Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

Ever wondered who are the Most Bad-ass TV Characters? Well, it isn’t simple violence that makes a character memorable or bad-ass, but usually an interesting blend of both mind and power that fusions into one.

Here we give you our Most Bad-ass TV Characters, who won against the test of time, and proved — whether the show continues or ends, they’ll be in the minds of their viewers, forever.

10.  Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) – Peaky Blinder

Tommy Shelby might be the brains of the Peaky Blinders organisation but Arthur usually is the force.

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

Arthur with a temper as short as his haircut, is not the kind of guy you want to take a brawl with. Peaky Blinders has lots of moments portraying how nutter Arthur is. Just wiping out mafia men while he gets covered head to toe in blood!

9. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall)  – Dexter

Dexter is inexplicably –  The most likable serial killer of all time. Dexter by day was just a meek lab technician. But by night he was killing every scumbag who was evading capture. I’m talking the worst of the worst. If all serial killers followed his code we would be praising them not loathing them. 

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

Dexter  was someone who, when we started the show had no emotion or feelings really for anyone. By the end his love for his friends and family was evident. Yes he would put them in danger with his need to kill but he cared too much about them. Dexter may have had one of the worst TV endings of all time but we for one would love to see him come back and start killing all those who deserve it again. One of the most brilliant and complex characters ever created.

8. Jim Hopper (David Harbour) – Stranger Things

Jim Hopper has done so much for his town and nobody other than our other heroes really know it. Just a small-town sheriff who at one point had nothing to live for really. He’s changed in front of our eyes. He always threw himself into everything whether it’s going into the upside-down to find Will, shooting every demo dog around or fighting a big fucking Russian guy who wanted to kill him. He was always there. 

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

Hopper,on top of everything, he’s fucking hilarious. He’s a big bloke too so when he hits you then you know about it. Always the first one to throw a fist on Stranger Things and usually the man left standing.

7. Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) – Game Of Thrones

Initially, Daenerys was just a slave to her despicable brother, Viserys. Daenerys, at first,  seems like docile female characters plotted for some eye candy. But, these worries are quickly shattered and one can see her transformation as she starts to embrace the new life that had been thrust upon her.

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

Instead of becoming a slave to her husband’s sexual desires, Daenerys forges her own role within the Dothraki tribe and, in the process, becomes the most bad-ass character on the show. Daenerys, even proceeds to recruit a huge army of her own in an effort to reclaim the throne that she believes is rightfully hers, with her trump card being the fact that she has dragons on her side.

6. Ragnar Lothbrook  (Travis Fimmel) – Vikings

Now this was a guy you wanted in the battlefield. No matter the odds he always seemed to come out victorious. He was a humble warrior and farmer who became a Viking ruler and one of the most revered and respected of his time. He was a champion on the battlefield but it wasn’t always down to his great swordsmanship. He was extremely intelligent and he always seemed to out-think anyone he was up against.

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

A lot of his great moments came when he was being intelligent rather than in battle. He didn’t give a fuck either which was another reason we loved him. His love for the ladies knew no bounds and he didn’t care who he hurt along the way. Saying that though, he did in his own way really love his family and you can tell for their continued admiration for him that they saw him as the god he was.

5. Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) – Sons Of Anarchy

Jax Teller trying to get his club on the right path, prolifically seems like quite a decent guy. Minus the killing, shooting at everyone and beating everyone up parts. He’s the best of what seems like a bad bunch.

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

But when Opie is murdered in front of his eyes it changes him. He was already on a bad path at that point but that destroys him. This guy kills anyone.When he does it, he usually does it in the most epic and bad-ass way as well. I mean this guy just shoots his mum in the head. Kills his step dad. He’s just another hero of the story who by the end becomes the actual villain. This is why Jax Teller is number five on the Most Bad-ass TV Characters.

4. Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) – The Punisher

Jon Bernthal was BORN to play the Punisher. He will always be the most perfect casting choice ever in my eyes. When he shows up in season two of Daredevil he really shows us what a TV bad-ass is. 

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

Frank is merciless. A tactical genius as well. If you want something planned and executed by the same guy then he’s your man. He is literally relentless. A one man army. When his family is executed he will do anything to avenge them. That means killing every single person who is responsible. The ending of season one where he gets his hands on Agent Orange are some of the most brutal moments in TV history. 

3. Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) – Narcos

So now we’re into the top three Bad-ass TV Characters here. Narcos narrates a true story of a Real Drug Lord. One of the most evil and horrible people in history. Wagner Moura though really brings him to life and almost humanizes him. The crimes he commits are actually horrendous, yet they’re fascinating to watch.

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

Pablo doesn’t get involved in the action but he’s an authoritative leader. The way though he deals with any threat is ruthless. Our first introduction to Pablo brings about the best moment. His chilling speech and threats to the Columbian police show how much power he yields. He was one scary as fuck.

2. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) – Breaking Bad

You can’t have a list of Most Bad-ass TV Characters and not have Heisenberg himself on the list. He is a genius. A genius chemist for sure. He’s also a genius in business. How he goes from nothing to the king of a drug empire is incredible to watch. His transformation from meek chemistry teacher to major drug lord is amazing. He’s ruthless too. If you cross him or get in his way he will more than likely make sure you’re dead.

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

 In terms of a character there’s probably not a better written or acted one on this list. Walter White will go down in TV history. We all need to watch Breaking Bad at least once in our lives just to see the hype with this incredible show. He is the ultimate bad-ass at the end. The murders of so many are on his hands. The most satisfying ones he killed though are the Nazi pricks holding Jessie in the finale. What a satisfying end that was. You all know his name and don’t forget it!

1. Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) – The Sopranos

Through Tony Soprano as television’s first anti-heroes in a lead role, we witnessed some unspeakably violent acts and his unpredictable nature that meant he could turn on anyone at any time, and yet he remains one of the most popular characters on TV, in terms of likeability.

Most Bad-Ass TV Characters

Tony was a man who was brought up in a world where violence was not an option; it was a necessity and it shines through in every scene. From the beginning of the show, it was established that Tony is going to be a total bad-ass. In the first scene, he chase down a poor guy, who owes him bucks, and hits him with his car and then beats the seven bells out of him. It is one of the most memorable moments, and a great way to introduce a bad-ass character, telling the audience what they are in for. 

There are plethora of TV shows out there, and with that, a large number of Characters who are both memorable and bad-ass. Thus, if you think a name is missing, please leave it in the comments section.

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