‘Moving’ Episode 18 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Deokyoon Find Mihyun?


We can tell that the finale of Moving is going to be one long fight sequence spread across multiple episodes. There is a lot of love for this show pouring out from across the world, and it has consistently proven why it deserves that. Therefore, as we start the marathon to the conclusion, here is the recap of Moving Episode 18.

Spoiler Alert

Are Huisoo And Bongseok Safe?

As Huisoo is lying unconscious, it is up to Bongseok to break out of the net, confining him and fighting off the man attacking them. When Junhwa mentions Kim Doosik, Bongseok is instantly alert, as he understands that this has something to do with his father. Junhwa admits that he was the one to catch Doosik all those years ago, and he is on a mission to do the same right now for his son. It is obvious that the main person of interest is Bongseok, due to his ability to fly. Huisoo is an afterthought. As Bongseok and Junhwa start their fight mid-air, the former is able to instinctually control the effect of one of Junhwa’s blows.

Junhwa takes that to mean that Bongseok has fully awakened his powers and that he might ‘take after his dad.’ But Bongseok disagrees and says that he is more like his mother. He may have the same powers as his father, but there is something called bodily instinct that shapes up according to the need of the hour. Additionally, Bongseok has spent a lifetime being hyper-aware of how his body moves and reacts to the circumstances, so it is only natural that right now, he is able to handle himself with ease.

But on that note, we wonder if Bongseok hates his father. He doesn’t know anything about him, so he has no attachment, but the way he said that he takes after his mother makes us think that there may be something else. After all, we still don’t know the details of what Mihyun and Bongseok spoke about on the night she caught him trying to fly. Right now, Bongseok gets the better of Junhwa, and since Huisoo has also regained consciousness, she helps him deliver a strong blow to Junhwa, which we suspect knocks him out. It is too soon to say whether he has died or not.

How Are Deokyeon And Kim Doosik Connected?

It looks like it was Kim Doosik’s humanism that ended up earning him his worst enemies. In 1994, when he was sent to North Korea to kill the Supreme Leader, Doosik wasn’t able to do that as he just saw an old man, sick and lying in a bed. Frankly, if Doosik had been able to kill him that day, he might not have had to go on the run from his own government as well. While breaking into the palace, Doosik took down all the guards, and Deokyoon was one of them. Doosik never fatally injured anyone, giving them a chance to live. But he had shot off Deokyeon’s finger when he sensed him trying to kill him.

After Doosik left with his supposed act of sympathy, he did not know that all of the guards present there that day were executed for ‘failing’ in their duties. Only Deokyoon was spared for persevering the way he did. His severed finger was the proof of how sincere he had been, and that saved his life. But he was burning with revenge at this point, and he knew he had to kill or capture Doosik to ensure that the scales were even. We can detect some brainwashing in him, since he believes it is all in the service of the nation, which so graciously saved his life. Since Moving is making a play with nationalist sentiments, we are not surprised to see this, but we are impressed at how cleverly this was incorporated into the story.

Either way, this is when Doosik goes back to South Korea and becomes a rogue agent. The Supreme Leader dies of a heart attack a few days later, but this is not the result that the agency wanted, and Doosik never told them what actually transpired. In 2003, when he was captured from his house, he was once again taken to the agency and given the same mission. Yongjun promised him that it would be his last; therefore, to get back to his life with his wife and child, Doosik agreed to go to North Korea again. But this time, people are prepared for him. North Korea has been recruiting superhumans among its ranks, and one of them, Junhwa, captures Doosik. So we are assuming that is where Doosik has been all this time, in the captivity of North Korea, if he is alive. Right now, Deokyoon is continuing the mission of eradicating the South Korean superhumans so that his country can remain supreme.

Does Deokyoon Find Mihyun?

As we expected, Han Byul had snuck in to take her memory card, and she was now scared and trapped in the teacher’s room. Kisoo finds her, and he tells her not to make a noise, as neither of them understand what is going on outside. Even Ganghoon is in danger, as the agent after him has discovered his powers and wants to beat him down.

Meanwhile, Mihyun is out, proving just how much of an elite agent she is. Back in her agency days, she was relegated to a desk job for her humanism, and later, she kind of let it all go. We only ever saw Doosik as the hero, but we are only now seeing what makes Mihyun so formidable. As someone on the internet rightfully said, ‘mother is mothering.’

She easily takes down two of the agents, and their last sentiment before they died had to be that of awe. When she finds Deokyoon, she demands to know what happened to Doosik. The man reveals that they had dealt with him in 1994 and again in 2003, but before he could reveal more, Mihyun understood that he might be just buying time and escaped from there, though she was grievously hurt in the leg. Deokyoon can follow the trail to her, but he finds the dead agents first. Yongdeuk is sent to check on the situation, and this man’s superpower has to be either extreme strength or the power to heal. The superhumans were put through a test to find out what they could do. They were all made to jump off a cliff, and whoever survived in whatever way they could would be an elite soldier. Junhwa had found his power to fly, and as furious as he had been at the regiment, he had to concede for the sake of his family. Yongdeok, on the other hand, was a lot more enthusiastic, and after demonstrating his power, he willingly became an elite soldier.

During Moving Episode 18’s ending, Mihyun calls Juwon, who has started recovering from his injuries. We were worried for a second that he had died, but thankfully, as long as he was left with a sliver of consciousness, he could and did come back to life. When he picks up the phone, Mihyun asks him for his help and tells him that they must pull through for their children. Deokyoon has called for another soldier to enter the building and made it a point to tell them to wear their glasses. This person’s power may be in their eyes, and we just don’t want our favorite characters to die.

Final Thoughts

The next episode is going to continue the fight in the school, with some more backstories getting revealed. Hopefully, Kisoo and Han Byul make it out unharmed. We would also love a conclusive answer to the fate of Doosik. The finale of Moving is shaping out differently than we expected, but we still love it.

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