‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Is The Meaning Of Kamala And Najma’s Vision?


Since “Ms. Marvel” came out, a lot of reports have stated that it is not only the most under-viewed MCU series, but also the most poorly rated MCU outing, which evidently happened due to review-bombing on IMDb and weird takes on the miniseries itself. Nevertheless, here I am stating that it’s the best MCU miniseries since “Loki.” Its examination of faith in the modern world is worthy of all the applause in the world. And this might be a hot take: Iman Vellani is the first actor since Robert Downey Jr.’s debut as Iron Man whose charm and charisma permeate through the screen. Everyone else is good, and the internet force-feeds fancams and thirst posts until you like them. However, Vellani’s performance is organically intriguing, and it makes “Ms. Marvel” such an enjoyable viewing experience.

Spoilers Ahead

Good Is Not A Thing You Are. It Is A Thing You Do.

“Ms. Marvel” Episode 3, titled “Destined,” opens in 1942 in British Occupied India, where Najma (Nimra Bucha) and her group are digging through a bunch of rubble in a place that has the mark of the Ten Rings on the floor. They come across the bangle on the severed hand of what looks like a fallen Kree soldier (you can tell by the blue skin). Aisha (Mehwish Hayat) appears and says that they need two bangles. Fariha (Adaku Ononogbo) assumes that the second one has been looted by the British. Speaking of the British, they start to destroy the cave, and Najma orders everyone to escape. Aisha puts the bangle on and says that they’ve got to try to see what the one bangle can do. As the cave crumbles, Najma says that she can’t let the bangle fall into the hands of the British. Aisha promises to keep it safe, and they part ways.

In the present day, Najma explains that Aisha and the rest of the group are from another dimension. They are not on Earth by choice. They’ve been exiled. Fariha says that they were close to finding their way back to their home, but they were separated during the partition. They assumed that Aisha got lost and stopped searching for her. Fariha adds that they’ve been around for approximately a hundred years, and, you guessed it, they don’t age like humans do. After Kamran’s (Rish Shah) crush on Kamala is revealed, it starts a ruckus in the room. So, Najma takes Kamala to another room to talk about the specifics of their plan. Kamala thanks her for saving her from the Department of Damage Control. Najma says that the least they can do is protect Aisha’s family. She says that they didn’t know Aisha had a family until Kamala put on the bangle and they sensed the presence of Noor.

Najma explains that the people of her dimension have the Noor within them. That’s the thing that slows down their aging. But they can’t access its full potential as long as they are on Earth. She thinks that maybe because Kamala is from Earth, she can do the same without needing to go to the source dimension. Kamala makes an observation that Kamran is from Earth, too, so he must be as powerful as her. Najma says it’s the bangle that helps Kamala access her Noor, and maybe something like that will help Kamran as well. Kamala thinks that the bangle only leads to bad things. Najma corrects her by saying that the bangle has brought her to her people, and it’s an indicator of the fact that she has inherited greatness. She says that Aisha took on the task of taking them back home, and Kamala must now finish it. She also says that they are the Clandestines. But they’re also known as Djinns.

Kamala goes to Bruno’s (Matt Lintz), who, BTW, is panicking because she has been missing for around eight hours. She relays everything she has learned from Najma while panicking about the notion that she’s a Djinn (which, according to Muslim folklore, are more dangerous than regular ghosts). And she tells him to find a way to come up with some form of interdimensional travel so that they can get these Djinns back to their dimension. Bruno namedrops Dr. Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) and says that he’s going to read up on his papers to find out a way. He also says that Kamala (her superhero persona) is trending. We see the repercussions of that as the clearly racist Agent Deever (Alysia Reiner) enters the mosque, with her shoes still on, and tries to initiate a search. But Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) tells her to get the hell out of there and not return until she has a search warrant. Sheikh Abdullah (Laith Nakli), as a final stinger, advises Deever to take her shoes off the next time she comes.

After watching herself trend on TikTok, Kamala tries to tell Nakia that she’s the superhero But seeing her go on a rant about how this Night Light has brought a bad name to the mosque and she is being absolutely nonchalant about it, she reserves that information for later. Instead, they hug it out after Nakia reveals she has (almost) won the election. Post hugging, they start getting prepared for the mehendi ceremony. Kamala overhears some more slanderous talk about her grandmother, Sana (Samina Ahmed). She then hears Sheikh Abdullah talk about the encounter with Damage Control and learns that nobody actually likes her superheroic antics (Muneeba even makes a classic comment about the superhero’s parents). As she undergoes a crisis of faith, Kamala asks Sheikh Abdullah (without revealing that she’s the superhero) what Night Light can do in order to appear good. He says that, “Good is not a thing you are, Kamala. It is a thing you do.” The music swells, and Kamala opens the box Bruno has left for her and finds out that he has made a superhero mask for her!

Najma And The Clandestines Wreck The Wedding

Bruno has an encounter with Yusuf (Mohan Kapur), who translates the Urdu scriptures about the Djinn that he’s reading. He says that they are “supernatural beings of pre-Islamic folklore.” The Djinn have been called by many different names in different times and different cultures. Some call them genies, while others believe that they are demons. There is a legend about a group of hidden Djinn who have been exiled from their realm. This group of Djinn are damned to live the rest of their days in the human world. According to the legend, these Djinns are discreetly searching for a key that will help them return to their realm, but to unlock that ancient barrier, they will need a primordial power that is still a mystery in the series. Realizing that this isn’t good, he informs Kamala (who is nursing a knee injury after her escape, thereby making it one of the most relatable superhero moments of all time) that, theoretically, it is possible if they have the base energy of the sun. However, it is dangerous. Kamala’s takeaway from all this is that they have to trust that the odds are on their side. After telling her that he’s going to Caltech, Bruno asks her to buy him some time so that he can properly figure this out, instead of following her reckless idol, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson).

Before going to the wedding ceremony, Kamala and Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) share a tender moment after she notices her knee injury. Kamala asks her if she has ever felt like she is up against the whole world. She asks for her help to deal with this feeling of achieving what she wanted to achieve, but then realizing that the result of that success isn’t all that great. Muneeba says that America was her mountain. She says that she and Yusuf dreamt so much of getting to this country, and when they finally did, it was hard. Yusuf had to work long hours for very little money. Aamir (Saagar Shaikh) was in his diapers. Her English wasn’t very good. And all this made her feel very alone. That’s when she found the mosque, Aunty Ruby (Anjali Bhimani) and Aunty Humaira (Nandini Minocha), and her family. And, most importantly, she let all of these people love her. She assures Kamala that whatever mountain she’s facing, she doesn’t need to overcome it on her own. They hug it out, thereby making it one of the best mother-daughter scenes in the MCU. More endearing stuff like this, please!

Kamala informs Kamran that their plan will take more time than they expected, and he tells her to focus on the wedding. Aamir has a heart-touching moment with Yusuf as he worries about how much money he will be left with after the wedding. After telling him not to worry about it because he’ll find a way to earn it back after grad school, Yusuf gives him a little pep talk, which Kamala overhears. He says that a man has one fundamental choice in life: to live a life in fear or love. He says that the man who chooses love chooses “Junoon,” i.e., passion, faith, courage. He says that Aamir wears a shalwar kameez every day on the street. He’s about to stand in front of God and his family and commit to the love of his life. That in and of itself is a sign of bravery because he has chosen his family over everything else, and a man who chooses family is never alone. The wedding ceremony goes fantastically as they dance to Bollywood numbers like “Tere Bina” from “Guru,” “Ye Mera Dil” from “Don,” and the title song of “Dil Bole Hadippa!”. But it’s all soon tarnished by Najma’s sudden attack on Kamala.

‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Why Does Sana Call Kamala To Karachi?

Kamran reaches the wedding ceremony before Najma, and the rest of the Djinns can and try to warn Kamala. She pulls the fire alarm in order to clear the building and minimize the damage. Then, she takes the Djinns on a wild goose chase through the kitchens and the corridors. Kamran and Bruno try to help her. But they are obviously outmatched by the Djinns. Kamala buys the three of them enough time to get out of the premises. However, they are cornered once again. Kamala asks Najma why she’s doing all this when she says that she’s going to protect her. Najma reveals that she has no intention of saving those who betrayed her, and she touches the bangle. This sends them into a vision, and they see a train to Karachi hurtling towards them. That’s all they get to see because Damage Control enters and incapacitates the Djinns.

As Deever arrests everyone, Kamala takes Bruno and escapes. Nakia realizes that Kamala is the superhero and is clearly pissed off about it. Kamala tells her to take care of the injured Bruno as she rushes back home. Muneeba and Yusuf question Kamala about her whereabouts and why she was with the people who got arrested. Kamala feels the classic superhero dilemma and withholds the information about her identity and her actions. After retiring to her room, she gets a call from Sana. She says that Kamala has to come to Karachi. Kamala says that Muneeba isn’t going to let her go, especially after everything that has happened at the wedding. Sana says that both of them have to come to Karachi. When Kamala asks why they have to travel across the world to meet her, Sana mentions the train that Kamala and Najma saw in the vision. She says that she saw it too. Before Kamala can ask her more questions, Sana hangs up.

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