‘Moon Knight’ Episode 4: Easter Eggs & Comic Book Reference, Explained – Was There A Third Sarcophagus?


Did “Moon Knight” Episode 4 just deem all the events of the first three episodes invalid? It seems that everything that has happened all along was Harrow playing mind-games on Marc Spector. Or is he using another of his tricks to further manipulate Marc now that he is no longer protected by Khonshu? Be that as it may, we did get many Easter Eggs and Comic Book references in episode 4. Let’s find out more about them.

The Imprisoned Gods

“Moon Knight” Episode 4 begins with Osiris placing imprisoned Khonshu’s ushabti on a shelf. This shelf also holds the “Ushabtis” of other imprisoned gods, i.e., Marvel deities. This only makes us wonder about the other elder gods who also committed acts that weren’t sanctioned by the Ennead or an even higher power, perhaps Ammon Ra, also known as Amon Ra, Ra, and Atum (father of Khonshu).


Right after Steven and Layla enter the tomb of Ammit, they come face-to-face with a giant statue of what seems to be a tiger. This is not a tiger, but Bast, the Panther God. He is a member of the Ennead, and his statue was probably erected to guard Ammit’s ushabti and ensure that no one is able to put his or her hands on it, ever.

Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus that Steven discovers inside Ammit’s tomb is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents healing and protection. This symbol, along with Bast’s statue, only shows that the tomb was made to be protected at all costs from outside forces. The reason why Layla mentions that Ammit’s final avatar was a pharaoh is that pharaohs were considered to be the embodiments of Horus on Earth.

Voice of Ammit

Layla also mentions that the pharaoh would be the voice of Ammit, which makes sense since the avatar was supposed to spread Ammit’s ideologies all around the world. Later on, and to Steven’s surprise as well as ours, the pharaoh was none other than Alexander the Great. Way to go, Marvel! What a way to introduce Ammit! If we think about it, Alexander the Great was a great fit for Ammit’s avatar. Ammit is a lion, a hippopotamus, and a crocodile combined, the three largest man-eaters known to the Egyptians. Alexander was one of the greatest military generals in the world, which, in a way, does make him a “man-eater” too, as he never lost a single war in his 15 years of conquests.

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Layla’s father 

Arthur Harrow reveals the name of Layla’s father, i.e., Abdullah-el-Faouly. While Layla’s character doesn’t have a history in the comics, her father’s name is very similar to a character in the comics. The name of this character is Abdul Faoul, who would go on to become Scarlet Scarab, Egypt’s own Captain America, who protected many Egyptians during World War II. He was in possession of a Ruby Scarab that gave him super-strength and flight, among other things. However, the scarab vanishes one day, and he never finds it again. Before dying, he tells his son Mehemet to look for it, who does find it and becomes the next Scarlet Scarab. This story, along with the fact that Layla’s father used to call her his “little scarab,” seems to be a nod to the comic arc of Abdul Faoul.

Raul Bushman Receives a Mention

After Arthur tells Layla that Marc was present at the spot where her father lost his life, Layla confronts Marc about it. And Marc also admits to this. However, he also mentions that it was his partner who “got greedy” and killed everyone present at the site. This partner is none other than Raul Bushman. It seems now that it is too late for us to expect Raul Bushman to turn up at the show. However, with Marvel, it’s never too late, right?

Who is Inside the Third Sarcophagus?

After Harrow shoots Marc, he wakes up in a mental asylum. What is this place? Is this place real? Or is it another of Harrow’s mental games that he is playing with Marc, who is now devoid of Khonshu? While Marc tries to run away from Harrow, portraying an intimidating psychiatrist in this strange realm, he comes across a second sarcophagus (the first one being the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great in the real world), inside which was a locked Steven. After Marc frees Steven, both  come across a third sarcophagus, but not knowing what might be inside, they leave it unattended. And clearly, whatever or whoever is inside is trying to come out as well.

It seems like this entity is Marc’s third identity, i.e., Jake Lockley, locked inside the third Sarcophagus. We did feel his presence at the beginning of “Moon Knight”, episode 3, when both Marc and Steven denied killing Harrow’s goons. However, if it is Jake inside the sarcophagus, it means that the asylum is a construct in Marc’s mind. This would also show Marc and Steven coming face-to-face with each other, which is not possible in real life. Inversely, since all this is happening inside Marc’s mind, the only way for both Marc and Steven to not realize that it is Jake inside is if he has been deliberately locked away inside Marc’s subconscious to prevent him from coming out, so much so that both Marc and Steven have forgotten about him completely. The reason for this seems to be the fact that he is very dangerous, something we already know from episode 3. However, we have to wait to see if this sarcophagus is opened at all or not.

A Hippopotamus God

Either way, Marc and Steven are both greeted very sweetly by another Egyptian goddess, Tawaret. She is the goddess of fertility and the protector of children and mothers. She isn’t a member of Ennead. So she is another of Harrow’s elements of manipulation, or she has indeed come to protect Steven and Marc from Harrow and Ammit. There is no mention of her in the comics, and all we can do is wait for the 5th episode to see how things go ahead.

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