‘My Demon’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Madame Ju Know Gu Won?


My Demon Episode 12 set the stage for the breakup phase of Gu Won and Do Hee’s love story. Love thrives in adversity, and K-dramas’ definition of that is a breakup phase. These were the last few sweet moments of this couple before the angst of the coming episodes, and this is the recap of them.

Spoiler Alert

What was Do Hee and Gu Won’s past?

Before Gu Won became a demon, he was a regular (although privileged) human being named Seo Yi Sun. He had a reputation for being the biggest loafer in town who often neglected his studies and got away with it because his father did not want to scold him as he had lost his mother at a young age. Despite all this, Yi Sun was loved by the people of the village for his charming and carefree ways. One day, while playing hooky from his studies, Yi Sun ran into Wolsim, and he fell in love immediately. Wolsim did not have the same interest, though. Yi Sun’s butler, Seok, told him that Wolsim was a famous courtesan who had come to the village from a reputed town. To see Wolsim again, Yi Sun went to her workplace, and from the next day on, he regularly showed up at the place where she came to dance. Yi Sun went there with the excuse that he was studying, but he just wanted to be around her.

Eventually, Wolsim softened up toward him. Yi Sun was a lovesick man even as a human, and there was only so much Wolsim could do to fight off the effects of his charm and goofiness. But when he confessed his love, things got too real, and Wolsim had to step away from him. She was not comfortable being with him owing to their differing social stations. The reason Wolsim had come to the village was as a punishment. Her best friend had committed suicide because of an unfulfilled relationship with a nobleman. On the day she had died, Wolsim had refused to dance for a high-ranking nobleman, and that had earned her the punishment of relocating to the village. That is why Wolsim believed that love was not a worthwhile emotion. It had to be an inconvenience at best if it came with so many rules of class conflicts. But Yi Sun was hell-bent on convincing her that things could be different. For him, love had turned his life around as he had become more serious with his studies and duties for the sake of Wolsim. Therefore, he set out to convince her about its transformative nature, and the Catholic teachings helped him in that regard. The Catholic texts said that all humans were born equal, and that meant that Wolsim and Yi Sun were not separated by any class differences. Both of them started following the Catholic faith and dreamt of a world where equality would be the norm instead of the privilege of people of one religion. That is when Yi Sun decided to study for the government exams so that he could be the one to introduce the changes.

In the meantime, Yi Sun’s butler, Seok, told his father about Wolsim and Yi Sun’s interest in Catholicism. In Yi Sun’s absence, the neighboring villages were attacked under the guise of exterminating Catholics. Basically, Catholics were being used as an excuse for destroying the villages. The people of Yi Sun’s village understood that, and they needed a scapegoat to protect themselves. That scapegoat was Wolsim, and she was killed by people intent on saving their own lives. The killing was performative at best and reflected a rather ugly side of human nature, and when Yi Sun saw that, he lost his mind and killed everyone around him. He declared that since it was his faith that had Wolsim killed, he would forever be against it. Yi Sun declared that he did not wish to go to heaven if that is where God resided, and since then, he has been roaming Earth as a demon.

Did Madame Ju know Gu Won?

In the present day, Gu Won is conflicted about his past. Bok Gyu theorizes that perhaps it was his meeting with Do Hee that triggered his human side rather than the other way around. Even God doesn’t have a solution to offer because the problem is unclear. Gu Won tells Do Hee that he killed people in his past life and that being with him may bring misery to her. But Do Hee tells him that she would have been miserable anyway, so she would prefer to be with him instead. At that moment, there are flowers on Ga Young’s stage, indicating that all is well in the demon’s love story.

On the other hand, Do Gyeong is diagnosed with a plethora of mental health issues, which are used to explain his actions. But before anything can be done, he commits suicide in jail. Suk Min asks Do Hee to keep the matter under wraps, but there is a lot more brewing in his mind. His wife also has burn marks on her hand, which means that she must have done something to displease him. Also, Suk Min hints to his sister that her children are now going to be the sole heirs to the business. This is undoubtedly the first step in controlling her.

In the meantime, Do Hee is confused about Suk Min’s involvement in the whole affair. She is not able to believe that he is blameless. She remembers that Do Gyeong’s name was saved as ‘Abraxas’ in the serial killer’s phone. Abraxas is a character in a book named ‘Demian,’ and his character is forced to kill to be free of something. Do Hee wonders whether the name is connected to Do Gyeong’s motivations and how Suk Min may have been involved in them?

At the end of My Demon episode 12, there is a flashback of Madame Ju when she was trying to go near the car crash that had killed Do Hee’s parents. Gu Won had been present, and he had a contract in his hand. Maybe Madame Ju had made a deal with Gu Won that day, but the timelines don’t align since took in Do Hee more than ten years ago. However, Madame Ju died of a heart attack. So far, all we know for sure (without considering Do Gyeong’s lies) is that Suk Min’s wife did not do anything while she was dying. A heart attack indicates a deal with the devil that is being collected. But we don’t think that Gu Won would keep such a secret from Do Hee. On the other hand, he may have made a deal with Do Hee’s parents, and they probably died because Gu Won was collecting their souls. That means that Gu Won killed Do Hee’s parents. There isn’t a greater cause for divorce, but it is fishy that Gu Won has not recognized them yet, though Do Hee has shown him their picture.

Final Thoughts

In the preview for the next episode, Suk Min is telling Do Hee that Madame Ju is the killer of her parents. So far, we know that Madame Ju was responsible in some way for their deaths. Or was it Suk Min and the audience’s misunderstanding? Maybe her shock after the accident was due to seeing the devil? This is a complication that can tear this couple apart.

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