‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Was In The Mystery Tape?


Simone, whose real name was Elizabeth, had met Jesus, a.k.a. Jay, approximately seven years ago. “Mrs. Davis” Episode 4 tells us that Simone knew who Jay was, and she was so smitten that she wanted to marry him. Jay already shared quite an intimate relationship with Simone, but he told her that there were certain prerequisites that she would have to fulfill if she wanted to marry him. Simone was ready to do anything to be called Jesus’ bride, so she went to the convent and began training as a postulant. Simone was accepted by the other nuns of the covenant, and that’s how she became Jesus’ bride. When Wiley had come to know about it, he had found it difficult to believe that the Almighty could indulge in such things, as his idea of who God was and how he conducted himself was very different from what Simone told him.

Spoilers Ahead

Jay Gives Simone A Task

The girl Simone had believed to be Clara was actually a woman named Mathilda LaFleur, and in the previous episode, she had seen her and other women doing some suspicious activity together near the Loch of Drumellie. Simone went to check on Mathilde, who was admitted to a hospital, but before she could talk to her and learn about her involvement in the entire fiasco, a group of ladies clad in black suits arrived at the scene and asked her to leave. Jay sent his dove to call Simone to meet him, and he gave her a task for which she had to leave for the Vatican City immediately. Jay asked her to deliver a cake from a specific bakery to the Pope, and the task sounded so absurd at first that Simone was confused as to what Jay was trying to do. Simone told Jay that she felt that she was very close to finding the holy grail, and if she went to the Vatican, she wouldn’t be able to complete the mission. But Jay said that delivering the cake was a priority, and though Simone was feeling a bit annoyed at the sudden change of plans, she didn’t have any other option but to do as she was told. Simone was transported back to the hospital after the meet-up with Jay, and she was told that Mathilde was dead and that the other women who had come to meet her had also vanished into thin air. 

Wiley Meets Pope Leo In Prison

Father Hans Ziegler had taken Wiley to the Vatican and held him in prison because he wanted to know how he had gotten those shoes he was wearing. Father Ziegler knew that the Vatican did not believe in the existence of the holy grail. Maybe he had been ridiculed by them in the past, and he was adamant to the officials of the church that his claims were not false. Father Ziegler wanted to find the grail and prove his worth to the Vatican. Wiley didn’t believe him when he said that they were in the Vatican and he thought that he was bluffing because, last he knew, he was in Scotland taking part in a competition. But Father Ziegler was not lying and he had actually brought Wiley to the Vatican because he wanted to find Clara and the Holy Grail at all costs, and he was ready to go to any extent for the same.

Wiley couldn’t believe that in the cell opposite to him, Felipe Suarez Ortega, better known as Pope Leo XI, was held captive. The Pope told Wiley that a doppelganger had taken his place, and that is why there was no hue and cry even after a Pope had gone missing. The Pope believed that Mrs. Davis, who was known as Madonna in Italy, had sent Wiley to rescue him or vice versa, but Wiley had a totally different theory. Wiley thought that he had been trapped in the prison because Mrs. Davis had gotten to know about his resistance group and wanted to punish him for it. Wiley always believed that Mrs. Davis had some personal vendetta against him, as, unlike the other people in his age group, he was given a much shorter time period before he reached his expiration date. Generally, older people were given such a short time span, but Wiley’s case was an exception. He had eight days before his term expired and that is why he didn’t mind staying in the prison.

The Pope and Wiley had nothing else to do, so they started chit chatting and having random conversations. Wiley told the Pope what his ex, Simone, told him about her relationship with Jesus and how she had taken the entire concept of nuns being Jesus’ bride quite literally. The Pope told him there was a high possibility that she was telling the truth because Jesus always gave preference to females over males. The Pope had a first-hand experience when he was asked to wait because Jesus was meeting Clara. The Pope called Jesus a ladies’ man and told Wiley that he had felt neglected by the behavior of the Almighty.

The Pope had put his faith in Mrs. Davis because, unlike Jesus, she was always present for all her subjects. Another reason for the anger and frustration of the Pope was that the same woman, i.e., Clara, for whom Jesus had made him wait, was the reason he was imprisoned. At the beginning of “Mrs. Davis” Episode 4, Ziegler talked about a mystery tape, and the Pope was given a task by Mrs. Davis to locate it and put it in Zeigler’s office. Though the Pope was caught before he could do that, he saw something on that tape that made him understand what Clara wanted to do. Wiley and the Pope were able to escape from the prison and the people in the Vatican got to know that up until then they were being deceived by a doppelganger of the Pope. 

‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 4 Ending Explained: What Was In The Mystery Tape?

Simone reaches the Vatican, and she goes to the bakery Jay had asked her to take the cake from. She met a cranky old woman named Maria there who had some personal problems with the papacy in general. Maria wanted to become the Pope, but as she grew up, she realized that, as a woman, she could only reach a particular level in the church. She couldn’t digest the prejudice of society, and after opening her own bakery, she made it a point that nothing from her shop went to the Pope. Maria told Simone that she was more talented and better qualified compared to the Pope, but just because he was a man, he could fly as high as he wanted, whereas her wings were clipped from the very beginning. As soon as Maria got to know that the cake was to be delivered to the Pope, she crushed it into pieces and told Simone that she would gladly make her a new one if she was able to pay her one million euros. To Maria’s surprise, Simone did end up collecting a million euros with Mrs. Davis’ help. While having a conversation with Maria, Simone came to know that she was not the only woman who was sent by Jay to get the cake delivered. Maria’s words triggered her, and she felt like Jay was using her like an errand girl. Simone had a huge argument with Jay, and instead of delivering the cake, she ate it herself. Simone choked on the plastic toy that was put inside the cake, and she had to be taken to the hospital.

Towards the end of “Mrs. Davis” Episode 4, Wiley and Simone once again met each other since both of them were at the Vatican. Felipe Suarez Ortega, who was reinstated as Pope, came and told Wiley that he should tell Simone about the tape since she also knew about Clara. The tape showed the same video of the Knight Templar being executed that we had seen at the beginning of Episode 1, and Simone realized that the woman who was severing the heads of the enemy soldiers was none other than Clara. But then, something absurd happened, and the whole thing got transformed into an advertisement for the same shoes that Mrs. Davis had sent for Wiley. Suddenly, even the commercial ended, and there was footage where Clara was threatening Father Hans Ziegler and saying that she would inform the Vatican about what he had done to make the commercial if he didn’t stop searching for her and the grail. Clara had the grail with her, and in the background, we could see the same cat that Mr. Schrodinger, the man who was stranded on the remote island, had as his pet. The fourth episode ends on this confusing note, and even Simone wasn’t able to understand what she had just seen. In the upcoming episodes, we will get some clarity as to what Clara, Zeigler, Jay, and Mrs. Davis exactly wanted and who was on who’s side. Meanwhile, Wiley and Simone were stuck in a mess, and they had no choice but to trust their intuition and keep themselves safe while trying to solve the mystery of the holy grail.

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