‘Moving’ Episode 19 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Junhwa Kill Juwon?


What starts out as an episode full of destruction and debris delivers one of the most heartbreaking moments we couldn’t have expected from Moving. It makes us doubly uneasy to watch what happens next, as we don’t want our optimism to be dashed down and our suspicions confirmed. There is so much to Moving that makes this such an elite story, but heartbreak was not supposed to be one of them. With all that budget, the writers couldn’t think of a way to tweak this particular part of the narrative. For now, let us go through the recap of the final battle between these people.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Junhwa leave behind Bongseok and Huisoo?

There is a reason we rate Moving so highly, and it is because the way it included a love confession amidst such high tensions felt so organic and endearing that we were left surprised. After knocking down Junhwa, Bongseok worries over Huisoo and unintentionally ends up confessing how he feels about her. Huisoo lets him know that she feels the same, and their moment may have continued for a bit if Junhwa had not received a call asking him to come to the school to deal with Mihyun. Bongseok picks up on the details of the call, and he demands to know what is going on. Junhwa fires at him, but Huisoo gets in the way, and she will be fine because of her healing powers. As soon as she wakes up, she urges Bongseok to rush to his mother to protect her. We find it a bit poetic that Juwon got shot in the hand by Doosik (a man who can fly) while protecting Mihyun, and years later, his daughter, Huisoo, also got shot in the hand while protecting Bongseok, who is Mihyun and Doosik’s son.

Bongseok leaves for Jeongwon High, and as he lets his instincts guide him, he figures out how to best utilize his power. Huisoo follows him by road, and on the way, she runs into Gyedo, who decides to follow her to school after seeing the state she is in.

What is happening at Jeongwon High?

It seems like there is a humanist in the North Korean agents as well. When he sees Kisoo and Han Byul, he tells them to stay hidden and leave as soon as they can. We had thought that he would kill them.

As Chanil and Ganghoon keep going head-to-head, the former is obviously the stronger person, and he effortlessly breaks the younger boy’s wrist. But Ganghoon is ready to fight with his other hand. Choi Ilhwan comes to help, but even he is no match for a superhuman. Luckily, Jaeman arrives just in time, and he is able to beat up Chanil and rescue Ganghoon and Ilhwan. But Jaeman has left his assigned perimeters, and this has alerted the people keeping an eye on him, who find it odd that he is a person of interest to the NIS.

Additionally, they don’t understand how he could have traveled the distance in such a short time, as even cars don’t travel that fast. Perhaps they will meet him in the next episode. Meanwhile, when Jaeman protects Ganghoon, it reminds the two of the latter’s childhood, when he had been waiting for his father at home. Ganghoon sheds his coldness and admits to his father how much he has missed him. He tells him that he doesn’t want to be apart from him again. This expression of love had come very easily to Ganghoon as a child, and now, all these years later, he has finally been able to say it again. While Chanil is taking his last breaths, Mihyun finds him and shoots him dead when she sees that he is getting ready to kill her. Chanil really had the audacity to ask her why she wanted to kill them all, as if it wasn’t obvious that she was defending her child.

Does Junhwa kill Juwon?

This episode’s flashback is about a person named Lim Jaeseok. As a child, he and his parents had been caught while trying to flee the country, and they had been kept in prison. Jaeseok had grown up there, and he was sentenced to spend his entire life in that space. Right from his childhood, he hated bugs and kept killing them, and this is what revealed his power. Whenever he clapped his hands or hit them with something, he would release a weaponized force of energy. That is what had left imprints on the rock walls all over, leading to the officers understanding what he could do. Since Jaeseok had always been in prison, he grew up with a fear of open spaces and light. That is why he wanted to always stay where he was. When the time came for him to be taken on a mission, he was unwilling, but Yongdeuk convinced him by saying that they should live their life for once. He brought the suitcase to carry Jaeseok, and it was Yongdeok who gave him the sunglasses to protect him from the light. We think that the prisoner Jaeseok spoke to must have been Doosik, but we can’t be sure yet.

In the present day, at Jeongwon High School, it is Jaeseok who is getting the better of everyone. As soon as Jaeman and Juwon thought that Chanil was dealt with, Jaeseok knocked down the place with his energy. Juwon and Jaeman take on the man, and it is finally Jaeman who breaks Jaeseok’s arm and manages to stop him. But Juwon gets caught up with Yongdeuk, who is another formidable ally due to his enormous strength. We suspect that his power is that he does not feel pain. We were not sure of it and still aren’t, but that is clearly the message of the fight between him and Juwon. Either way, when Jaeseok sees that Yongdeuk is getting beaten up and he cannot help him because of his broken arm, he does what he has been craving to do for a while now, which the other prisoner had discouraged him from.

During Moving Episode 19’s ending, Jaeseok jumps out of the building, asking Yongdeuk to live. As he lands on the ground, his slap on the surface shakes up the building and causes it to crumble. Mihyun and Deokyoon are somewhere else, so they are fine. Kisoo, Han Byul, and Ilhwan also make it out alive. Juwon and Jaeman are stuck, and Juwon manages to save the other man’s life. Jaeman rushes to Ganghoon and asks him to go home with him. It looks like the battle is over, but Juwon may not be so lucky. As soon as he reaches a safe spot after getting rid of the rod in his chest, he looks up, likely at Junhwa, who shoots him in the head.

Final Thoughts

We understand that Juwon’s superpower is healing, but he is tortured a little too much in this show. From repeatedly getting his face bashed in to having a bomb detonate on him to the final scene of this episode, it is all a little too much. If he survives and if there is a Moving season 2, we want to see him receive the best spa treatments and a life of complete luxury. He has more than earned it. The others have treated themselves with kid gloves, so they can struggle for a bit. All we want from the final episode is for it to show us that Juwon is alive. That is all.

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