‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – Did Kamala Save Sana? How Does Kamran Get His Powers?


Last week, “Ms. Marvel” gave us Farhan Akhtar as Waleed, one of the leaders of a group known as the Red Daggers. But then they took him away as quickly as he was introduced. That decision has received its fair share of criticism, while I have predicted that it’s not the end for Waleed. Apart from that, the episode also gave us a hint at Fawad Khan’s role in the show. He is playing Hasan, Kamala’s (Iman Vellani) great grandfather. People were apprehensive about Fawad being limited to a cameo in a picture, but the ending of the episode indicated that he’ll have some screen time via flashbacks. And today’s episode has given us exactly that. It has a lot of Fawad and, to be honest, not enough Fawad at the same time.

Spoilers Ahead

Aisha Tried To Flee With Hasan And Sana Because Of Najma

“Ms. Marvel” Episode 5 opens with “Tu Mera Chand” from the 1949 Bollywood film “Dillagi” and gives a brief run-through of what happened during the Partition of India and Pakistan. Then it cuts back to 1942 in British Occupied India, where Aisha (Mehwish Hayat) is running away from a British soldier after escaping from that cave (seen in the previous episode) with the bangle. She arrives at a small village where Hasan is sloganeering about the fight for freedom against the British Raj. Later, Hasan finds Aisha in his rose garden, and they eventually become acquainted with each other, fall in love, and have Sana. But tensions rise when Muslims face increasing levels of hostility in India and Najma (Nimra Bucha) discovers Aisha.

Najma appears to be angry after finding out that Aisha has been hiding out in a village, raising a baby, instead of helping the Clandestines get back to their home. But they hug it out, and Najma says that they should put their plan of going back to the Noor dimension in motion. Aisha lies to her by saying that she has hidden that bangle (that’ll help them open the Veil) and that retrieving it will take some time. Najma tells her to do the needful in the next 24 hours. Fearing the worst, Aisha uses the riots as an excuse to catch the train going to Pakistan and leave with Hasan and Sana before Najma can catch them. Hasan protests, because it’s his ancestral home, but Aisha convinces him to leave with her.

Before heading to the train station, Aisha hands over the bangle to Sana and tells her that it’s going to keep her safe. Unable to keep up with how quickly things are changing, Hasan demands answers about Najma and what they are actually running away from. Aisha reveals the truth about her bangle and asks Hasan to promise her that he’s going to get Sana on that train out of India no matter what happens. While walking through the crowd, Aisha notices Najma. She hands Sana over to Hasan and goes to confront her. Angry for betraying the Clandestines, Najma stabs Aisha and tells her that, come hell or high water, she is going to find the bangle (that Aisha has given to Sana).

Najma Closes The Veil And Donates Her Powers To Kamran

Hasan loses Sana in the crowd while Aisha bleeds out in a corner. Sana starts calling out to Aisha, who pulls out the picture of herself, Sana, and Hasan and utters the words, “What you seek is seeking you.” Her eyes glow up just like Kamala’s do when she powers up. Sana drops the glowing bangle. The rift in time and space opens up, and Kamala enters (just like we saw in the final minutes of “Ms. Marvel” Episode 4). She gets to Aisha and tries to help her, who confuses Kamala with Sana. She does say that the bangle worked, which means that that’s actual time-travel. As Aisha takes her last breath, she hands over the picture to Kamala and tells her to get Sana on the train.

Kamala, with tears in her eyes, wades into the crowd and finds Sana. She hugs her and starts to make her way to Hasan. She thinks she is supposed to conjure stars because that is the story she has heard from Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) and Sana (Samina Ahmed). So, she apologizes to Sana for not being able to do that and instead conjures her glowing circles and uses them to guide her to Hasan. But Kamala falls after getting pushed by the crowd, causing the glowing platforms to break. Sana falls, but the broken platform transforms into small stars that guide her to Hasan. Kamala realizes that she is the one who time-traveled and united her grandmother with her great-grandfather.

As soon as Hasan boards the train with Sana, Kamala returns to the present day and finds everyone regaining consciousness after being knocked out by the bangle’s blast. Fariha, Najma, Kamala, and Kareem (Aramis Knight) notice that all this business with the bangle has opened the Veil. Fariha tries to walk through it but is instantly decimated. Kamala tries to close it but fails. So she orders Kareem to get the people out of there. Najma tries to walk through it, but Kamala tells her that the Veil is going to kill her and eventually destroy everything. So, they need to close it. Najma (somehow) transfers her powers to Kamran (Rish Shah) by uttering his name and then walking through the Veil. She dies, but the Veil closes too.

‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – The Bangle Reunites The Khan Family

With the help of the “find my phone” app, Muneeba and Sana find Kamala. Muneeba realizes that her daughter is “Light Girl” and that Sana has been telling her the truth about their family being magical all this time. Kamala hands over the photo to Sana that was given to her by Aisha. She catches up with Kareem, who is on his way to inform the Red Daggers about everything that just happened. He hands over his red scarf to Kamala, as if to say that the Red Daggers have her back whenever she needs it. Muneeba and Sana go through the wreckage and find Kamala’s broken pendant, which now resembles the lightning-like symbol that Ms. Marvel is famous for (in the comics).

The trio go back home and reminisce about Muneeba’s rebellious days and how she ran away from home to attend a concert by Bon Jovi (Sana mistakenly refers to Bruce Springsteen as Bruce Springfield, which is hilarious). They realize how dysfunctional their relationships have been. But now that the truth is out, they can start to change things up and become a cohesive unit. They take the first step towards that goal by hugging each other. Meanwhile, in Jersey City, Kamran finds Bruno (Matt Lintz). He takes him to his home because Kamran is on the run, and he realizes that he has been mispronouncing Bruno’s name all this time. However, this meet-cute doesn’t last long as a Damage Control drone locates Kamran, forcing him to use his powers, and “Ms. Marvel” Episode 5 ends oh-so-abruptly.

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