‘Ms. Marvel’ Ending & Post-Credits, Explained – Is Kamala A Mutant? How Is Kamala Connected To Carol Danvers?


Last week, almost every person in the South Asian community (who watches or has even an inkling of an idea about “Ms. Marvel”) was buzzing since it had Fawad Khan in it. And he was romancing the equally beautiful and talented Mehwish Hayat. In fact, the number one complaint against that episode was that it was too short. We just wanted to marinate a little more between Fawad and Mehwish. Was that too much to ask for, Kevin? Was that too much to ask for? Anyway, as soon as the penultimate episode was over, people started worrying if directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, along with writers Will Dunn, AC Bradley, and Matthew Chauncey, were going to deliver a satisfying finale. Because Marvel’s history of doing that with the Disney+ shows has been iffy, with the exception of “Loki.” Spoiler alert: they do stick the landing.

Spoilers Ahead

Kamala, Kamran, Bruno, Nakia, And Zoe Stall Damage Control

DODC Agent Sadie Deever (Alysia Reiner) goes into hyper-active mode in order to hunt down Kamran (Rish Shah). Bruno (Matt Lintz) takes Kamran via the subway, and, after being cornered by Damage Control agents, Kamran reacts by exhibiting his powers. Bruno panics and gets him off the train as soon as possible. Back in the Khan household, Kamala (Iman Vellani) sits her family down to apologize for ruining Aamir (Saagar Shaikh) and Tyesha’s (Travina Springer) wedding and to tell them and Yusuf (Mohan Kapur) that she’s a superhero. But Aamir lets it slip that Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) has already spilled the beans because she’s a South Asian mom who can’t keep secrets. All jokes aside, it leads to a really heartwarming moment as Yusuf explains how proud he is of who she has become, while also warning her to not go looking for trouble.

Before Kamala can take it all in, she gets a nerve-wracking call from Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher), who tells her how Damage Control attacked Bruno’s home, and now he is nowhere to be found. So, she prepares to go out and be a superhero. But she’s stopped by Muneeba because she doesn’t want her to go out in civilian clothing. She gives her a box of Milk Toffees, and instead of toffees, it’s revealed to have something better: a legit superhero costume. Yes, it is comic book accurate. In addition to that, the “S” symbol is inspired by a broken piece of Kamala’s locket, which spelled Kamala’s name in Urdu. Also, a superhero costume made by the superhero’s mom? That’s like a classic Superman thing! Kamala wears it and travels all across the city (even stopping at the traffic because the light is red) while the entirety of Jersey City watches in awe.

Bruno and Kamran land at the mosque, and Nakia says that they can’t be there because they are already under surveillance. She tells them to head to the school because it’ll be closed on a Saturday, and they can maybe hide there. As they plot their escape, Sadie shows several more shades of her racism. She is stalled by Nakia and Sheikh Abdullah (Laith Nakli). Bruno and Kamran meet Kamala in the alley behind the mosque. As Bruno and Kamala hug it out, Kamran suffers from a seizure, causing his powers to emanate from him. Fearing that they’re going to be discovered by Damage Control, they start to make their way to the school. Kamala calls up Kareem (Aramis Knight) to help her get Kamran out of town. Although the Red Daggers and the Clandestines are at odds with each other, Kareem agrees to help and tells Kamala to get Kamran to the harbor by midnight.

Nakia shows up to help Kamran, Bruno, and Kamala. Nakia and Kamala mend the bridges because Kamala didn’t tell her she was a superhero. Zoe shows up to help because she was already in the school to record her TikToks, and she owes one to Kamala for saving her life at AvengerCon. Even Aamir shows up because South Asian parents won’t allow their daughter to do superheroic stuff at night without her brother acting as her chaperone. While Kamala and the rest set traps throughout the entire school “Home Alone” style, Sadie tries to get Cleary’s (Arian Moayed) permission to attack the school. Cleary tells her to not do it because, well, you are shooting at children, and the headlines won’t be very favorable. This is a section of the show that requires a trigger warning because numerous school shootings have happened in the United States of America. The episode has one at the beginning, and I consider this to be a reminder.

‘Ms. Marvel’ Pulls A Classic Sam Raimi Move With The People Of Jersey City

Kamala tells Bruno about Kamran’s mother’s death in Karachi. Bruno tells her to not reveal this information to Kamran because he’s clearly unstable at the moment. Damage Control begins their assault. Zoe uses her TikTok following to get the city’s attention about how Damage Control is planning to arrest a bunch of kids. And that’s probably the only part of their plan that goes well, because everyone in the city gets Zoe’s video message. As for the part where they take on Damage Control, it works momentarily. But eventually, they are taken out one by one and put in a van. Kamran realizes that his mother is dead and lashes out at a Damage Control soldier. Kamala blocks Kamran’s attack, which causes an explosion that almost knocks everyone out. Kamala tries to reason with Kamran so that he doesn’t cause any more harm to himself and others. Kamran doesn’t calm down and rushes to the school courtyard.

Everyone from Sheikh to Kamala’s parents who have gathered at the police perimeter, urge Damage Control to stop their assault because it’s their kids that are in there. Sadie straight-up orders her team to shoot at Kamran with actual bullets. Not even the stun guns. Actual guns. It’s a really horrifying moment. Maybe even the most horrifying moment in a Marvel property. Thankfully, Kamala steps in to stop the bullets from hitting Kamran. That’s when Sadie pulls out the sonic cannon that’s used to subdue Hulk (Edward Norton). Kamala uses her comic-book accurate embiggening powers to destroy the Damage Control’s weapons. Kamran joins the fight, but he causes more harm than help as he unintentionally launches a truck towards the crowd; which Kamala stops like a boss. He even begins to Terraform the place, causing Bruno, Nakia, Zoe, and Aamir to almost be impaled by his magical shards. Kamala encases Kamran and herself in her power shield to calm him down.

Kamran regrets the damage he has done and says that, after all this, he’s not going to be accepted by the city. He says that even Kamala won’t be accepted because her powers are similar to his, and if they hate him, they’ll hate her too. He says that Najma (Nimra Bucha) was right and that this isn’t their home. Kamala tells him that in his mother’s dying moments, she chose to give Kamran a second chance at building a new home instead of trying to go back to the one that could cause reality to collapse. Kamran wonders how things are going to go back to normal after all that he has done. Kamala explains that there’s no “normal” to go back to. She says that they’ve got to make something out of what they’ve been given. Seeing him cool down a little, Kamala tells Kamran to get to the harbor. She creates a hole in the ground, and Kamran escapes through it.

As soon as Kamala lowers her shield, Sadie orders her soldiers to capture her. But Kamala’s family and friends, even the Jersey City police, form a circle around her. It’s probably not a very direct reference to the scene in “Spider-Man 2,” where the people of New York stand in between Doc Ock (Alfred Molina) and Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire). But it’s definitely inspired by it and a great way to show how the city has accepted Kamala as a superhero. In doing so, the people give Kamala the chance to exit the scene. Sadie gets a call from Cleary, who grounds her for disobeying his orders. The entire city celebrates this moment at the school and on the internet via TikTok. Kamala sees all this and is overwhelmed by it. She then shares an emotional moment with Yusuf, who unintentionally ends up giving Kamala her superhero name by correlating “kamal” to “marvel.”

‘Ms. Marvel’ Ending Explained – Is Kamala A Mutant?

During Kamala’s namesake scene, we see Bruno moving to Caltech, Aamir explaining how he helped Kamala and thwarted Damage Control, Nakia performing her mosque duties with Sheikh, and Kamran meeting up with Kareem. One week later, Kamala meets Bruno, who is driving Kamran’s car, and Nakia. After exchanging some jokes, Bruno starts talking about how he went back and looked at Kamala’s genetic make-up again. Because Aamir kept asking him if he had superpowers since Kamala has superpowers. He says that after going through Kamala’s family history, they know why she has access to the Noor and how she can wield it. But there’s still something off about Kamala’s genes and the rest of her family’s. He says that it’s a mutation. The theme tune from “X-Men: The Animated Series” plays briefly to indicate that, yes, Kamala is a mutant. This is the first time that this connection has been made in the MCU. And after Variant Professor X’s (Patrick Stewart) appearance in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” you can be sure that the X-Men are right around the corner.

‘Ms. Marvel’ Post-Credits Explained – How Does Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers Appear Out Of Nowhere?

Kamala returns to her bedroom, and her bangle starts to tingle and glow. She gets up to check it out. And, for some reason, she gets launched into her closet. In fact, her whole body kind of distorts before going in there. She doesn’t come out of the closet, though. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) does. She notices that she’s in someone’s bedroom (that someone being a huge fan of hers), and her hands have some residue of the Noor on them. She starts to panic and proceeds to leave the frame. We get the statement that “Ms. Marvel will return in The Marvels.” So, “The Marvels” is technically the sequel to “Captain Marvel,” and, now, it’s also a continuation of “Ms. Marvel.” The film will feature both Brie Larson and Iman Vellani in their respective roles. In addition to that, it has Teyonah Parris (Monica Rambeau from “WandaVision”) and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury. Hopefully, they’ll have a concrete answer for how Kamala and Carol swapped places like that. For now, we can only speculate that it has something to do with the Noor and Carol’s Tesseract-based powers.

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