‘My Dad The Bounty Hunter’ Ending, Explained: Are Sean And Lisa Aliens?


Directed by Everett Downing Jr. and Patrick Harpin, “My Dad The Bounty Hunter” is a typical kids show that whisks away the kids on an adventure of a lifetime. The storyline is decent and is quite attractive to kids, however, would not seem to attract the parents as such. Sean and Lisa are made out to have a habit of not listening to their father, even though he just wants to keep them out of trouble. They, however, behave well later when their father acknowledges their efforts, which sends out the message that the parents also need to start listening to the kids and understanding them. “My Dad The Bounty Hunter” caters toward quite a young demographic and although there are some facepalming moments in the series, adults could sit back and enjoy it as well. 

Spoilers Ahead

‘My Dad The Bounty Hunter’ Plotline: What Is The Series About?

The Netflix animated series “My Dad the Bounty Hunter” revolves around a family where the parents are separated, and it is the father’s turn to look after their kids. Sean and Lisa are dropped off at their father’s house, where they simply want to spend time and have fun with their father, Terry, as he is almost never around for any of the major events in their lives. They have a little falling out when Terry gets called in for a job yet again, and so the kids decide to sneak off into his truck as they are thrust into what seems like an absolutely different universe. They discover that aliens exist and that they’re exactly like what Sean thought they would be while Lisa experiences emotions she has to confront to reconcile with her father. Terry is tasked with retrieving a fugitive named Vax, who was a former employee at the Endless Horizons Conglomerate.

While chasing Vax around the universe, Lisa, Sean, and Terry discover the darkest secrets behind the Conglomerate as they face the tough choice of really handing her over. Terry also has a close brush with death due to his ex-partner Glorox’s jealousy. They finally have to land at the headquarters of the Conglomerate to hand over Vax while Glorox also arrests Terry as he had decided to help Vax; Glorox has a change of heart, and he helps them overthrow the Conglomerate instead. They come back home after freeing the enslaved Chillas and returning Vax back to Chillion-5, only to find out that Tess, Terry’s wife, is also an alien. This fact brings the family closer, and the fight against the manager of the Conglomerate reconciles the family as Terry vows to spend more time with his family and, instead of working for bounties, decides to help Vax.

Why Did Glorax Betray Sabo? Did They Reconcile?

Sabo Brok, aka Terry, drove his spaceship to Bucky Quanto’s, a fast-food place where the biggest criminals in the universe, as well as reputed officials, hung out for the delicious food they had to offer. Here, Sabo was to meet with his informant, Kryll, who would give him the coordinates of the fugitive he had been sent to retrieve for the Endless Horizons Conglomerate. In Bucky Quanto’s fast food joint, he met with Kryll, and while having a fight with Kryll’s bodyguards, who had been hired by Kryll to prevent the bounty hunters from getting information for free, Lisa stumbled on to Glorax gambling away at a table. Sean and Lisa had snuck in to witness the fun at the intergalactic food joint in their disguises, against the wishes of Terry. While Sean stuffed his face with hot wings, Lisa, being the gambling champion, faced off against the unbeatable Glorox in a match and defeated him soundly. Sabo discovered Sean in the toilet of the restaurant because Sabo’s fight with the bodyguards had led him there. He was able to wrestle out the information from Kryll as he came face to face with Glorox, his ex-partner, while he retrieved his daughter Lisa from a confrontation with Glorox. She had won, but at the sleight of her hand, which had made Glorox angry, and he wanted to get square after losing all his winnings. Glorox then was jealous of Sabo’s kids, as Sabo had introduced them as his interns and new partners, while he had obviously ditched his partner to go solo. Still mad about that, Glorox had decided to follow Sabo through the planets so as to also get his hands on the fugitive so that he could renegotiate with EHC and deliver Vax for his own gain.

Although they did arrive at the Galactic Sun Cruiser headquarters to hand Terry, Vax, and the arrested Chillas over, Glorox quickly turned around and helped them get free after realizing how the Conglomerate had no plans on renegotiating and had, in fact, decided to backstab Glorox instead. Glorox, with the help of Lisa, Sean, and KRS, Terry’s AI robot on the spaceship, decided to overthrow the headquarters and escape with Vax and the rest of the Chillas. Glorox had been guilty of attempting to kill his own friend while they had been in a face-off when Terry had been chasing Vax while landing on Chillion-5. He had ultimately destroyed Terry’s ship and made it crash on Chillion-5 while retrieving the flying truck, which had Sean, Lisa, and Vax aboard. Thus, as a form of revenge, even after fighting the Conglomerate as partners, Terry decided to leave Glorox and his team fighting while he and his team quickly escaped the planet to make their way to the planet Chillion-5 to drop off Vax and the other Chillas.

Why Did Lisa Help Vax Free The Chillas?

Terry had made a pit stop at Warpies after getting banned from Bucky Quanto’s due to the commotion that had escalated into him fighting with Glorox and his team, which included Torga, Lootbat, and Bogdog. After getting banned for life and also scolding Sean and Lisa for disobeying him, Terry made a pit stop at Warpies to fuel up his spaceship as well as give some money to Sean and Lisa to get what they wanted from the shop. Lisa had chosen a corner to sulk in instead, and Sean had made friends with a robot named KRL and had begun to teach him the idea of “fun.” Here, Lisa met with Vax, who had decided to lend her an ear and listen to the frustrations Lisa could share with her. After offering the advice of cherishing one’s family, Vax slipped out, only to be spotted by Terry, who immediately arrested her. However, Sean and Lisa ended up in trouble with some alien spiders, and Terry had to let Vax go to help them out. Finally, they stopped at Pulga to find a part for their ship so they could get it fixed, as they came across Glorox yet again. The inhabitants of Pulga helped them out by distracting Glorox as they escaped from the planet to arrive at Chillion-5, rumored to be one of the happiest places in the universe. Here they met enslaved Chillas who were paraded around as puppets for entertainment. They also discovered the darkest secrets of the planet and how the enslaved Chillas keep all of the planets running with their unique ability to handle warped stone minerals without getting warped themselves. They are enslaved and kept by the Conglomerate guards to mine the minerals so as to power up the other planets as well. This inhumane treatment made Vax desert the Conglomerate and instead fight against it to free the enslaved Chillas.

Lisa had witnessed Vax’s real cause after quietly sneaking off to keep an eye on her after she was introduced to her by Terry as a fugitive. Terry had gone to help clean Sean’s shirt and had asked Lisa to stay put. She had taken advantage of his absence and gone snooping around. She found out about Vax and later wanted to talk about it with her father, who had been worried sick about not finding his daughter anywhere. Lisa and Terry had a falling out, which pushed her to seek out Vax on her own after Terry assigned her time out on the spaceship when Lisa told him she had followed Vax. Terry then went on to keep an eye out on Vax and returned to Lisa’s absence on the spaceship. Lisa, meanwhile, had helped Vax and her friends successfully get the enslaved Chillas out of the mine with their shock collars and away from the Conglomerate’s goons. However, Terry had discovered Vax and Lisa and had instead arrested Vax and scolded Lisa for her thoughtless behavior. Lisa’s behavior stemmed from the absence of her father during the important moments of her life. Terry had missed a lot of her events due to his missions, which had led to a misunderstanding and them hurting each other’s feelings. This is why Lisa sought out chances to prove herself to her father so as to make him stay. She even became a champion at cards after Terry taught her the basics in hopes of finding an even ground to prove herself, which is why, when she found a chance to save the world and also make Terry’s job easier, she took it.

Ending Explained: Are Sean And Lisa Aliens?

Terry, Sean, Lisa, KRS, Vax, and the Chillas had made their pit stop at Chillion-5 to drop off Vax and the Chillas, who had helped Terry overthrow the Conglomerate. While wishing the Chillas luck in getting their habitat back, Tess, Terry’s wife, texted him to inform him of her arrival to pick the kids up. Terry immediately set off, hauling the kids with him to make his way to Earth before Tess reached their home. He almost made it in time; however, Tess witnessed them in space disguises and immediately guessed that they had been to space. This is where it gets revealed that Tess had once been a fugitive who had fallen in love with Terry, who had been sent to retrieve her for the Conglomerate. Thus, making both Sean and Lisa part aliens. This fact is bolstered by the manager of the Conglomerate paying them a visit to set things straight. The family is pulled into a fight with the alien wearing human disguise as Terry and Tess synchronize their fighting stances to help defeat him. Tess whips out her staff while Terry fights with his guns. Lisa and Sean help out as well, while their grandmother helps them by crashing her car into the alien. They finally defeat him by using the warp minerals to obliterate him into dust.

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