‘Mrs. Davis’ Episodes 2 And 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Jay Exist In Reality?


In “Mrs. Davis” Episode 2, it is revealed that Simone’s parents didn’t share a good relationship, and in her childhood, she always saw them fighting. Though the world knew Simone’s father as an exceptional magician, it was her mother, Celeste, who was the brains behind every magic trick and because of whose apparatus, Monty Abbott had become so famous. Celeste was working on creating a new apparatus which she was keeping a secret. Celeste always felt that she never got her share of credit, and the people didn’t recognize her talent because her own husband made sure that the spotlight was on him at all times.

Monty, on the other hand, believed that though Celeste was gifted, she lacked the flare and style one needed to be on stage and attract the crowd. One day, when Celeste was not at home, Monty convinced Simone to open the door that led to the secret room where Celeste kept all her creations. A naive Simone believed her father, who had told her that if he got the apparatus, he would be able to mend his relationship with Celeste. For a young Simone, that incentive was more than enough, as she desperately wanted her parents to stop fighting. Celeste had taken a lot of security measures to guard the room so that nobody would enter and see what was kept inside. As soon as Simone opened the door, an arrow came out of nowhere and pierced her belly. Simone was saved somehow, but that day, she realized that her father was a selfish man who prioritized himself over everybody else.

In “Mrs. Davis” Episode 3, we got to know that Celeste believed that her husband had faked his death because he wanted to get away from everything and live peacefully in exile. Simone had met her mother after a very long time, and she realized that Celeste had kept a tab on her movements for all those years because she believed that Monty couldn’t fake his death all by himself. Simone told Celeste that it was a very sensitive topic, and she didn’t like talking about it. Simone said that her father had died in front of her own eyes, and Celeste was just being paranoid for no rhyme or reason.

Simone Meets Wiley’s Resistance Group.

The AI had given Simone a card of the queen with a number written on its back side. Simone didn’t know who it belonged to, so she went to Jay’s restaurant to tell him everything and seek his advice on how she should proceed. But Jake was nowhere to be found, so Simone went to Wiley’s hideout. Wiley introduced Simone to the members of his resistance group in “Mrs. Davis” Episode 2, who had prepared an entire presentation for her to make her understand what the algorithm was up to. A man named JQR gave the presentation and told Simone that the algorithm was nothing more than a complex code, and its sole aim was to distract its users by sending them to these quests so that they never paid attention to the real issues happening in the world.

JQR told Simone that there had to be a server farm from where everything was being managed. He said that now that she was the “Chosen One,” she would be taken to that server farm to work. JQR revealed many other interesting practices and policies of the algorithm and how it made sure that everyone was under its control. Just like the Twitter blue ticks, the algorithm also gave wings to people who were considered worthy. JQR said that the conditions that had to be fulfilled to be called worthy were almost impossible to achieve. That is why, very shrewdly, the algorithm created another shortcut by which a person could achieve that heightened status. The person had to basically go to their local pyramid center and apply for an expiration date. The expiration bar code was tattooed on their skin, and on that specific date, the person had to voluntarily surrender themselves to the algorithm and get incinerated.

Simone once again went back to Jay’s restaurant, and this time, she found him there. Jay gave her the name of a woman named Clara and told her that she was the last person who was in possession of the Holy Grail. Jay advised Simone that she should take Wiley with her on the quest, as she didn’t know what kind of challenges she would have to face. Simone agreed and made a call to Wiley, who immediately got ready to accompany the love of his life on the quest.

Why Did Wiley Want To Win The Excalibur Battle?

Simone called the number that was given on the back of the card that the AI had given her. The man on the other end knew who Clara was, and Simone and Wiley realized that he might know something about the location of the Holy Grail. They tracked his location and found out that he was leaving for Scone, Scotland, to take part in an event called Excalibattle. Wiley took part in the strange competition where they had to touch a huge sacred blade at all times, and the last standing participant won the battle and was called worthy. Though Wiley took part in the competition because he wanted to get information from the old man, his motives changed, and he wanted to win it for personal reasons. Throughout his life, Wiley had believed himself to be an exceptional bull rider, but after the death of his grandfather, he got to know that what he believed to be the truth was actually a strategy used by his parents to get him a liver transplant. Wiley realized that he had not earned even a single victory or the accolades he was so proud of.

Wiley had started questioning his own worth, and his worst fears came true when Simone left him and joined the church. He believed that she had left him because he was a coward and couldn’t ride the bull, but the reality was very different from what he was perceiving. Wiley got to know that there are a lot of similarities between him and the old man. Both, the old man and Wiley, had similar motives behind taking part in Excalibattle. The old man also wanted to prove his worth in front of a lady who had stripped him of his titles. He told Wiley that the woman, who was probably Clara, was supposed to meet near a freshwater lowland called the Loch of Drumellie. In “Mrs. Davis” Episode 3, we also got to know that even Wiley had applied for an expiration date and had earned the wings, as he wanted to prove to everybody, especially Simone, that he amounted to something. He wanted to prove that he was worthy of wearing his cowboy boots. He wanted Simone to respect him and see him as a courageous man who could do anything for her happiness. Wiley did win the competition, but even after that, a misunderstanding caused him a great deal of pain, and he realized that he no longer cared if Simone found the Holy Grail or not.

‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 3 Ending Explained: Did Jay Exist In Reality?

After Wiley was told that he had not earned his laurels, he went to take part in a bull riding competition to prove to the world that he was not a coward. Simone didn’t want him to risk his life and take part in the competition, and she prayed, probably for the very first time, to save Wiley’s life. Wiley backed out at the last moment, and it caused him a great deal of embarrassment. He felt that Simone would judge him, but she was happy because the gods had heard her prayers and saved the love of her life. When Simone was praying, she was transported inside a restaurant, or maybe she got a psychic vision, where she met Jay for the first time. She didn’t understand if she was dreaming or if it was all real. She told Wiley that after meeting Jay, she was convinced to renounce the world and become a nun.

We realized that Jay was a personification of the Almighty, and he had come to guide Simone and show her the right path. Maybe Jay only existed in her head and came whenever she needed help because Simone was a true devotee who didn’t have any kind of malice inside her. We saw how her mind got transported to Jay’s cafe while her physical body was still on the ground where all the pianos were kept. Wiley got jealous because of the nature of the relationship Simone shared with Jay. They shared an intimate bond as she considered herself as one of the brides of Christ, and for her to make Wiley understand her dynamics with Jesus was not easy.

Towards the end of “Mrs. Davis,” Episode 3, we see that Wiley was kidnapped by Father Ziegler, who was interested in knowing where he had gotten his shoes from. Those shoes were given to Simone by Mrs. Davis, a.k.a. the algorithm, who had asked Simone to pass them on to her traveling companion. In the upcoming episodes, we will learn why Father Ziegler was so curious to know about the shoes and if Simone is finally able to find the Holy Grail.

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