‘Moving’ Episode 16 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Choi Ilhwan Confess To Juwon?


Perhaps the day has finally come when we finally stumble upon an unnecessary episode in the long runtime of Moving. To its credit, we expected a lot of them, but seeing that there is only one so far in the series doesn’t make us think much of it. Either way, let’s look at the recap.

Spoiler Alert

How Does Gyedo Rescue Bongseok And Huisoo?

Gyedo’s purpose in driving the bus like that across the city was to attract as much attention as possible. Things had to become sensitive and delicate for people to stop and ask questions, which wouldn’t give the killer the opportunity to target the kids. Very prudently, Gyedo stops the bus right in front of a police station. As all the passengers get out, he looks back to see that the flying assassin has disappeared out of the window. He must have extraordinary speed as well, just as we saw with Doosik.

As the police line up the passengers, Gyedo tells them that the battery of the bus may have malfunctioned, causing him to drive like that. Meanwhile, Huisoo and Bongseok secretly escape from there. They have both lied to their parents about where they are, and they could be in trouble if caught. Huisoo notices that she has dropped the charger given to her by Bongseok, and he assures her that he will take it later from the driver. Slipping away was the mistake these two made because it once again made them available for the assassin to kill. We truly hope that all of Gyedo’s efforts don’t go in vain.

What Is Choi Ilhwan’s Past?

Choi Ilhwan was a part of the military before he came to know about the Black Agents and wanted to join the organization. We later come to know that he was a part of the team that Juwon had gone with for his first mission after being at a desk job for years. He knew Juwon from before, and that had made him aware of people with special abilities.

Ilhwan, when he first started out with the organization and subsequently the school, had a very military way about him. It is in the way he talks, as if answering commands all the time, or how he insists on protocol. But at the bottom of it all, he is just looking for a place where he fits. We suspect that Ilhwan may also have some PTSD, though it wasn’t really shown in Moving, episode 16, and if it was, then we missed it. Ilhwan is given the job of filtering out students with special abilities in the school, and that will be his duty as a black agent. Before we say more, we want to know how much he used to get paid for working two jobs.

Since Ilhwan was employed by the organization, was it considered just one job, and he was paid accordingly, or did the organization recognize that he was doing more than his homeroom teacher duties, so they gave him extra? The latter does not seem likely since Yongjun forgets about Ilhwan at one point. He wouldn’t have done that if he considered him important enough to pay for two people. This means that they just wanted a person on the inside, someone with limited abilities but a strong sense of work and responsibility, and Ilhwan fit the bill with his past.

The first special student that Ilhwan finds is Gyedo. The driver had mentioned that he had previously studied at their school. Ilhwan finds his powers immediately, and even the other students seem to know about them. But Raehyuk wants to provoke the power out of him in an explosive way, and Ilhwan is not willing to go that far since, at that time, Gyedo was barely an adult. But Ilhwan is not in a position to refuse. When a bunch of bullies beat up Gyedo, he doesn’t resist them or use his power. Ilhwan sees that as an opportunity to not let him fall into the hands of the organization by marking him unqualified for the position.

The second person that Ilhwan finds is a student called Yang Seeun, whose mother is Naju. Seeun has the ability to see through things, and she is the first legitimate find of Ilhwan that he can present. We don’t think her mother is interested in this because, like Juwon, Doosik, and the others, she doesn’t want this life for her child. Unfortunately, Seeun passes away due to cancer, and the organization is again left without a leader. But her death sends Ilhwan into a depressive spiral. He is only able to come out of it because of the school kids, who start including him in their activities and show genuine affection for him as a teacher.

Over time, Choi Ilhwan becomes more of a teacher than a black agent, though he continues scouting for kids. Some of them prove to be unusable leads, while others, namely one called Yongtak, slip away from him. He is leading a good life until one day, there is another homeroom teacher called Yoon Sungwook. We were wrong when we previously speculated that he was probably from the government or North Korea. He was from the organization, and Ilhwan just hated him because he did not like his possible methods.

Does Choi Ilhwan Confess To Juwon?

Yoon Sungwook is there because the number of children with powers has gone up in the school. There are Ganghoon, Huisoo, and Bongseok, three very powerful children, and this could be out of Ilhwan’s pay grade. It is also a matter that it is an organization based on intelligence. They must know about Ilhwan’s soft hand.

In the present day, Mihyun and Juwon finally come face-to-face, but they don’t have the opportunity or time to acknowledge each other. Mihyun drops a phone in the trashcan next to her seat so that she can hear what they are talking about, and while leaving, she warns Juwon about the CCTVs. By this time, Juwon knows that there are things he doesn’t know about the school, and he is confident that Ilhwan will have the answers to them. He sits him down and points out how Bongseok and Mihyun are at the same school. Juwon has also recognized who Ganghoon’s parents might be, and he knows that this is all not just a coincidence. When he saw the CCTVs all over, he found it odd, but knowing that they were in the teacher’s room, he told him of the same, which was a surprise for Ilhwan.

Regardless, no one can pretend anymore, and at the end of Moving Episode 16, Ilhwan gets ready to tell Juwon everything. Meanwhile, Mihyun reaches the principal’s office, where she sees the cleaning lady aggressively cleaning the place at such a late hour. But Mihyun’s sharp eye does not miss the hidden dead body of Yoon Sungwook, and she closes the door of the office, likely to fight and kill the woman. Between all of this, there are people outside the school, ready to go in and wreck whatever havoc they are here for.

Final Thoughts

We are thinking of Kisoo, who is in the school, and the girl who tried to sneak in for her recorder. We don’t want them to get caught and be harmed in whatever crossfire is going to ensue in the next episode. The other stuff is fairly predictable, so this is our only worry.

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