‘Murder Mystery 2’ Ending, Explained: Who Was Connor Miller? Who Kidnapped Maharajah Vikram?


Nick and Audrey are back at it, solving another murder mystery, and this time it unfolds at Maharajah Vikram’s wedding. “Murder Mystery 2” is similar in structure to the first part. After successfully solving their first case together in Europe, Nick and Audrey left their respective jobs to pursue a career as private investigators. With their lousy approach and questionable clientele, Nick and Audrey’s career shift did not turn out as fruitful as they had hoped for. When Vikram invited them to his wedding, they decided that it was time that they took a break from their already sinking careers. While Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are a laugh riot, the film severely lacks a story, and the characters have no depth. “Murder Mystery 2” is all glamorous and extravagant, the mystery aspect of it was better in the first part.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Murder Mystery 2’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About? 

Nick and Audrey were completely blown away by the luxury on the private island. They were hopeful that their vacation would not turn out to be like the last time. But of course, such extravagance attracts criminals, and on the first day of their arrival, there was a crime at hand. Maharajah Vikram was supposed to make a grand entrance after a dance number, but instead of him, his bodyguard, Mr. Lou, entered on an elephant. He was barely conscious, and just as he was about to reveal the person responsible for killing him, he died (this will surely remind you of Sergei’s death from Part 1). Nick exclaimed that the murder was merely a distraction, and he tried to find out what happened to Vikram. A man with a machine gun started to shoot at Nick as he left on a boat, taking Vikram hostage. The good news was that Vikram was alive, but the bad news was that there was a killer on the loose, and they would demand a ransom to free Vikram. Nick and Audrey had an important job at hand, and they were not complaining.

Who Were The Suspects In The Murder? Who Was Connor Miller?

Vikram’s fiancée, Claudette, was the first suspect. Claudette was a Parisian shopgirl, and Vikram fell head over heels in love with her. He was marrying out of love, but was she only interested in his wealth? Did she kidnap him to get the money without having to marry him? Francisco Perez, an ex-soccer player and the current chairman of the board of directors of Shiz-Vik (Vikram’s company), believed that Claudette was innocent. She signed a harsh prenup, and she would lose all the wealth in the event of a divorce. Therefore, he did not believe that she was involved.

Claudette spoke in favor of Countess Sekou. She and the Countess used to be the best of friends, but after the Countess broke her engagement with Vik and Claudette decided to marry him, they fell apart. But she believed that the Countess was innocent and that she would not harm Vikram. Claudette doubted the Colonel, who was recently demoted from his job; she also suspected Vikram’s sister, Saira, who was always hungry for attention, and Francisco, who apparently was hiding a dark secret. Later, Saira discussed with Nick and Audrey how she believed that Claudette was responsible for her brother’s kidnapping because she was narcissistic, manipulative, and extremely suspicious. The Countess, on the other hand, was confident that the kidnapper was Francisco. He had 85 paternity suits filed against him, and he could surely use the money to pay his children.

Nick and Audrey had reasons to suspect everyone who was close to Vikram, but before they could solve the murder mystery, there was another detective on the private island. Connor Miller, a former MI6 hostage negotiator specializing in high-profile cases and the writer of the detective course book that Audrey had completed reading. Since the kidnapper wanted to negotiate only with the man he shot while leaving on the boat, Miller had to involve Nick and Audrey. The kidnapper demanded 70 million dollars and wanted them handed over to him at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Was Countess Sekou Involved In The Kidnapping?

After getting in the van with the kidnappers, Audrey and Nick were forced to kill them when they forcefully tried to take the case full of cash. They drove the van into a cafe, and when they walked out, they realized that they were once again in the news for murder. Connor Miller followed them and took the case of money with him. While Nick was impressed by the man, Audrey doubted Miller. He took the money with ease, and nobody suspected him. But just when she thought so, Miller’s car caught fire, and a man walked into it and stole the case. But there was another twist to it: the man was run over by a truck, and another person took the case from the man and escaped. Nick and Audrey knew that the only person who could help them was Inspector Delacroix from “Murder Mystery 1”.

Even though the news stated that Nick and Audrey were suspects, Delacroix believed in them and helped them track the truck. They got in his car and reached a mansion. Before they could enter, they were captured by Imani. While Imani focused on tying Nick and Audrey together, Countess Sekou revealed that she was not the kidnapper. She had no idea where Vikram was, and she only had good feelings for him. But she was interested in the money that Nick and Audrey were dealing with. She knew that they were amateurs, and she was confident that she could easily take the money from them. After shooting her constant companion, Imani (to not split the money), the Countess started a fire in the room. But before dying, Imani shoots the Countess dead. With two dead bodies and a fire, Nick and Audrey had to figure out a way to escape. Using the dental floss business cards Nick designed, they broke free from the tapes and jumped out of the window. And just like last time, Audrey once again got the chance to drive a sports car.

‘Murder Mystery 2’ Ending Explained: Why Did Saira Try To Murder Maharajah Vikram?

After securing the case, Nick and Audrey called Inspector Delacroix and asked everyone involved to meet them at the Jules Verne restaurant. All the members concerned gathered at the restaurant, and quite unexpectedly, Vikram made an entrance. The kidnapper had attached a bomb to his body, and it would only be diffused once they were paid the cash. But Nick was confident that the kidnapper would not murder the hostage. Even though the bomb timed out, there was no blast. Nick was proud of himself, but his moment of victory was short-lived as Connor Miller made a grand entrance through the window of the restaurant. As it turned out, Connor Miller was responsible for the kidnapping. By faking his death in the car blast, he managed to divert suspicion. But after several failed attempts at getting the money, he was forced to reveal himself to everyone in the room. With the case in his hand, he had no reason to keep Vikram alive, and along with Vikram, he intended to kill everyone in the room.

Audrey held onto Miller as he attempted to escape. What followed was an elaborate fight sequence where Nick and Audrey tried everything in their power to stop the bomb and get back the money. Audrey managed to trick Miller and push him off the Eiffel Tower. He fell on top of his helicopter, which ended up crashing into the water. While they were unable to get back the money, Nick and Audrey saved the lives of everyone at the restaurant. As they were celebrating their victory, Audrey noticed the smudged henna on Saira’s hand. From the very beginning, Nick and Audrey believed that there were two people involved in the kidnapping. While Miller had headed the entire kidnapping, there was someone else who had brought the elephant into the tent for distraction. Audrey had noticed a piece of cloth left in the commotion, and she believed that the stain on the cloth was blood. After noticing Saira’s smeared henna, Audrey doubted that the stain on the cloth must have been henna.

After interrogating Saira, Audrey stated that she was aware of how impossible it was to smear henna after it dried. Therefore, she must have smeared it on the night of the commotion. While Saira tried to continue lying, she could no longer maintain silence once Nick stated the reason why she must have planned the kidnapping and murder. Saira was far more talented and intelligent than her brother, yet her parents chose him to inherit all their wealth. She was devastated and decided to take matters into her own hands. She attempted to murder him once in Mumbai, where the Colonel saved Vikram’s life, and then she came up with an elaborate plan for the wedding. Frustrated with the plan falling to pieces, Saira got hold of a gun and attempted to shoot Vikram dead once again. And just like in Mumbai, the faithful Colonel took another bullet to protect Vikram. Claudette smashed Saira’s head with the case and finally brought the situation under control.

After solving another high-profile case, the Spitz decided to return home after visiting the Love Lock Bridge. They were pleasantly surprised when the pilot who flew them to Vikram’s private island brought a bag full of cash and handed it to Nick and Audrey. Vikram wanted to express his gratitude to his friends who saved his life. The Spitz took the helicopter once again and hoped to explore more of Europe, but the pilot revealed his true motive. He pointed a gun at them and asked them to hand over the money to him. After getting hold of the bag, the pilot jumped out of the private helicopter, leaving the Spitz to figure it out all by themselves. It seems the Spitz will return with another adventure (“Murder Mystery 3”?), and we will get to know what happened to the pilot after leaving them stranded mid-air. Hopefully, Nick will clear his detective examination now that he is better prepared than before. After their second success, perhaps their private investigation agency will finally bring them some money.

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