‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ Season 2 Theories: Are Michael And Alana Alive?


The Prime Video series, titled Mr. & Mrs. Smith, follows the titular couple as they fall in love after being recruited by a spy agency. Most of the episodes are self-contained because that’s the nature of their missions. The psychological repercussions of those missions do fundamentally change the characters, but it’s not like all the people they kill or kidnap come back to haunt them. Well, only one couple does (another version of John and Jane Smith), but that’s only because it’s their job to take care of the John Smiths and the Jane Smiths, who fail three missions, thereby leading to the cliffhanger in the first season of the show. At the time of writing this article, there’s no official confirmation regarding the renewal or cancellation of the web series. So, all I can do is assume what we can possibly see in a potential season 2 based on what transpires in season 1.

Spoiler Alert

In the fourth episode, Jane and John Smith came across another spy couple named Jane and John Smith. That’s when they learned that there were other John and Jane Smiths out there who were working at various risk levels. Those who were in the low-risk category mostly delivered packages. Those who were in the high-risk category went on various kinds of missions. Those who were in the extremely high-risk category killed off other John and Jane Smiths if they failed three missions or if they decided to stop working for the entity that employed all of them. Unbeknownst to Donald Glover and Maya Erskine’s version of John and Jane Smith, Wagner Moura and Parker Posey’s version of John and Jane Smith sent them on a mission to apparently kill a Smith who had deviated from his path. And that seemed to be the end of their relationship. However, when John and Jane decided to not only call it quits, but they also failed three missions, the extremely high-risk Smiths reappeared to get the high-risk Smiths to kill each other off. When that didn’t work, they showed up in person to kill them.

Now, at the end of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Season 1, Michael and Alana (that’s the real names of the Smiths that we followed throughout the show) managed to thwart John and Jane and reach the panic room. John was hurt, and Jane went after Michael and Alana to kill them. Michael was hurt and bleeding out. So, Alana had to open the door and take the risk of killing Jane in a shootout so that she could take Michael to the hospital. We didn’t see the result of the shootout. The following day, the Hot Neighbor observed that the house was empty, and he was happy that he’d be able to get his grubby hands on it. The conclusion is purposefully open-ended because if the show doesn’t get renewed, we can all assume that Michael and Alana got killed and treat it as a one-off reimagining of the 2005 film (BTW, there’s a 1941 film and a 1996 TV series called Mr. & Mrs. Smith). If it doesn’t get canceled, the writers will be free to show how Michael and Alana actually dealt with John and Jane and then made their way to a hospital or some secret medic who treats gunshot wounds without reporting to the authorities.

Since I am talking about expectations from the yet-to-be-announced second season of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I am going to assume that Michael and Alana are alive. The first thing that they need to do, in addition to getting their hands on medical supplies, is find a good spot to hide. They also need to make sure they are not being tracked, because they are most definitely being tracked. Even though John and Jane treat the entity (referred to as “HiHi” by Michael) like a god, it’s obvious that it’s merely recording their movements and planning accordingly. Michael and Alana aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but I hope, for their sake, they do find out how they are being tracked. Once they’ve done that, they need to find allies. Michael and Alana aren’t the friendliest couple, and the nature of their profession doesn’t allow them to make friends. Toby Hellinger can help them if he hasn’t been killed by the agency that recruits the Smiths. If Toby is dead, then Michael and Alana have to get help from gangs or mercenaries who can actually take on the might of the agency. There are way too many Smiths out in the world, and I’m certain that all of them will be tasked with killing Michael and Alana.

Based on these assumptions, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Season 2 will probably have a different vibe in comparison to Season 1. In the first season, Michael and Alana got to choose the pace at which they wanted to live their lives, while only being lightly nudged in the required direction by “HiHi.” The second season will be an exhausting chase all over the globe, thereby robbing Michael and Alana of their ability to choose where they want to go. Any country with a safe house will have to make do. It’ll test their relationship in a different way. In Season 1, they had the luxury of going to a therapist and ironing out their issues. In Season 2, they will have to do the same on the fly and on their own. I am guessing that they’ll use everything they’ve learned about each other and about their own psyche to practice and ensure that they don’t fall apart during moments of crisis. But I hope all of this is done through action and visual storytelling instead of endless scenes filled with hollow dialogue. I get the need to cut down on the expenditure by having the characters mostly sit and talk. However, that’s not going to work anymore, especially if the show earns enough to get a second season.

With all that said, my biggest expectation from Season 2 of Mr. and Mrs. Smith is good action. Let’s be honest, the action in the first season was bad. Compare it to any high-to-mid-budget, well-received, action-heavy web series that you have seen recently, and you’ll immediately notice the difference in quality. There can be multiple reasons why the fights and the chases were so boring, bland, and forgettable. Maybe the action choreographers didn’t have a lot of time to plan out stuff. Maybe the actors weren’t prepared. Maybe the showrunners didn’t have the budget, the vision, or a mixture of both. Whatever it is, I need them to fix it as soon as the second season is green-lit. If they can’t do that, they might as well scrap the whole thing and rebrand it as a spy show where people try to be funny while sitting and talking about “trauma” and “insecurity.” It’s totally possible that there’s an audience for that kind of show, but I’m not a part of that crowd. If they do improve the action, I’ll be there for it on day one, while tolerating the wafer-thin drama and non-existent chemistry.

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