‘My Demon’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Is Do Do Hee Called A Devil?


The first episode of K-drama My Demon is here, and the stage is set for the series to be every bit of the demonic romantic comedy it is touted to be. There has been some immediate clarity on the characters, and it is quite evident that it is going to be a ‘she fell first, but he fell harder’ case. There is something too good about those scenarios, though if you ask us, we would have fallen first and harder for Song Kang as Gu Won. He is the second man this year named Gu Won (the first was in King the Land) who is going to mercilessly steal our hearts. But it is what it is, and the following is the recap of My Demon Episode 1.

Spoiler Alert

Who is Jeong Gu Won?

Jeong Gu Won was human before he turned into a demon, and he has roamed the earth as one for hundreds of years. He makes deals with desperate humans and gives them whatever they want for ten years, after which he collects their souls to send to hell. Gu Won calls himself an external force influencing people’s lives, and according to his estimation, he is adding value to those who are doomed to misery anyway. For example, in the Joseon era, he made a deal with a fisherman that he wouldn’t go hungry for the next ten years, after which he would go to hell. Technically, if Gu Won had not made that deal, the man may have starved to death. His luck was unlikely to turn anytime soon, and if he had committed any sins, they must have happened in the past when he was desperate. A man with a guarantee of always having a full stomach may not commit any crimes in the future after making the deal. That means that Gu Won probably did the man a favor at that time.

The next deal we see Gu Won make good on is with a gangster in the present day. Ten years ago, he had wished for money and wealth. A man with those ambitions was probably already a sinner or would have been one with or without Gu Won’s help. Many people are ambitious, but only very few are willing to shorten their lifespan for those ambitions, which just shows the kind of person that gangster must have been. Gu Won is correct when he says that he probably helped the gangster do the best he could. But here is where the demon part may have come in. Gu Won doesn’t seem to be against God, but he may be doing the devil’s work because he has given greedy and dangerous people a lot of power without any thought for consequences. This may be better elaborated on in the coming episodes because Gu Won is not some tortured soul. He likes his job, and he enjoys the powers he has in the world. His butler has been following him since his previous life, and a woman by the name of Jin Ga Yeong, who is known as the Beyonce of Korean Traditional Dance, is madly in love with him. His contracts with these two humans aren’t completely clear yet, but they seem to be ‘obsessed’ with him.

Why is Do Do Hee called a devil?

Do Hee lost her parents when she was a child, and she was later adopted by Ju Cheon Suk, who is the Chairwoman of Mirae Group, which is one of the top ten companies in Korea. Do Hee remembers her parents as being loving and perfect, and she misses them to this day. There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason for her to be ‘ married to her work’ or for her ‘devilish personality’ except maybe that she was born this way.

Do Hee was told by Ju Cheon Suk that she shouldn’t trust anyone. It may also be true, considering her environment. The Chairwoman’s son, Noh Suk Min, is waiting for his inheritance, but he is probably not very competent, and he has also been a recovering alcoholic for ten years. His wife, Kim Se Ra, is clearly unlikeable, and their son, Noh Do Gyeong, is mostly silent so as to not catch unnecessary attention. Ju Cheon Suk also has a daughter, Noh Su Ahn, who loves to emulate everything Parisian and causes her mother some headaches through this. Finally, Ju Cheon Suk has a younger brother who is traveling the world with his wife, while his son, Ju Seok Hoon, has established himself as Ju Cheon Suk’s business partner.

They all hate Do Hee since she has literally dropped out of nowhere and is a strong contender for the Chairwoman’s property. Literally speaking, Do Hee has no one to rely on except Ju Cheon Suk, and the latter wants her to get married and find someone for herself. Therefore, she sets her up on a blind date, but Do Hee ends up going to the wrong restaurant and mistakes Gu Won as her date. While she is quite taken in by his looks, he is constantly rude since his solitary lunch has been disturbed. Do Hee wants to spend half an hour with him to be polite, and she is sticking to that. Later, when she sees a cake that he has ordered, she thinks it is for her, and she is genuinely interested in the guy. But she doesn’t know that it is a celebratory cake that Gu Won orders every time he collects a soul. Do Hee and Gu Won part on bad terms, and the former realizes later the mistake that has happened.

How Does Do Hee get Gu Won’s Tattoo?

Do Hee gets a call from the Head of the Financial Team, Cha Tae Jun, that he has information that could make her the next owner of Mirae. Do Hee is interested, but Tae Jun wants to personally meet her to tell her the details. Meanwhile, Do Hee is trying to solve another problem. Noh Su Ahn has tried to get a defamatory article published about Do Hee’s company, but it is now unavailable. Do Hee is tired of being constantly on alert, and she is sorely missing her parents. One of the reasons she doesn’t celebrate her birthday is because of this very thing and the fact that one of her best memories was of her having a good time with her mother and father on the beach. Her birthday is just a reminder that she doesn’t have that anymore.

Back in the company, Tae Jun is murdered by someone, and that man is now out to kill Do Hee. He pretends to be her designated driver, and when Do Hee catches on to that, he tries to strangle her. Do Hee manages to escape, and that is when she runs into Gu Won. He is there to make a deal with her, as he has sensed her desperation, and Do Hee agrees. But before she can sign the contract, Gu Won tackles the man. However, the man doesn’t die, and something seems to happen the moment Gu Won holds Do Hee’s hand. At the end of My Demon Episode 1, his powers don’t work anymore, and both of them fall into the sea. Do Hee is trying to rescue him, and that is when the tattoo is transferred to her hand. It may have been a case of Do Hee saving his life when it was Gu Won who was supposed to be doing that. Either way, Gu Won’s tattoo is on Do Hee’s hand, and he couldn’t be more horrified.

Final Thoughts

It is not hard to guess that the Chairwoman probably had something to do with Do Hee’s parents’ deaths, which is why she thinks she is going to hell. Some of the other contenders must have sent the killer for Do Hee, and that is why they are blaming their mother, because she plans on giving Do Hee a lot of money. Either way, the comedy is on point, so let us enjoy that for now.

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