‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Kamala Travel Back In Time? Is Waleed Dead?


Last week’s episode of “Ms. Marvel” exposed the Clandestines’ real motive. They don’t want to help Kamala (Iman Vellani) figure out who she is and then seek her help with the bangle. They want to take it by force, and they don’t care if Kamala dies in the process. Kamran (Rish Shah) tries to warn Kamala about Najma’s (Nimra Bucha) plan but fails as the Clandestines wreck Aamir’s (Saagar Shaikh) wedding. Luckily, Damage Control reaches out to apprehend Najma and her posse, thereby giving Kamala enough time to escape. When she gets back home, she receives a call from her grandmother, Sana (Samina Ahmed), who is requesting her to come to Karachi because she has seen the vision of the train that Kamala and Najma saw via the bangle.

Spoilers Ahead

Meet Waleed And The Red Daggers

Raaginder’s “Summer Nights” plays as Kamala and Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) enter Karachi. We see Kamala trying to make amends with Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) and expressing shock upon witnessing the South Asian trend of getting up from one’s seat before the plane even lands. They are welcomed by Kamala’s cousins, Zainab (Vardah Aziz) and Owais (Asfandyar Khan), and her grandmother Sana. After getting home, Kamala accidentally finds Sana’s archive room, which is filled with memorabilia and paintings done by her. Sana says that they lost so much during Partition. That’s why she holds onto the memories by putting them on paper. She pulls out a picture of her father, and Kamala recognizes him as Hasan Nana (Fawad Khan). So, yes, there you go. That’s who one of the most famous actors in Pakistan is playing.

Kamala pulls out the bangle and asks Sana about it. Sana tells Kamala to stop worrying about being a “Djinn” because the thing she needs to focus on is that when the bangle was last used, it saved her. She says that the train they saw in the vision is the same train that left from India to Karachi during the Partition. She doesn’t know why they saw it, but she had a hunch that Kamala needed to be in Karachi to figure it out, and that’s why she called her over there. Kamala points out that she is having difficulty figuring out everything that’s happening, and Sana calms her down by telling her to find beauty in the puzzle pieces in front of her. So, she goes and takes a nap. She is woken up by Zainab, Owais, and Muneeba as they have to go meet Rukhsana Auntie (Anjana Ghogar).

Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s “Pasoori” play as Kamala goes out with her extended family. When Kamala, Zainab, and Owais venture out into the market, we hear SomeWhatSuper and Abid Brohi’s “The Sibbi Song.” They part ways as Zainab and Owais don’t want to accompany Kamala to the train station, which is where she thinks her next clue about her destiny awaits. The Karachi Station has a graffiti of Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) in it, with the text “You can start small and still be larger than life,” which was made by artist Saira Hussain and serves as an homage to Adrian Alphona, the artist of Ms. Marvel’s debut comic. When she gets there, though, she is attacked by Kareem (Aramis Knight). After a brief fight, he reveals that he knows about Aisha (Mehwish Hayat), and they realize they aren’t enemies.

Kareem takes Kamala to the interior part of a restaurant (“Disco Deewane” by Nazia Hassan plays in the background), which is the headquarters of the Red Daggers. They meet Waleed (Farhan Akhtar), who explains that the Red Dagger is a mantle, and the warriors who take it up protect people from unseen threats. He even clarifies that the Clandestines aren’t like the Djinn that Kamala has read about in stories and religious texts. It has become a way of labeling any supernatural entity. For example, if Thor landed in the Himalayan mountains instead of New Mexico, he would’ve been called a Djinn too. Waleed says that Aisha and the Clandestines are from a realm that co-exists with Earth but is veiled by the Noor, much like Wakanda. And the Clandestines are planning to use Kamala’s bangle to tear the veil and terraform Earth into the Noor realm. Finally, he translates the inscription on the bangle. It says, “What you seek is seeking you.”

Najma Attacks Waleed, Kareem, And Kamala

We see Najma, Kamran, and the rest of their group being taken to their cells in the DODC (Department of Damage Control) Supermax Prison. They escape, but Najma leaves Kamran to fend for himself because he sided with Kamala. Back in Karachi, Kamala notices Sana enjoying the setting sun and apparently hiding from Muneeba, who is cleaning everything in the house. She asks Kamala if she has found any answers to the questions that are plaguing her mind. Kamala says that it is a bit of an education. Sana says that she’s trying to figure out who she is at her age. Because her passport is Pakistani, her roots are in India, and between them is a border marked with blood and pain. And it’s made all the more difficult by people claiming their identity based on an idea some “old Englishmen” had when they were on their way out.

Kamala asks Sana if she’s ever going to figure out who she truly is. Sana responds with a shake of the head and the advice to not rush and be young. Later that night, Kamala hangs out with Kareem, while one of his friends plays an acoustic version of “Didi” by Khaled. We cut to Sana’s house, where Musarrat Nazir’s “Mera Long Gawacha” is playing on the gramophone. They bond over their shared memories. Then Muneeba brings up the topic of taking Sana to America so that she doesn’t have to live here in Karachi with all her ailments. Sana laughs it off as she thinks that Muneeba left to get away from her. Muneeba says that she left because she needed a change and due to Sana’s crazy theories, something that she clung to even after Muneeba’s dad left her. Kamala returns and lightens her mother’s mood by having toffee with her.

The following day, Kamala goes to the Red Daggers’ hideout, where Waleed tells her that he believes that due to her genetics, she can give shape to her Noor powers. He gives her a jacket that, according to Waleed, has history woven into its fabric and tells her that she is not alone in her quest. The blue-green jacket and her red kurti take Kamala closer to her comic-book costume. But all this happiness is short-lived as Najma, and the Clandestines break in and try to nab Kamala. Waleed holds them back as Kamala and Kareem escape through one of the routes. Since their hideout has been infiltrated, they take to the streets. Kareem, Kamala, and Waleed take an auto-rickshaw to get away from the Clandestines. The Clandestines use an auto-rickshaw and a truck to chase the three of them down.

‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Is Waleed Dead? Does Kamala Travel Back In Time?

Kamala, Kareem, and Waleed get separated during the chase. When Kareem gets cornered, Kamala enters with a truck to take down the Clandestines. Waleed encounters Najma, who stabs him in the back and throws him off a balcony. Kamala tries to help him, but Kareem says that he is gone. I don’t think Farhan Akhtar is a one-episode-wonder and one stab to the back and a tumble from the balcony is going to kill him. Heck, I won’t be surprised if Waleed is playing some kind of long con and is in cahoots with the Clandestines, because how else did they find the Red Daggers’ hideout so easily? That too, right after escaping from a maximum-security prison? Doesn’t that seem a little too convenient? Anyway, the chase continues into an alley, and Najma stabs Kamala’s bangle, which causes a massive explosion.

A rift through space and time occurs, and Kamala finds herself on the eve of Partition and in front of the train leaving for Karachi. She realizes that this is where she’s going to find her grandmother and her great grandmother and great grandfather. She climbs onto the top of the train, and as the camera pulls back, we see the hundreds and thousands of people boarding several trains. So, does she actually travel back in time? No, I think it’s one of her visions, and she is seeing things through the perspective of Sana or Aisha; you know, like in “Russian Doll” Season 2. Episode 5 is probably going to take place entirely in the past. Hence, if you are worried that Fawad Khan’s role will be limited to a picture, then don’t. Because, my “Peter Tingle” tells me that he’s going to get a lot of screen time in next week’s episode.

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