‘Moving’ Episode 17 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Juwon Alive? What Did Doosik Do?


We are wondering whether it would be too much to call Moving Episode 17 another unnecessary episode. So far, all the episodes have either heavily explored the emotions of the characters or given us major events. But we didn’t really see that this week. The episodes were decent but added little to the story. Regardless, it is not a real complaint, seeing how good the Moving is anyway, so here is a recap of episode 17.

Spoiler Alert

Are Huisoo and Bongseok safe?

One of the reasons we are so invested in Doosik and Mihyun’s love story is because of how much we like Doosik. In Moving Episode 17, we once again get to hear the famous lady finger-mentos joke. We wondered why Mihyun still liked him so strongly after that, and we got our answer in how he was instantly so cool once again. He tells her how he manages to fly instead of just floating and how he has learned to control his power. It involved letting go of the fear of falling. The night when Mihyun caught Bongseok flying, this was part of the conversation they had.

Right now, as Huisoo gets ready for practice, she hints that she likes Bongseok, but we don’t think he notices it. As he goes out to get some drinks and snacks, Huisoo finds the flying fiend behind her. He doesn’t know what her powers are, but he is testing them by throwing her around. He discovers that she can heal, but he wants to check whether there is more to it. Meanwhile, Bongseok comes back in time, and he hears Huisoo’s screams. Along with his father’s ability to fly, he also has his mother’s supersight and hearing. Remembering her words about the fear of falling, he takes the leap and is able to rescue Huisoo from falling to the ground. She would have been fine even if she fell, but Bongseok was there.

If only his eyes were open, he would have seen that Huisoo was looking at him the way he had wished she would when she was rescued by Ganghoon. The two of them are together and safe, but not for long. They try to attack that man instead of just escaping from there, and this is why we say that kids are stupid. Anyway, they are no match for him, and he is intent on killing them. As the three of them are at each other’s throats, it is not an even fight at all, with the man beating them easily. However, we don’t think that they will be harmed. They are the protagonists, and we are sure they will be fine. It is only a matter of how. Probably, they will be rescued, or maybe Bongseok will take a flight at the last minute.

What is happening at the school?

Essentially, North Korea has descended on Jeongwon. They were running a similar operation in their country and are here to destroy whatever South Korea has achieved in the last few years. We never imagined that this show would take the anti-nationalism route for the story, but here we are. After the clip of Ganghoon and Huisoo went viral, people were deployed to get the files on the children in the school and kill anyone who got in the way. The objective has to be to destroy the children as well, which is why one of the agents tries to kill Ganghoon when he runs into him and recognizes him from the clip. Unfortunately, Ganghoon is on the phone at that time, and his father comes running to him when he finds that his son is in trouble. We don’t want him to spend more time in jail for breaking probation or protocol, though.

Is Juwon Alive? What Did Doosik Do?

Let us take a moment to think about Gyedo. His employer is a little too understanding about his situation. He asks how the battery could have malfunctioned with Gyedo at the wheel but doesn’t press for answers and is ready to take care of it. We don’t think he is from North Korea, but the government seems to have gotten to Gyedo.

Coming back to the school, Mihyun and the cleaning lady immediately get into a fight. All that time making donkatsu has not dulled Mihyun’s skills, and she easily gets the better of the woman. She even hears a conversation of hers with someone from her team, where she says that everyone in the building needs to be killed. Thankfully, Mihyun shoots her dead soon enough, but what she hears next seems to make her extremely furious.

Juwon and Ilhwan fight the two agents who are there for the files of the children. While Juwon tries to hold them down in the room, the agents are surprised by him, but then again, they manage to push him down and beat him up. However, we know that Juwon is not dead, despite what it looks like. He has been beaten up similarly before and in a worse manner, and he has come back from it with the help of his abilities. While Moving episode 17 ended with him looking like that, we are sure he will wake up.

Meanwhile, Ilhwan is trying to protect Kisoo, who is being targeted by another agent who thinks that he is one of the superhuman children. Kisoo was in the study room, and everyone thought that was where the files were kept. We must also remember that he snuck in there without permission. The people trying to keep civilians out were not doing their everyday duties but were acting in the interest of international security. Therefore, there is no chance that Kisoo’s presence can be thought of as an innocent coincidence. Ilhwan hugs Kisoo to protect him from the agent and asks him to hurt him instead. The agent asks for the files, and that is when Kisoo realizes that something is going on in his school. So far, he has only suspected Ganghoon, but now he knows that a teacher is in on it and that there are others like Ganghoon. At the end of Moving episode 17, we don’t know whether Ilhwan will give him the files, but maybe he will come up with some ideas.

As for Mihyun, she overhears the agents beating up Juwon and says that they are in that state because of Doosik. He had been sent on some mission before he decided to go rogue, and Doosik never revealed what happened then. As the audience, we don’t know whether Mihyun knows about it either. But something happens when Mihyun hears it. Perhaps she realizes that her husband is alive, or maybe she gets a clue, but she walks out with determination, ready to do whatever is necessary.

Final Thoughts

Moving Episode 16 and Episode 17 could have been combined. They were mostly cat-and-mouse games, and we did not need to see them separately. However, with the ending coming soon, we absolutely want to see Doosik make a comeback soon. We deserve it more than Mihyun, we feel. Bongseok made amazing progress, and we just realized that Juwon is as attractive as Doosik. Either way, the expectation for a power-packed finale continues, and we will not be able to tolerate even a sliver of disappointment.

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