‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Simone Get The Shroud Of Lazarus?


Sometimes, while watching any episode of “Mrs. Davis,” we don’t understand whether we have missed a point or if there was a point to begin with. Basically, this is a universe where everything is possible, and the real motivations for anything are as fantastical as the methods applied for their execution. Keeping in line with that, Simone and Wiley now need the Shroud of Lazarus to go whale hunting so that they may retrieve the Holy Grail. But getting to that might mean Simone and her mother, Celeste, finally confronting their long-standing issues or using them against each other. This is how it all happens.

Spoilers Alert

How Do Wiley And Simone Plan To Steal The Shroud?

“Mrs. Davis” Episode 6 starts with a flashback where Simone’s father, Monty, meets his wife and daughter in the convent, asking them to watch him perform his event, where he immerses himself in acid but doesn’t die because he is covered with the Shroud of Lazarus. Celeste wants nothing to do with it but is convinced when Monty offers to sign the divorce papers in exchange for her presence. As for Simone, she initially refuses but shows up anyway. This was the event in which Monty supposedly died because the shroud did not cover him completely, and the acid found a way to get to him. According to the world, Monty died a very painful death, but Celeste still believes that he is alive and that it was all a farce orchestrated with the help of Simone. She considers her mother’s accusations irrational and goes on to hold a funeral for her father, where she tries to get intimate with Wiley to cope with her grief. But Wiley stops her when he realizes how emotional she is.

In the present day, Wiley and Simone meet Celeste to ask her to give them the shroud. Celeste does not refuse initially but makes it clear to Simone that she won’t be giving it to her unless and until she reveals the location of her father. Simone is left saddened and confused at her mother’s stubborn insistence, but there is nothing else left for her to do. When she comes out of the secret room with Celeste, she finds that Wiley has punched himself in a hypervigilant state and spilled some of his own blood on the pristine white couch. When Simone and Wiley leave, that is when we come to know their real plan. They had just gone there to get the layout of the office through a hidden camera in Simone’s cross so that they could steal the shroud later on.

Basically, Celeste has already ordered a new couch for her office, which the resistance has intercepted. Simone and Wiley will be entering the office through that couch, and once they are there, Simone will go through the walls closing in on her, to get to the shroud room, whereas Wiley will cut through the panels to enable networking with the team. It is a plan with some theatrics, but not that complicated after all. When the two of them get into Celeste’s office, they get to work. Simone finds that the “constipator” she was given to stop the walls does not work, and it is at the very last moment that she gets the code right, allowing her to open the room before the walls crush her. That is also when Wiley cuts through the wall, only to find that he and Simone have been played by Celeste. She has set up a fake office where they both end up, their plan completely ruined. Celeste had noticed the camera in Simone’s cross, and she knew that they wanted something from her. In the angry confrontation that follows between the mother and daughter, Celeste shows her photographs of Monty from various ATMs that were taken three days after his supposed death. That was Celeste’s entire reason for believing that Monty was alive, and that Simone had probably helped him. 

How Did Simone And Wiley Get The Shroud Of Lazarus?

An emotionally vulnerable Simone gets intimate with Wiley once again. She is dealing with the guilt of cheating on Jesus, even though he explicitly said that there is nothing wrong with her being with Wiley. When Wiley notices that Simone has mentally left for Jesus, he stops what he is doing, and also because their pickup is there. But Simone has work to do. She gets off at a diner and asks a woman to communicate with Mrs. Davis. Simone asks her point blank about the situation with her parents, and Mrs. Davis reveals that it was Celeste who had found the photographs all by herself, but it was Mrs. Davis who had told her that Simone was Monty’s accomplice. She had done so because that was what Celeste wanted to hear. Simone’s mother had always, unconsciously, carried the guilt of hurting her daughter, and it was easier to think of her as the enemy than actually dealing with her own feelings of remorse. This is why Mrs. Davis told Celeste what she wanted to hear. Simone wants to know where her father is, and this time, the woman who is acting as the intermediary refuses to do so. This is the first time Simone speaks directly with Mrs. Davis and finds out her father’s location.

Simone’s next step is to look for her mother and cut a deal with her. Simone tells her that she did indeed help her father with the scam. But she wants the shroud in exchange for revealing his location. Celeste agrees to give her the shroud but wants to join her on the quest. Celeste also reveals that she knew they were there to steal the shroud because their security picked up the tracker in Wiley’s shoes. But there was never supposed to be a tracker there.

At the end of “Mrs. Davis” Episode 6, we see Father Hans walk into the room of the Sisters of the Coin and tell Matilde that the Grail in front of them is a fake and the real one is in the ocean, in a whale. It is possible that Hans placed a tracker in the Grail since it was his original plan to steal it. But that doesn’t explain why he waited so many years to reveal this fact. Maybe that is because of the recent developments with the Pope, as we saw in Episode 4 of the series. Only the coming episodes will tell.

Final Thoughts

“Mrs. Davis” Episode 6 was a lot about guilt, which we consider to be one of the most useless emotions. There is Celeste’s guilt that is making things harder for everyone, and then there is Simone’s guilt, which leaves her confused and with a crisis of faith. Then there is Matilde, who never felt an iota of guilt or even love. We don’t have a lot to say about what is to come except that it would be quite a sight to see how Simone plans on entering the whale’s stomach and getting out of it with the Grail. We are simply waiting to watch that leg of the madness.

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