‘Moving’ Episode 15 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Trying To Harm Bongseok And Huisoo?


Moving Episode 15, picks up right where it left us off before the stories of the past came tumbling out so artfully. This episode was a bit faster as compared to the last few ones, and it makes sense since it is not about an unfolding story but about the danger that is to come for the gifted parents and their kids. For all these years, Juwon and Mihyun have stayed hidden and avoided danger. But there is only so much that they can run away from, and it has to come back to them at some point, which is now. Therefore, this is the start of them conclusively dealing with it, preferably winning, and moving on to live a life without any fear. This is Moving Episode 15 recap and ending.

Spoiler Alert

What is the NTDP?

We are surprised that Yongjun did not anticipate that Juwon would immediately abscond with his daughter. Wasn’t it a given that he would act fast, considering that he was an agent and knew the ways of the organization? We can see why Yongjun is having trouble achieving success. It is because he is unable to understand what makes his agents tick. Regardless, Raehyuk comes up with a plan to trace the next generation of power wielders across the country. Now that they know that the children of these agents could also have their powers, he wants to trace them out and bring them to Jeongwon High School, where they will be trained to take over. He calls it a necessity since all of the current agents will grow old one day and be unable to do their jobs, but the agency must carry on, so it must prepare to recruit their children. Yongjun likes the idea, and he gives it the green light.

But here is where we come to know just how deep the conspiracy of the agency goes. While it is not explicitly stated, it is heavily implied that Raehyuk is the one who caused that accident. He was acting on behalf of the agency, and for some reason, they wanted Juwon’s family to disappear, probably so that they could exploit his powers through his emotions to the fullest. Raehyuk had noticed that Huisoo had recovered extraordinarily fast from the accident, and while he hadn’t said anything about it then, in the light of Ganghoon’s powers’ discovery, Huisoo’s immediate good health takes on a new meaning. She, Ganghoon, and Bongseok are the first three children they will be working with. Raehyuk had never lost sight of Bongseok. He knew where he was, and he also saw the wisdom in not capturing Mihyun and her son right away but letting them lead their lives and eventually luring Bongseok right where he wanted him, which is what happens. These are the first three candidates for the NTDP (National Talent Development Program).

We know the school was set up where Bongseok was. Huisoo was lured into it with the promise of proper training for college, which others weren’t offering in her budget. As for Ganghoon, his reasons were far more confining. When he had attacked the agents as a kid at the end of Moving Episode 14, Jaeman had taken the fall for it and, due to his previous record, had ended up spending a decade in prison. Ganghoon felt responsible for it, and it could also be why he grew up to be such a restrained kid, because he did not want to cause more trouble. However, as a grown man, he is having trouble accepting his father the way he did when he was a child. But he is trying because he knows the sacrifices that were made for him. This is also why he agrees to a deal with Raehyuk. He will be undergoing whatever training they have designed for him, and in return, his father’s record will be expunged, and his family’s financial woes will be settled. 

What Is The Aftermath Of The Video?

In the present day, Ganghoon admits to Huisoo that he is already set for a job with the government. He doesn’t say it out loud, but Huisoo understands that even he has some powers. Meanwhile, Ganghoon suspects that Kisoo is the one to have caused the accident in the gym by loosening the screws. Kisoo is looking very guilty, and it is possible that he may have done it to expose Ganghoon, or it could be that he is simply innocent in it all. On the other hand, Han Byul, the one who recorded the video, has her recorder confiscated. As for Mihyun and Juwon, they have seen the video and are preparing for what is to come.

Who Is Trying To Harm Bongseok And Huisoo?

Huisoo gets the hint that Bongseok is a little upset at not having been the one to save her. He, on the other hand, had a lengthy talk with his mother, and we suspect that she told him a few things about his father and why they must stay hidden. Their wish is being fulfilled, but not in the way they could have imagined. Mihyun has understood that there was another child with powers in the school, which meant that there must be one of the Black agents living in the vicinity. Juwon and Mihyun don’t know at that point that it is them; therefore, they are scared, as they suspect that it could be someone they have been running from for so long. Mihyun has a number of cellphones in her drawer, and we suspect it is one of her ways of keeping tabs on the organization she is running from. Juwon isn’t so meticulous, but before he goes to Huisoo’s school, he dips his hand in boiling oil, as if to remind himself of what he can do. When the two of them reach the school separately, they call their kids and tell them to go straight home, which they are obviously not doing.

Mihyun talks to Choi Ilhwan, her son’s homeroom teacher, and she asks him point blank whether there is someone with powers there. Ilhwan knows the entire matter, but this is a game they are playing here. He has to convince Mihyun that Bongseok’s being in this school was not deliberate but a natural consequence. He was successful and would have gotten away with it if only Mihyun had not spotted the hidden camera in the ceiling. In another part of the school, Juwon has also found the cameras in the gym and looks through them while demanding to know who is doing what. While these cameras can easily be explained away, we don’t think that will happen, and Ilhwan and Sung Wook have a lot to answer for. As for the kids, their driver, Gyedo (the one with electric powers), knows that they are in danger from the man who has gotten onto the bus with them.

At the end of Moving episode 15, he sees that the man can fly, a power he shares with Bongseok and Doosik, and his intentions are quite clear. We just have to see what Gyedo does to protect them. After all, when Bongseok said, “once a hero, always a hero,” something woke up in Gyedo, and he wouldn’t let the kids go just like that.

As for who is trying to attack them, it could either be the government or agents from North Korea. After all, the South did not know that the North was also training agents this whole time. They have been at war for a long time, and the people with powers have been their strongest weapons. Therefore, they would want to eradicate them at all costs. Additionally, perhaps the South Korean government is also feeling threatened by them, so this could also be a covert operation. Sung Wook is the biggest clue here. He seems unaware that there are people with powers around, yet he is spying on everything around him. That is an indication that he could be from the government instead of from North Korea, which knows what must be going on.

Final Thoughts

The day is finally here when Mihyun and Juwon will meet. We will be extremely disappointed if they don’t run into each other next week. Also, maybe Bongseok will learn to use his powers properly while trying to protect Huisoo. Or Gyedo will use his abilities once again, and the agency will end up discovering him. As we said, Moving Episode 15 is the start of many things, and we are ready for the coming weeks of excitement.

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