‘My Demon’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Gu Won Get His Powers Back?


There is something not quite right about My Demon. Admittedly, the chemistry between the leads is impeccable; the episodes have a smooth flow about them, and we get the concept of what it means ‘to be a devil’ that the series is trying to say. However, we expected a lot more. Maybe a more thorough explanation of the supernatural aspect of things or a better reading of the characters? It feels like the trailers and promotions promised us two extremely sassy protagonists who would give us hilarious moments, but that has been rather minimal. Or it could be that it is the 10-episode mark, and we are not jumping around in excitement as we wanted to. The possibility must be considered that this criticism has everything to do with us and nothing to do with the drama, in which case the opinion will change with the episodes of next week. The following is My Demon Episode 10’s recap.

Spoiler Alert

What is Gu Won’s plan?

God tells Gu Won that she is powerless because his situation was created by the choices he made and not because of her design. We want to veer off into a spiritual angle here because nothing else can explain this situation. It is often said that ‘God and Devil’ exist in every human being, and this is what gives them free will, something free from any sort of control whatsoever. It is theorized that this unique permutation and combination of the consciousness of human beings is why God decided to take up the project of ‘creation and direction of life’ because knowing there are things she cannot control is what makes it interesting and gives her something to look forward to. Essentially, defying God or the Devil is possible because an allowance has been made for that in their very intentions of creation. We remember reading somewhere that God must have ADHD, because why else would she not simplify everything? That is because simple things and processes are boring, and that is the one thing that ADHDers avoid at all costs. (Please don’t wish hell upon us for this.)

Either way, Gu Won is adamant that he will not give up on Do Hee at any cost. He insists on finding a way for both of them to survive and lead a happy life together. He says that he will make sure that God will lose. We don’t think God wanted it to be a competition because then the odds would have been much tougher. But if that is what Gu Won needs to think, God is happy to indulge him.

Gu Won spends the day with Do Hee, and he makes preparations in case his plan is unsuccessful, and he dies. He tells Butler to take over his position and sell his assets if he passes away. Secondly, he meets the police and tells them everything he knows about the killer, asking them to take care of Do Hee from there on. Sadly, the only thing different from Gu Won’s plan is that Ga Young comes to know what he is planning on doing, and she tells Do Hee everything. Ga Young is callous enough to give Do Hee some poisoned pills, with the instruction to take them and save Gu Won if she can. Do Hee has a lot to think about, and she decides that she will try to go through Gu Won’s ritual and try till the final minute.

How Does Gu Won Get His Powers Back?

First of all, it is hard to understand what Ga Young was thinking when she took Seok Hoon with her. Did she need a lift? Does she not know how to drive? Seok Hoon knowing about Gu Won being a demon may have helped keep Do Hee away from Gu Won, but why take him with her to the sea, where the married couple was going?

On the other hand, Noh Suk Min is truly deranged. Why did he think his mother wanted him to be the devil? He remembers how, in 2006, the chairwoman brought a young Do Hee home after the industrial disaster that probably took her parents’ lives. In the present day, Suk Min finds that his son has a phone that is identical to his, and he was probably using it to spy on his father. Suk Min burns Do Gyeong’s hands and asks him to prove his worth. Do Gyeong’s mother is hearing all this from the other room, and she puts on her headphones to escape the screams. Was Suk Min’s abuse the root cause of Do Gyeong’s violent tendencies?

When Do Hee goes to the gas station store to buy a few things, Do Gyeong rams his car into it in an effort to kill her and prove his ‘worth’. Do Hee is in danger in a burning building, and Ga Young tries to stop Do Gu Won from going inside. She wants Gu Won to let Do Hee die so that he gets his powers back, but Gu Won is clear that he cannot live without his wife.

During My Demon Episode 10’s ending, Gu Won goes into the burning building, and Ga Young gives them up for dead. Inside, Gu Won is faint, and he barely manages to hold the hand of Do Hee. That does the trick, and Gu Won ends up getting his powers back. He walks out of the store with a recovered Do Hee in his arms, and all is well again. Our theory is that it was the spirit of sacrifice between the lovebirds that allowed the miracle to happen. Do Hee had told Gu Won that if it was her last day on earth, she wanted to spend it by his side. When she left with Gu Won for the ritual, she was ready to give up her life in case it was required. As for Gu Won, he would rather die than let anything happen to Do Hee. Both of them had decided that they would not live without each other. Let us remember that, as much as Ga Young and Seok Hoon claim to love Gu Won and Do Hee, neither of them walked into a burning building for them.

Let us remember the time the tattoo actually got transferred to Do Hee. Gu Won was trying to save her life, and it was his selfish way of using her situation to carry out a deal. In contrast to that, when the tattoo came back to him, he was trying to save her life again, but selflessly, by giving himself up. Even Do Hee was thinking about her own safety during that day at the sea. But this time, just like Gu Won, she was willing to die for him. Maybe it was the completely opposite situations that ended up working the magic. It may also be related to Gu Won’s past as a human, which we will learn about in the next few episodes of My Demon.

Final Thoughts

Noh Suk Min has been announced as the chairman, so it is hard to say why he is after Do Hee’s life now. She has renounced her properties and a claim to the company and just wants to live happily with Gu Won. There is an inherent evil operating here and not something logical, which will be addressed in the future. 

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