‘My Demon’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Gu Won Remember His Past?


Fans of My Demon have been rather impatient over the two-week break between its episodes. But the show is back with its run, and though we would like to say that it is better than before, it still continues with its predictable fun. How many supernatural love stories do we need where the lovers are bound by one of them having killed the other in a past life? Isn’t this trope getting stale? It would be a new thing if Gu Won had figured that out right at the beginning rather than at the end. This drama is just not what it is supposed to be and is average at best. The following is the recap of My Demon Episode 11.

Spoiler Alert

What happens after Gu Won gets back his powers?

As Gu Won’s butler says, Gu Won is back to his obnoxious self after regaining his powers. He loves being the ‘apex predator’ and looking over at humans as if they are ‘insignificant.’ But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that he continues to be hopelessly love-sick. He wants to match outfits with Do Hee, even though she finds it cringe. Gu Won presents her with a fashion show that surprises the audience with his choices because Gu Won has never dressed this badly before. Thankfully, he dresses up Do Hee rather well, so she is willing to do the couple outfits with him. People in the office remark that he is glowing more than usual, and perhaps Do Hee can capitalize on that to launch a skincare brand. Either way, Do Hee and Ms. Shin are still awkward with each other, and that only increases when they have to hear a pitch for a hangover drink by the three musketeers of their team. Their pitch reminds them of their antics when they had both gotten drunk, and neither could look at each other with a straight face.

That day, Do Hee and Gu Won decided to look for the person who tried to kill them, and the only people who knew were Jin Ga Young and Seok Hoon. But they see Ms. Shin acting suspiciously, and just for the heck of it, they decide to follow her. That reveals a secret that neither were prepared for but that the audience saw coming from a mile away. Ms. Shin is dating Bok Gyu, and this started on the night they all got drunk. Ms. Shin doesn’t want to reveal her relationship status yet because of her disappointments in her previous adventures, and this is a clear setback for Bok Gyu, who was hopelessly in love. On that note, was it required for the makeup team to go overboard with her smudged lipstick act? Do Hee sleeps with perfectly smudged eyeliner, but we are supposed to laugh at a genuinely funny and believably sweet couple because of the smudged lipstick gag?

Why does Noh Do Gyeong turn himself in?

Noh Suk Min knows that Do Hee and Gu Won managed to escape from the fire. When he goes to meet Do Hee the next day, he sees that tattoo on Gu Won’s hand and figures out that he must have gotten his powers back. Therefore, Suk Min needs to act fast if he has to escape any suspicion that could fall on him. Do Hee may think that she is being smart, but we believe that Suk Min is the master at laying complex traps, which is why he is being referred to as the Devil. We wouldn’t like a simple-minded villain anyway, especially when the main lead is supposed to be charmingly obnoxious.

Suk Min had asked Do Hee to think about accepting his investment in her business. To know what Suk Min is up to, Seok Hoon goes to his house under the guise of wanting to join hands. Maybe Suk Min didn’t suspect Seok Hoon, or perhaps he knew that this would happen, but Seok Hoon saw Gu Won’s book in the house. That directly connects Suk Min to whatever has been happening with Gu Won and Do Hee. Suk Min is aware that the couple is getting these updates, so his next move is to use his son. After the accident, Do Gyeong is getting treated privately in the house. Suk Min tells him that he has failed his mission and must turn himself in to the police for his crimes. These crimes are killing Mr. Cha, Madame Ju, and attacking Do Hee and Gu Won. Do Gyeong turns himself in, and the couple’s suspicions are once again diverted to him. They show up in the interrogation room and question Do Gyeong about whether he really did that. Do Gyeong simply replies that it was the Devil in him that made him do it? Basically, Suk Min has used Do Gyeong’s mental health to his advantage and protected himself from the police and the demon.

Does Gu Won remember his past?

Gu Won loves irritating God with his victory, and he made it a point to show off in front of her that he got the better of the situation she wouldn’t help him out of. But since it is God, she takes it in stride and moves on with her mysterious ways. However, Gu Won finds that he has changed. Before, he disliked humans and lived to make deals with them. But now, he couldn’t bring himself to make a deal with an old man who just wanted his wife, suffering from Alzheimer’s, to remember him once. Gu Won had learned that he could not make a trade when it came to matters of love. He is also still having his dreams from when he was human, and he asks God about them. God replies that Gu Won’s fate must be intertwined with the girl he kept seeing, Wolsim, and that is why he is remembering her. He probably forgot her because of some trauma, but that is resurfacing now. Gu Won is indeed a different man. He is also nice to Seok Hoon, and he heals his hand for him as a gift. Meanwhile, Jin Ga Young reluctantly makes up with Do Hee. Gu Won’s secret is known by too many people at this point, including Seok Hoon, Ms. Shin, and Suk Min.

At the end of My Demon episode 11, Gu Won has another dream, and he sees that he is the one to kill Wolsim, the girl he has loved so much. There was a cross hanging from his hand, which was similar to the tattoo he had on his wrist. Gu Won also sees that Wolsim had Do Hee’s face, and when he wakes up, he seems sure that Do Hee was Wolsim in his past life.

Final Thoughts

There are two challenges for the couple going forward. One is to figure out that Noh Suk Min is the real villain. The second challenge is to figure out whether their past has any bearing on the life they want to lead together. These two challenges are going to clash with each other, for sure.

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