‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does AI Want From Simone?


The first episode of Peacock’s 2023 original, “Mrs. Davis,” begins with a flashback of an incident that took place in Paris in 1307. During those times, the members of the Knights Templar, the military order, were considered to be the fiercest fighters on the face of the earth. The regime was hunting them down as they were accused of idolatry and many other crimes against the faith of the general populace. The last surviving members of the Knights Templar were being publicly hanged so that a precedent could be set, and the entire military unit could be destroyed. There were a bunch of nuns who stood near the place of the execution and watched their people get brutally murdered. 

Spoilers Ahead

After the crowd went home, a young nun went near the execution platform and took the boots of one of the people who had been hanged. She went back to her convent, but before she could enter and talk to her colleagues, the soldiers once again came inside and asked a nun, who looked like the leader of the clan, to give them the Holy Grail. The nun named Ermengard told the soldier that there was no such thing as the Holy Grail and that it was just a myth that people liked believing in. The soldier slapped her and told her that he knew that her entire community had secretly helped the Templars and was hiding the Holy Grail. Before the soldier could utter another word and disrespect and demean the other nuns, the young woman who had taken the shoes severed his head with a swift blow of her sword. A battle ensued inside the convent, and no one other than that young woman survived. Ermengard asked the young woman to take the Holy Grail with her to a safe place that existed across the seas because she knew that their enemy wouldn’t rest unless and until they had found it.

Mr. Schrodinger Is Rescued

After the flashback, we are brought back to the present, where we witness a man stranded on a remote island and trying all sorts of things to get off it. He had been able to make a mini-rocket, and he knew that if it exploded the way he wanted it to, then somebody would notice it and help would arrive for him sooner rather than later. His experiment was successful, and a cruise ship arrived the next day to take him home. The bearded man was taken aboard a Korean ship, and through the commander in charge, we came to know that his name was Mr. Schrodinger. He realized that it had been over a decade since he had been missing, and a lot had changed during that time. He was informed that his other shipmates had died and that there was a memorial made for them back at home. 

Schrödinger didn’t understand how the Korean lady knew so much about him when she had rescued him only an hour earlier. The Korean lady had a bud plugged in her ears, and she was relaying whatever she was being told by an unknown person. Schrodinger asked who it was that she was talking to, and the lady cryptically told him that “She” had arrived after he had left. The lady said that the world was broken into fragments, and if it hadn’t been for her, they wouldn’t have been able to stay together and heal the way they had. The lady talked about an algorithm and how it had helped save the world. The Korean lady told Mr. Schrodinger that “she” could give him anything he wanted and gave him the earbuds to talk to her directly.

What Was Happening In Reno?

Simone was a nun during the day and a caped crusader during the night. She busted the fraudulent magicians who tried to rob innocent people. She got these daily targets from a guy named Jay, who also worked for the same boss and acted as an intermediary between the employer and the employees. Generally, the information about the targets was given to Simone on a piece of paper, but this time that paper was empty, and Simone was clueless about why it was so.

 It was Simone’s birthday, and every year, she celebrated it with the other nuns. It was a ritual that after the birthday get-together was over, Simone and Mother Superior went to the barn and shared a drink before Mother called it a night. But this time it was a bit different as the Mother had more than one drink, and there was a strange look on her face as if she were hiding something from Simone. The arrival of an unexpected guest made the Mother change her plans, and instead of going with the other nuns to sell the home-made jam, she left with the guest to some unknown place in a chopper.

The nuns were asked to not take a break during the jam run and finish the work as soon as possible. One of the nuns’ saw a hoarding of an ice cream stand, and she convinced all the others to take a break and enjoy the cold and delicious ice cream on the hot summer day. Simone realized that the stall was placed there on purpose by “her” because, for some reason, she wanted to have a conversation with Simone. She had tried different ways to contact Simone, but it had all been in vain. The entire jam cargo was destroyed by a man who used a glass to heat the bottles, which sprung open and splattered the jam everywhere. Simone tried to chase him, but he was able to make a near escape.

‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 1 Ending Explained: What Does AI Want From Simone?

When Simone reaches the covenant in “Mrs. Davis,” Episode 1, she realizes that “she” had somehow managed to convince the church to sell its land and fire all the nuns working there. Simone never referred to that unknown entity, who was giving orders to everybody, with the pronoun “she” as the others did. It was because Simone believed that it was not a girl but an AI, and every artificial thing was to be referred to by the word “It.” Simone was kidnapped by a bunch of German goons who were searching for something and believed that she knew where it was. Simone was clueless about what they were asking for, and she tried telling them that they had caught the wrong woman. The German guys had planted a bomb on Simone’s horse, and they threatened her that if she didn’t tell where that secret object was, they would kill the innocent animal. Simone managed to escape somehow, and a guy named Wiley came to take her on a bike. Wiley hid with Simone in a bunker, and he told her that they were part of a resistance movement that was fighting against the algorithm. Wiley kept referring to her as Lizzie, and time and again, she corrected him and told him that now her name was Simone.

Toward the end of “Mrs. Davis” Episode 1, Simone once again goes back to Jay, and she realizes that Jay had, on purpose, given her a blank paper as he didn’t want to let her face the next target which was the AI itself. But Simone wanted to meet the AI and put an end to the whole fiasco once and for all. She went to the elementary school and met a woman who was being used as a vessel by the AI. The AI told Simone that she was the special one, as only she could accomplish the task that she was going to give her. The AI wanted Simone to find the Holy Grail and Simone agreed to go on the quest though she herself didn’t know if it really existed. Simone put a condition and told the AI that if she found the Holy Grail then the AI would have to shut itself off. It must have been very important to locate the Holy Grail because the AI agreed to accept the conditions set by Simone. The AI had killed Simone’s father, and that is why she was not in the mood for reconciliation. Simone hated AI and probably also the changes that it had brought to the world. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Simone is able to locate the holy grail and what the reason behind the AI murdering her father was.

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