‘Moving’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Juwon Let Go Of Jaeman?


Moving episode 14 was the last missing piece of the puzzle of the past, making it clear that though Ganghoon may have had very few appearances in the first seven episodes of the series, he is just as central to the plot as Bong Seok or Huisoo. However, if only Ganghoon in the present day knew that the father of the girl he possibly has a crush on once beat up his own father, we can’t say how things would change. After all, Ganghoon is shown as an understanding kid with some very strong emotions. As teenagers, we saw him as someone extremely composed, not to go by stereotypes, but we believe that a calm exterior might be hiding a lot underneath. He definitely has no idea of Huisoo’s past, but he is the first child of the special people that Yongjun got his hands on, so there may be some brainwashing there. Until we get to that part, here is a recap of Moving episode 14.

Spoiler Alert

What Is The Connection Between Juwon And Jaeman?

Since Juwon’s wife passed away, he asked Yongjun to be delegated back to his desk job so that he could take care of his daughter. Yongjun agrees, but he wants Juwon to continue taking on any emergency missions or risk losing his job. Juwon agrees, and for a while, life sets its own rhythm.

On the other end of the town, Jaeman, a man who possesses the power of super strength and speed, is leading a decent life with his wife and son. Jaeman had been to jail three years ago for his involvement in a street fight, where he ended up hurting a few people. Ever since he came out, he had been living quietly with his wife. The vendors around him want him to protest with them against the redevelopment in the area, but Ms. Shin desperately wants him to stay out of it. He has a criminal record, and if more people come to know and are threatened by his abilities, that might put him and their family in jeopardy. But the neighbors keep trying to take advantage of him.

Jaeman is developmentally challenged, and the neighbors call him “simple” or “the idiot,” as the title of the episode goes. The vendor next to Ms. Shin is unkind enough to pass a snide remark that Jaeman cannot do simple math, so he might as well be taking care of the child at home. There is a bit of old-fashioned sexism mixed in this comment since Ms. Shin is the one running the business, but at least, the family has learned to ignore it and have their happiness in their own world. Ganghoon is a sweet kid who immediately accepts his father when he meets him after years. Honestly, even we, as the audience, expected some resistance from him, but the kids in Moving are precocious in more ways than one.

Jaeman has a habit where he has to do everything by the clock. It is probably a way for him to regulate his day. He rushes to pick up his son as soon as the alarm on his watch rings, and the same holds true for when he has to drop him off at school. Basically, despite his challenges, Jaeman is a committed family man who would do anything for his wife and child. However, he doesn’t quite understand the need to stay out of trouble. Ms. Shin keeps telling him not to get involved for the sake of their son, and that is the part that Jaeman picks up on and listens to. Otherwise, his ability to self-preserve is rather low.

That is what ends up getting them into trouble. The protest by the vendors gets particularly violent as the police use a lot of force against them and Ms. Shin is one of the people arrested. When Ganghoon sees her in handcuffs, he rushes to protect her, but that exposes his powers. Ms. Shin begs him to go back for Ganghoon, and Jaeman listens. While he is trying to get to his son through the sewers, Juwon is called by Yongjun to try to capture Jaeman. Having no other choice, Juwon agrees.

Why Does Juwon Let Go Of Jaeman?

When Juwon and Jaeman meet in the sewers, it is quite the fight between the two, with one being super strong and the other being completely unaffected by it due to his healing abilities. While Juwon wins the fight and has Jaeman in handcuffs by the end of it, we are left thinking of Kim Sung Kyun, the actor who plays Jaeman. He is a very recognizable face in Korean entertainment, and there is absolutely no doubt about what he can do, but we feel as if we have mostly seen him in comedic roles, other than in D.P., where he plays the stone-faced Park Beom Gu. The ability of “comedic” actors to do roles that demand such depth of emotion seems to be a largely unexplored thing all over the world. But coming back to the show, while Juwon is taking out Jaeman, they both hear the sound of a child crying.

Sungwon is the son of the lady who said the mean thing about Jaeman. He was trying to set the fish in the aquarium free, and while doing that, he fell into the manhole and got stuck in it. Jaeman and Juwon break down the wall between them and the child to protect him before he completely drowns in the water. This is the part that shows Juwon that Jaeman means well. They are both alike, as in, they just want to live with and protect their families without doing anybody any harm. Once that is clear, Juwon lets him go and just rescues the kid.

As expected, Yongjun is furious because he wants to collect the people with the abilities like they are his personal figurines. But when he sees that Jaeman indeed went back home to his son, he understands that he may not be able to use him in whatever mission he is cooking due to Jaeman’s limited abilities. However, at the end of Moving Episode 14, Yongjun and everyone else witness that Ganghoon, Jaeman’s son, has the same abilities as him, proving that the powers can be passed down to children.

Yongjun gives a pointed look to Juwon, making it clear that he would be interested in Huisoo because of this. That is the day Juwon decides to leave everything behind and go on the run with his daughter, protecting her from Yongjun and the life that being in the organization brings. In the present day, as Huisoo tells Juwon about how her mother was happy that Huisoo had those healing powers, he cannot help but cry. No matter how much people try to take advantage of Huisoo for her abilities, it remains that she would be mostly safe from a lot of danger in the world. But this cannot be said for the other kids as well.

Final Thoughts

While we have enjoyed it all, we believe that this has to be the last flashback for the series. However, the rate at which it is going makes us think that the rest of the story cannot be concluded in only six episodes, which is the number remaining right now. It is not a complaint since we are enjoying Moving with everything it is offering and in whatever way it is choosing to do that. We remember reading somewhere that this is one of the most expensive Korean dramas to be produced in recent times. We will admit that the money has been well spent.

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