‘Murder Mubarak’ Ending Explained: Who Killed Leo, Guppie, & Bambi’s Husband?


Directed by Homi Adajania, Murder Mubarak is based on a novel written by Anuja Chauhan, and it makes us privy to the privileged members of the Royal Delhi Club who are soaked in capitalistic sentiments. Apart from trying to be an intriguing murder mystery, the film also tries to make the narrative more layered by delivering a message at the end. Sadly, it isn’t able to do both, and you just cannot empathize or get impacted by the characters. So, let’s find out what happened at the Royal Delhi Club and who was responsible for the murders that happened in Murder Mubarak.

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What happened at the Royal Delhi Club? 

The Royal Delhi Club was full of peculiar characters who, though, moved among the normal people, their lives were nothing like them. The privy purses were abolished in India in 1971, but the people of the club still believed themselves no less than royalty. A new president was to be elected for the club, and Shehnaz Noorani, an actress and socialite, and Ranvijay Singh, who still asked people to address him as “hukum,” were standing against each other. Amidst all these pretentious people was a man named Akash Dogra, who told his family that he didn’t like going to the club since he was against classism. Bambi, whose husband died in a bus crash, also arrived at the gala, and that’s when we realized that, before marriage, she was very close to Akash. For some unknown reason, they couldn’t get married, but the spark was still there.

At the beginning of Murder Mubarak, a shocking revelation was made when the dead body of the club fitness trainer, Leo Mathews, was found in the gym. That’s when ACP Bhavani and sub-inspector Padam took charge of the matter and started investigating the case. They found out that Leo was a sort of Robin Hood who robbed the rich and gave it to the poor. He had a charitable institute called the Shepherd’s Home orphanage, and he found ways to coerce the members of the club to donate money there. As the investigation proceeded, many shocking revelations were made, and the real faces of a lot of the club members were exposed. 

Whose skeleton was buried in the kitchen garden? 

ACP Bhavani was interrogating every moment of the Royal Delhi Club, and he got to know a lot of dirty secrets about them. He found out that Ranvijay Singh was in a relationship with Thinsuk, and his entire life was a big lie. He had no money, and he rented cars every day from a mechanic to mislead the people into believing that he still lived a life of privileges. In reality, Ranvijay just waited for the time when he could go to the club and feel like he was still the king. Leo was blackmailing Ranvijay because he knew his reality and also about his relationship with Thinsuk , which was why he was forced to donate to the orphanage. Rakesh, the warden of the orphanage, was Shehnaz’s son, and Leo knew about that fact. He blackmailed her and told her that he would tell everybody about her reality if she didn’t make huge donations. ACP had come to know about that fact as one day Shehnaz got provoked by something he said, and she told him how she delivered a baby during the 1992 Mumbai riots. ACP Bhavani knew that Shehnaz’s two daughters were not so old, and so he speculated that she must have had another child about whom the world didn’t know. Yash was a drug addict, and his mother, Roshni Batra, knew about that fact but hid it from the world. ACP often saw Guppie excessively watering the beetroot plant, but until the time the former went to have dinner at the Dogras, he didn’t know that it was for a reason.

In Murder Mubarak, we saw that after Leo, Guppie died under mysterious circumstances, and the ACP, for the longest time, did not understand why such a poor soul was murdered. But then it struck the ACP that Guppie was actually not watering the plants, but in reality, he was trying to melt the bones of the skeleton that lay underneath by sprinkling acid on the soil. The kitchen garden, which was named after Ranvijay Singh’s late wife, was dug up, and the skeleton was found. At first, everybody thought that the skeleton would be of Ganga’s missing husband, Ajay Kumar. Ajay supplied drugs to a lot of people in the club, and he subjected Ganga to physical abuse a lot of times. But a twist came when Ajay Kumar was caught alive by Padam, and that’s when the ACP realized that reality was not how it seemed at first. After the DNA reports came, ACP Bhavani got to know that the skeleton was of Anshul, Bambi’s husband, who was believed to have passed away in a bus crash. After the revelation, Akash Dogra became the prime suspect, as everybody knew that he loved Bambi and that he always wanted to marry her. The ACP called everybody to the Royal Delhi Club, as he wanted to expose the murderer in the presence of all the members. 

Who killed Leo, Guppie, and Bambi’s husband? 

ACP called everybody to the Royal Delhi Club, and firstly, he tried to frame Yash for all three murders. He said that Yash used to secretly record videos of Bambi, and he tried taking his life as he couldn’t see her with Akash. But then Roshni lost her temper, and the ACP created yet another theory according to which Akash Dogra was the killer. The ACP said that on the day of Bambi’s and Anshul’s anniversary, Aakash left the party early, but he once again came back late at night. In the footage recovered from Leo’s tab, it was evident that Akash’s car was parked at the Royal Delhi Club premises, and he was even seen entering the property. The ACP told Akash and others that the CCTV footage from that night had been deleted, and even the sculpture that was used as the murder weapon was missing from the day when the incident took place. ACP Bhavani arrested Akash, but Bambi stopped him and said that Yash, before trying to take his life, had written a note in which he had confessed to having killed Anshul, Leo, and Guppie. But the ACP stuck to his narrative and said that, according to him, it was Akash who had written that letter and left it in the bathtub where Yash was lying. 

Actually, the ACP had figured out who the murderer was, and he was just lying because he wanted the culprit to come forward. He knew that incriminating Yash would enrage his mother, and then framing Akash would make the killer expose her identity. When Akash was being taken to the police station, Bambi asked the ACP to stop. That’s when Bambi confessed that she was the one who had killed her husband, as he was going to leave her for Ganga. She said that Leo had learned from Guppie that Anshul’s skeleton had been buried in the kitchen garden, which was why she had to kill him. Then she went on to kill Guppie, as he was the last witness left. Bambi was a smart woman, and she knew that she needed to frame somebody for the murders so that the accusation did not come against her or Akash. So that’s why she went to kill Yash and left that suicide note near his body. But luckily, Yash survived, though he went into a state of coma due to a drug overdose. At the end of Murder Mubarak, Bambi handed herself over to the law enforcement authorities, and finally, she accepted her defeat. 

Why did Bambi not want a divorce from Anshul?

During Murder Mubarak‘s ending, ACP Bhavani finally caught the murderer, Bambi. However, more than the murder mystery, what was intriguing to him, was the perspective of a privileged person and the reason she gave for killing her husband. Bambi knew that Anshul didn’t love her and that he was cheating on her. But still, she called her marriage perfect, as, according to her perspective, love wasn’t an essential ingredient for making a marriage work. Bambi said that two people need to be of the same class as they had to be in a society where they had to maintain their reputation. By reputation, she meant that she needed a guy who had equal financial status, if not more, as compared to her. Bambi accepted that the privileged class often stayed in their cocoon, and they were too terrified to go out in the real world. She said that a person like ACP Bhavani would find the club, and whatever happened there, to be quite absurd, but for her, it was a safe haven. We saw that most of the people who were a part of the club were hypocrites, and the funny thing was that even after being completely aware of the fact that they were miles away from reality, they didn’t want to change. They didn’t want to be empathetic towards the plight of others, and they intentionally kept their worldview very narrow.

Bambi told Anshul that he could do whatever he wanted as long as he pretended in front of the club members that they had a perfect marriage. But Anshul told Bambi that he was in love with Ganga and that he wanted to end their relationship. That’s when Bambi got angry, and she hit him with that sculpture. Bambi loved Akash so much that she confessed to her crimes to save him, but still, she was so worried about her social status and her image in society that she knew she would never marry him. She opened up about the fact that she tried to find Akash in her husband, but Anshul was nothing like him. It was a weird conflict that these people had created for themselves. Their privilege and their money seemed to have trapped them in prison, and they were forced to play by the rules of their world even if their hearts wanted something else. They were rich, but they were not free. They had everything that money could buy, but still, they didn’t feel liberated. ACP Bhavani pitied them, and he was glad that he had the freedom to be himself at all times. In the end, he advised Akash to not take Bambi’s case, but looking at him, he knew that his heart wouldn’t allow him to do that. 

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