted, and what happened to the kid at the end of Monsieur Spade episode 4.

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Who attacked Phillip?

In a flashback sequence, we saw how Gabriella killed her husband, Jacques. Gabriella was supposed to leave for Argentina with him, but when he came to take her, she, together with others who probably belonged to the law enforcement authorities and intelligence agency, shot Jacques. Gabriella asked him how he could betray everything he stood for at one point in his life. Jacques probably betrayed the trust of his people, and though it is not told what he did, I personally believe it had something to do with the far-right organization that was now after the kid, Zayd.

In Monsieur Spade episode 4, we saw that Henri came at just the right moment and knocked down the intruder. Spade was surprised that Henri was present so late at night. Henri told him that he was just keeping an eye on Teresa, as he had asked him to, but Spade was not so naive as to believe that. The soldier who broke into Spade’s house worked in SDECE, and he had come looking for Phillipe. He was ordered to bring Teresa in case he didn’t find Phillipe there, as army intelligence wanted to know what happened to the kid. Spade got to know that Phillipe was asked to take Zayd with him to Paris, but he went rogue. The far-right organization called Armee Secrete also wanted the boy, and Phillipe was given the job of hunting them down. Phillipe had killed 30 men of the extremist organization, and since then, they have been on the lookout for him. Spade got to know that Henri was a sublieutenant after the dead body of one of the soldiers who broke into the house the night before was recovered from the pool. Someone had shot the man, and Henri told Patrice that he was not behind it. It could have been possible that George and Cynthia were behind it since, in the last episode, we got to know that they, too, were undercover agents and not art enthusiasts as they pretended to be.

What did the Armee Secrete want?

Spade knew that Henri was placed there because his seniors knew that someone would try to break into the house and take Teresa with them. He told him to not keep him in the dark the next time and not spy on him. Henri was about to leave when Teresa stopped him. She was attracted to him from the time she first saw him. Henri told Teresa that her father, Phillipe, was hired by the army to kill the members of the Armee Secrete. The organization was angry at President Charles De Gaulle for giving Algeria away, and they wanted it to be a part of France. In 1962, after a lot of struggle, Algeria declared itself an independent nation, and the president decided that it was in everybody’s best interests. Now, a few soldiers from the army didn’t like that decision, and they decided to form a separate organization so that they could join forces and carry out their agendas. It came as a bit of a shock to Teresa when she got to know that her father used to kill people. She shared an intimate moment with Henri and went to meet her grandmother. Teresa was well aware of her grandmother’s intentions, and she knew that she had every right to be mad at her.

What did Jean-Pierre do to Zayd?

In Monsieur Spade episode 4, we got to know that the man who was asking Marguerite to meet somebody was Chastian, and he was sent there by Jean Pierre’s father, Denis. Marguerite finally gave in, and she went to meet the man. Denis and Marguerita probably had an affair back in the day, and then Jean Pierre came in between and married her. Denis was responsible for ruining Jean Pierre’s life, and now he regretted the fact that he didn’t leave anything for his wife or his son. Jean Pierre hadn’t talked to him for years, though back in the day, when he was in prison, Marguerite had contacted Denis and asked him to help his son. Marguerite read the letters that Jean Pierre used to send to Denis, as the man wanted to know what his son felt. Jean Pierre got really mad at Marguerite for doing so, and he felt as if his privacy was being violated.

Jean Pierre, at the end of Monsieur Spade episode 4, revealed to Marguerite that he was not discharged because of his father but because of another person, with whom he made a deal. The look on Pierre’s face told us that the individual he was referring to was not really a good person. Jean Pierre, in the end, met Samir and got to know about Zayd. He made a phone call, and a man came to take Zayd. Though his identity wasn’t revealed, I believe he was either from a far-right organization or from army intelligence. Though Spade wanted to stay out of the mess, I don’t believe he would get that privilege, and soon, he would be dragged even deeper. In the upcoming episodes, we would get to know what happened to Zayd and if Spade was able to find Phillipe.

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