‘Moon Knight’ Episode 2: Easter Eggs, Comic-Book References & Khonshu’s Avatar, Explained


“Moon Knight” Episode 2 sheds light on a lot of things about our First of Vengeance and offers many Easter eggs that will certainly further the plot. From Bertrand Crawley to Layla El-Faouly to Ammit’s Ushabti, there are many new things, both from comics and improvised ones, that will add an edge to MCU Moon Knight. Keeping in mind Marvel’s ability to improvise, let us break down these easter eggs and ponder upon how they will take shape in the upcoming episodes. 

Marc Spector

For the first time in the show, we get Marc’s full mention, i.e., Marc Spector, the soldier-cum-mercenary, when Steven discovers a passport in one of the bags in the locker. In the comics, Marc is the dominant identity, with Steven Grant as one of the alter-egos. But in the show, it is the other way around, or at least, it was till the end of episode 2.

The Human Statue

In episodes 1 and 2, we see Steven Grant talking to a golden human statue. This has been confirmed by episode 1 writer Jeremy Slater to be Bertrand Crawley. In the comics, he is Moon Knight’s street-level informant, keeping him updated about the goings-on in the neighborhood.

Khonshu – The Egyptian God Of The Moon

Also known as the God of Vengeance and Shepherd of the Lost, Khonshu lives in the Celestial Heliopolis (the home dimension of the Ennead). Khonshu was unable to enter Earth, so he would pick an avatar who would be guided by his will, i.e., The Moon Knight.

Khonshu Was Banished By Other Gods

Arthur Harrow mentions that Khonshu was banished by the other gods. This is probably because of his involvement in earthly events. Gods weren’t meant to interfere in humanity’s struggles, but Khonshu had his own justice system that would bring his vengeance down upon those who deserved it.

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Ammit’s Ushabti

An ushabti is a designed figurine that the Egyptians placed in the tombs of the deceased. Thus, the scarab that Arthur Harrow is in possession of, at the end of Episode 2, will lead to Ammit’s tomb. So it seems that Arthur will now travel to Egypt to bring Ammit to life.

Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Khonshu

Based on what Arthur tells Steven after the former’s followers bring in the latter, there are two more personalities that will be explored in the series until further mentioned. They are Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Moon Knight, Khonshu’s avatar. In the comics, Marc Spector has three more personalities, the third one being Jake Lockley, a cab driver who kept himself updated on matters of the streets. Hopefully, Marvel will make use of this alter-ego too, but in an improvised manner.

Arthur Harrow Was Khonshu’s Avatar Before Marc

As stated by Arthur, he was Khonshu’s Fist of Vengeance before Marc Spector. While talking about Khonshu’s banishment, we mentioned how his involvement with humanity got him banished. It might be that Arthur’s twisted mind, along with Khonshu’s thirst for vengeance, is what got God banished. Here, we have to consider the fact that Arthur submitted himself to Ammit, who wooed him with more power than that given to him by Khonshu. And when Khonshu found out about this, he took away Arthur’s powers and decided to look for a new avatar, which he found in Marc Spector.

Layla El-Faouly

Episode 2 introduces us to Layla El-Faouly, wife of Marc Spector. She is a new character created for the show. There is no Layla El-Faouly in the comics (other than mutant Layla Miller, who had an important role in the popular comic event “House of M”). From the show, it seems that the couple were looking for Ammit’s Ushabti, along with Frenchie Duchamp, when Arthur Harrow’s goons interfered, and they got separated. Right after that, Steven Grant took over with no memories whatsoever of the event or the past altogether.

Mr. Knight

Episode 2 finally introduces us to Mr. Knight. In the comics, Mr. Knight is an altogether different persona, one who looks into crimes, deduces stuff, and has connections to the legal authorities, like a moonlit Sherlock Holmes. But in the Disney+ show, Mr. Knight is just Moon Knight in a suit. It might just be incorporated by the creators to give the character more agility and access to movement, something that a hood and a cape can cause hindrance to.

Marc Is Now The Dominant Persona

At the end of episode 2, Marc Spector takes over Stephen Grant, who is now pushed inside the mind. This is the beginning of the revelation of Marc’s past, one that will reveal how he became Moon Knight. We already saw the pictures of the people being tied and shot in Egypt. This is also an Easter Egg to the introduction of mercenary Raul Bushman, who left Marc for dead in an Egyptian desert. 

The episode ends with Marc in Egypt. We already know that Arthur is also on his way there. So, we can expect a lot of action in Episode 3, between Arthur and Ammit’s jackals and Marc Spector as the Fist of Khonshu.

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