‘My Demon’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Cheon Suk Kill Do Hee’s Parents?


When people say that they love love stories, they are talking about the process of two people falling in love and not about them being irritating and cozy with each other. The first part gives us butterflies, whereas the second part induces cringe. We refuse to care about that. Either way, that is what the episode 13 of My Demon was about, and this is its recap.

Spoiler Alert

Is Gu Won struggling to make deals?

Love has changed Gu Won, and he is unable to make deals the way he used to before. Before meeting Do Hee, desperation was the only thing he looked for in his clients. But now, he needs them to be bad people who deserve the fate waiting for them. While Gu Won’s pool has narrowed, it is still wide enough that he will find people without bursting into flames. As Gu Won’s finger is on fire, he goes looking and finds one person who has been in and out of jail multiple times, and making a deal with him is a no-brainer. But while talking to him, the gang that has been shadowing Gu Won reaches there, and his secret is out of the bag. While they are all excited about him being a demon, it could not have been too much of a surprise since they had seen him perform impossible feats before—ones that weren’t humanly possible to perform. Perhaps they are all happy that they chose well.

Gu Won advises them to change their ways and plans for the next thing to do. He spoke to God about how he wanted to preserve his happiness with Do Hee, and as usual, her answer was ambiguous. She told him that one needed the misfortune to appreciate happiness, and when Gu Won left, she commented on how too much happiness is poisonous. But Gu Won is optimistic, and he asks someone to read his tarot cards, which reveal a good fate for him and Do Hee. This is all Gu Won wanted. His good times with Do Hee continue, and Gu Won is also on better terms with Ga Young, who is leaving the country in good spirits. The couple is excited for their first Christmas together, while Bok Gyu and Ms. Shin are struggling to keep their relationship a secret. They are too much in love, and people are catching on to that, which is why they have to put on the show of being at each other’s throats to cover up their secrets.

How does Gu Won address Do Hee’s trauma?

When Gu Won notices that an accident on their way to the office has upset Do Hee, he does the right thing by giving her space and asking Seok Hoon instead of what Do Hee must be going through. Seok Hoon tells Gu Won that Do Hee has always blamed herself for what happened to her parents. Additionally, after their deaths, Do Hee stayed with a number of relatives who were only interested in her for her money. It was after the money ran out that she came to live with Cheon Suk, and it took a while before she came out of her shell. One of the reasons Do Hee works so hard is to escape the emotions she doesn’t know how to deal with. That night, Do Hee worked late and fell asleep on her desk. She starts dreaming about looking for her parents and apologizing to them when, in her dream, she meets Gu Won, who comforts her and shows her the love she is surrounded with. It is a scene about Gu Won healing Do Hee’s inner child.

Did Cheon Suk Kill Do Hee’s Parents?

Since Suk Min became chairman, his primary interest has been in dismantling the philanthropic ventures that his mother had set up. He wants to remove the division aimed at rehabilitating the victims of industrial accidents, and he needs the support of other members for it. Therefore, he calls his family for dinner at his house. Do Hee has no desire to go, but she knows she cannot avoid the issue at all.

During the dinner, Gu Won notices the injury on Se Ra’s wrist. Earlier, Se Ra had tried to find out what Suk Min was doing, and that is when she found the book on demons. However, Suk Min had caught her in the act and realized that she was aware of a lot more than she let on. Suk Min suspected that she probably knew all of his crimes; therefore, he needed to take steps to put her down. Suk Min has Se Ra admitted to the hospital, and he is trying to frame her as being insane. Gu Won sees what is going on, and he asks her for his book. At first, Se Ra feigns ignorance, but when she realizes that this could be her ticket out of this hell, she tells Gu Won the entire truth.

At the dinner, Suk Min had asked for everyone’s shares in the company and was met with a firm refusal. The next day, Suk Min simply fired Seok Hoon as a way of reducing his power in the company for his own monopoly. Suk Min wants to do things his way, and anyone who says anything contrary to his plans is accused of being in Cheon Suk’s shadow. When Do Hee confronts him, he makes an analogy about breaking out of an egg to conquer the world on his own terms. That is a light bulb moment and Do Hee realizes that Abraxas on the killer’s phone was not referring to Do Gyeong but to Suk Min. The world that he had sought to destroy was Cheon Suk’s.

During My Demon episode 13’s ending, Suk Min plays an audio of his mother with Do Hee’s parents, where they were threatening to expose her for some wrongdoings, and Cheon Suk was hell-bent on stopping them. Suk Min tells Do Hee that Cheon Suk followed her parents after that conversation and killed them. Do Hee is not ready to accept that, but Suk Min doesn’t care as he is trying to kill her to hide his own crimes.

Final Thoughts

Our guess is that Do Hee’s parents’ death was indeed an accident. Maybe Gu Won had been there, but it is likely that he made a deal with Cheon Suk or imparted some wisdom that made her believe that she was the devil, as she was seen confessing to the Father of the Church. We will know all about it in the coming episodes.

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