‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Simone Get The Holy Grail?


We never expected “Mrs. Davis” to get tragic, but this episode has left us a little uneasy. Additionally, this episode is about the number of children who have issues with their parents. There is Simone-Celeste, Emily-Matilde, and finally, Jesus-Mary. Seeing how much power parents wield over their children’s lives makes us support planned parenthood a little harder than usual. Here is a detailed recap of the seventh episode of “Mrs. Davis.”

Spoilers Alert

Why Does Wiley Blow Up The Resistance’s Headquarters?

In Episode 7 of “Mrs. Davis,” Simone and Wiley prepare to track down the whale with the help of Arthur Schrodinger, and Celeste comes on board with the shroud in hand. But just as they are about to leave, Simone takes Wiley off the ship and tells him about the tracker in his shoe. At the same time, she takes the chance to handcuff him to a bench. Simone does not want Wiley to come with them on the quest because he will make it about proving a point about his masculinity instead of looking at the greater objective. Simone and the crew leave behind an infuriated Wiley and set off to find the whale. That is when Mrs. Davis contacts him, in style, through the Prime Minister of a country. She tells him that she has taken residence in their system, and she wants the Resistance to branch out so that she may become ubiquitous with them.

Mrs. Davis tells Wiley that if he doesn’t do as she says, each and every user of her system on the planet would come to know that Wiley had not shown up at his expiration date (which is in 48 hours) and just landed into something by luck, basically being a coward who did not pay his dues. Wiley cannot have that; therefore, when he goes back, he gives a motivational speech to all of his comrades about wanting to branch out. But he tells JQ the truth and asks him to meet privately. They both leave for a secluded place or maybe not so secluded since this is close to the pyramid where Wiley is supposed to show up for his expiration. JQ insists that they both strip down to their undergarments to check if they are wiretapped. Once they find that that is not the case, Wiley tells him the real plan. He plans on evacuating the building where the Resistance is and then blowing up the place, which would end Mrs. Davis since she is in the system. This is exactly what they do, but sadly, it is not the end of Mrs. Davis.

When JQ looks to check where Wiley is, he finds that he has already run off. Wiley goes to the pyramid for his date and speaks to Mrs. Davis. He tells her that he was aware that she was trying to manipulate him since it wasn’t possible that she had concentrated her entire being in the system. But he had played along because he wanted his men to be free. Since Wiley had realized that Mrs. Davis knew about the Resistance the entire time, which meant that they were never a secret, nothing they ever did or would ever do would amount to anything. Wiley had formed the Resistance to protect men like him from signing up for an expiration date. He could not let them know that the thing they had invested all their passion in was a waste of effort. That knowledge would break them. Instead, he made himself their culprit and fled so that they would pick up their lives from that point onward. With his responsibility resolved, Wiley sets off to face his fate on his expiration date.

How Does Simone Get Into The Whale?

The plan is that the boat will intercept the whale’s migration channel, and they need to be very quiet when doing it because the whale is sensitive to sound. Once it is close to them, Simone will wear the shroud, which is resistant to acid “up to 1 pH”, be covered in a tranquilizer, and be lowered into the sea. She will hold a device that will make noises similar to those of a whale calf in distress. This will bring the whale to Simone, who will then swallow her upon discovering the deception. The tranquilizer will knock it out, and Simone will find the Grail in its stomach. Throughout this time, Simone will be connected to the ship by a rope they are calling the umbilicus, which will supply her with oxygen. It is an insane plan, and all the attraction between Schrodinger and Celeste cannot stop her from calling the crew out on it. Regardless, the plan is still on, but there is a problem. Matilde and Hans are approaching Simone’s ship, and their engines are making a lot of noise. Schrodinger warns them to shut them off due to the approaching whale, but they don’t believe him. As expected, the whale wrecks their boat, but they are rescued by Simone’s crew.

When Matilde meets Arthur, she finally comes to know that her daughter, Emily, is dead. She is quite shaken up at this news, and this brings Arthur and Celeste to a conversation where they acknowledge how much their children crave their love and attention. Nudged by this, Celeste tries to tell Simone not to try this dangerous quest, but years of stoic silence and indifference do not allow the word to leave her. Instead, she asks Simone for the whereabouts of Pablo so that she will know them in case anything happens to Simone. Of course, Simone doesn’t tell her, and she gets into the ocean of this madness. But the moment she enters the whale as planned, things change.

How Does Simone Get The Holy Grail?

Once inside the whale, Simone finds herself in the diner, but this time, it is completely wrecked and flooded. It was in the same state as when she had visited it previously, and Jesus had “ordered” her not to go forward with the mission. Obviously, Simone had refused to listen, but the key development was that Jesus had opened his boss’ room, aka what Simone had thought to be God’s room. Right now, Simone looks for Jay in that very room and finds that it is not God but the Virgin Mary, her mother-in-law, waiting for her, holding a baby in her hand.

Mary tells Simone that she had made the Holy Grail with Jesus’ skull so that she could always have a part of him with her, even after the Romans took away his body. This meant that the Grail had been the reason Jesus had not moved on to the afterlife. This statement needs us to inspect what we know as fact and fiction, as presented by “Mrs. Davis.” As per the bible, Jesus had taken a sip from the Holy Grail during the Last Supper. It was also the cup that collected Jesus’ blood from his crucifixion. Then how was it fashioned after his death? But otherwise, maybe this is what Jesus’ resurrection meant. He could not move on to the afterlife due to the Grail, so in a way, he was reborn.

Currently, in front of Simone, Jesus lies dead, but the baby in Mary’s arms is her reborn son. This process will continue until the Grail is destroyed, and only Simone can do it due to how much she loves Jay. Mary tells Simone to destroy the Grail, thinking of how much it would benefit Jay rather than how it would work against Mrs. Davis. Simone is going through all this as she passes through the whale’s intestines. Mary gives her the Grail, but the umbilicus is a tad too short for Simone to reach it. Therefore, she detaches herself from the umbilicus and grabs the rope. Sadly, since time is running out, the crew pulls back the umbilicus, not knowing that Simone is not attached to it. They have left her stranded in the whale’s stomach.

At the end of Episode 7 of “Mrs. Davis,” Simone ends up on an island with the Grail in hand. Her suit had been equipped with a device to release hydrogen peroxide, which would cause the whale to vomit if introduced into its system. That is how Simone escaped the whale’s body and landed on the beach. But it is not an isolated beach. All the people there stand in front of Simone, their earpieces in, with Ms. Davis telling them to unanimously sing “Electric Avenue.” The episode ends at this point.

Final Thoughts

The first and foremost thing we need to know is whether Wiley is safe. We suppose he might be since Mrs. Davis would need him as collateral to bargain for the Grail from Simone, which we assume she will escape without it landing in the hands of the beach people. Of course, she must be found by the crew of the ship, and that means there might be a tearful reunion between Simone and Celeste. We also want to know where Pablo is, and his location is bound to cause some angst and comedy. There is a lot to pack into the finale of “Mrs. Davis,” and we are looking forward to it.

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