‘Monsieur Spade’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Teresa Spade’s Daughter?


Monsieur Spade was trying really hard to stay aloof, and he had made it very clear that unless and until somebody came for his life, he had no intentions of getting involved in the entire mess. He knew that all intelligence agencies, from the KGB to the CIA, wanted Zayd, and he was well aware that it was a high-stakes game where people were going to get hurt. But it was impossible for Spade to not get involved, as Teresa was staying with him, and because she was Phillipe’s daughter, who had the kid in his custody, nobody was going to leave her. So, let’s find out what happened in Monsieur Spade episode 5 and if Zayd really had any magical powers or not.

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What did Spade find out in his house?

Monsieur Spade, since the previous episode, knew that something was really off about George and Cynthia, and they were not the people they pretended to be. He had gone to their house with Patrice, and when he reached the garage, Cynthia all of a sudden came and reacted in a very suspicious manner. Spade knew that there was something behind those locked doors that she didn’t want him to see. Spade entered his house, and he heard a ticking noise, which made him realize that there was something hidden behind the painting that was hanging on the wall. He brought it down, and he discovered that a microphone was planted in it. He found the second microphone in another painting, and he knew that it was the work of George and Cynthia. He pretended to call Patrice, said that he knew where Zayd was, and asked him to reach the address as soon as he could. He did that because he knew that the moment George and Cynthia would hear him talk, they would leave for that location, and then he would get the time to search their house. As soon as he heard the car getting started, he broke the garage lock, and found out that his speculations were right.

George and Cynthia were part of the British intelligence agency MI6, and they had been spying on Monsieur Spade for quite a few days now. Spade was just seeing everything when George arrived out of nowhere, and both men exchanged glances as if they were going to put a bullet in each other’s heads. George assaulted Spade, and that’s when the latter got to know how deceptive looks could be. George told Spade that he was just acting like this timid guy, but in reality, he could really harm him if he wanted to. Cynthia also arrived at the scene, and they asked Spade to have tea with them so that they could reveal to him what they learned about Zayd after years of research work.

What did George and Cynthia reveal about Zayd?

Cynthia and George told Spade that they were actually spying on Teresa because of her close proximity to Philippe Saint-André. Spade told them that she didn’t know anything and to leave her out of the mess, but George said that their organization believed that she was the key to finding Zayd. George told Spade that Zayd was first living with a very wealthy Egyptian family when his nanny took him with her and disappeared. That nanny’s name was Gazala, who was apparently the sister of Angelique and also a very high-ranking officer in the National Liberation Front, which was an Algerian political party that fought for the independence of the nation. They both looked alike, and that’s why, a lot of times, people mistook them for each other. Gazala was the only person who knew what Zayd looked like in real life, as nobody else had ever seen him. According to George’s speculation, Phillipe Saint André knew that he needed Gazala to be with him, as any potential buyer wanted proof of Zayd’s identity, and only Gazala could give them that.

Finally, in Monsieur Spade episode 5, it was revealed why the entire world was after Zayd. George said that Zayd was a gifted child, and at such a tender age, he could miraculously break any code in the world. We saw how Zayd had a habit of scribbling on the walls, and that was not all gibberish that he wrote. Each and every intelligence agency wanted Zayd to be in their custody, and even the Vatican wanted to get hold of him as they believed that he could mathematically prove the existence of God. George and Cynthia were also there for the same reason, and they told Spade that no matter where the boy went, nobody was going to let him live in peace. He said that the best bet for Zayd was to be at a place where his life was not in jeopardy, and the British government was ready to give him immunity. George and Cynthia were not going to let Spade go, but Teresa arrived just at the right moment, and Spade escaped with her.

Is Jean-Pierre dead or alive?

Zayd was with Phillipe Saint André and Gazala, and Jean Pierre started to feel guilty because he didn’t know what kind of people the boy would be sold to. At the beginning of Monsieur Spade, Claude saw Gazala, and he mistook her for Sister Angelique. Gazala assaulted the man because she didn’t want him to follow her. Claude went and told Teresa and Spade about the incident, and that’s when Spade went to check if they were actually there or not. Spade went till the door, but just then, something snapped inside him, and he came down without entering the house. Spade probably didn’t want to meddle in matters that did not concern him. He knew how dangerous these people were and what they were capable of doing. Jean Pierre went to check on Zayd even after Phillipe had told him not to come looking for them. Jean Pierre had already made up his mind that if he felt that something was not right, he would bring Zayd back, even if it meant that he would have to kill Philippe. But before Jean Pierre could take out his gun, Phillipe pushed him down the stairs and then shot him point blank. Philip was a troubled man, and he just couldn’t control his emotions. The war had affected him, and he could never fully recover from his past traumas. He felt apologetic for everything he had ruined in his life, but he just couldn’t make amends. When he was leaving home, he kissed goodbye to his wife, and the way he did it made it very clear that he knew that he wouldn’t come back alive.

Was Teresa Spade’s daughter?

At the end of Monsieur Spade episode 5, Teresa, for the first time, went to a bar with Spade. They went to Marguerite’s place, where Spade allowed Teresa to have just one drink. Marguerite started talking to Spade, and she told him that she believed that Teresa wanted to stay with him, and though she never said it, she didn’t feel happy when he left her in the convent. Marguerite was of the opinion that Spade had his calculations wrong, and in all probability, Teresa was his daughter and not Phillipe’s. Marguerite told Spade that Teresa’s mother seemed like the kind of woman who could easily create a fake birth certificate and change the age of the baby. This speculation got him thinking, and deep down, he also knew that Teresa looked a bit older than her age. Probably in the subsequent episode, we will get to know the truth behind it, but till then, Spade would have to make sure that Teresa is safe and, more importantly, that he does not get drawn into the mess and puts his own life in jeopardy.

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