‘My Demon’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Trying To Kill Do Hee?


In so many ways, Do Do Hee of My Demon feels like every girl’s spirit animal in the world. She is tough on the outside, prioritizes her family while walking a thin line between dodging their toxicity and knowing how to manipulate it, and finally, she simply cannot resist doing the most for a guy who is clearly nasty but incredibly charming. Every time she gets lost in his beauty, we are reminded of times we have been similarly foolish, though it is a given that Gu Won is Do Hee’s soulmate, whereas non-fictional women have no such luck. As this drama picks up pace, so does our impatience, and until the story continues in the next episode, this is the recap of My Demon Episode 2.

Spoiler Alert 

Does Do Hee have Gu Won’s powers?

At the end of episode 1, it looked like Do Hee had willingly let go of Gu Won’s hand to protect herself. In episode 2, it is revealed that Do Hee actually tried to save him, but when the tattoo was transferred to her hand, she lost consciousness for a while, and that is when Gu Won woke up and saved her. He sees the tattoo on her hand and demands to know where it came from. As for Do Hee, she is in shock, and upon seeing his little show with the water, she faints again, only to wake up in a hospital this time. Gu Won is uncharacteristically attentive towards her, and he is acting as if he is her boyfriend, which Do Hee finds very weird. She doesn’t understand the tattoo on her hand and believes that she probably got drunk and had it done. She wants to laser it off, and that is when the iconic slap from the trailer lands on Gu Won’s face. Do Hee was going to slap him anyway, but Gu Won held her back with the magic that he derived from the tattoo on her hand. Gu Won can still access his powers as long as he holds Do Hee’s hands. The moment he stops holding her back with his powers, the force of her hand lands on his cheek, hard enough to leave an imprint. Gu Won and Do Hee decide that they hate each other, though the former still has business with her.

How is Gu Won’s job affected?

According to Gu Won’s rulebook, he needs to keep collecting souls because the moment he stops doing that, he himself will spontaneously combust. Therefore, the devil’s work is motivated by blackmail. We are also given a little background on Gu Won’s butler. He is the same fisherman who was sent to hell after ten years of eating good food. But that didn’t change his fate because even in his next life, he was still broke and willing to take his life when he met Gu Won again. But this time, he remembers who he is and is furious because he knows what is there at the other end of the deal. This is clearly not the complete story, but we will get to that in the coming episodes of My Demon.

For now, the man is spying on Do Hee, and Gu Won decides that he needs to charm the girl if he wants to get his tattoo back. Gu Won has a soul to collect, that of Olympic athlete Ahn Du Hwan, and he is unable to do that without his powers. Even the butler remarks that Gu Won’s hard work is contrary to his personality, but it is a matter of survival. Therefore, Gu Won makes an appointment to meet Do Hee again.

Do Hee shows up, and her expectations immediately turn romantic upon seeing how good Gu Won looks. He acts all nice, and while Do Hee is surprised, she is definitely enjoying it. That is why, when he asks for her hand, she doesn’t say no and even accepts his ridiculous excuse for how he behaved in front of that athlete. Gu Won has collected the soul he wanted, and he now needs his tattoo. He takes Do Hee to a stream, and when she is expecting a kiss, he pulls her into the water, though that doesn’t do anything except make Do Hee angry. She angrily stomps off after giving him an earful about the kind of day she has had.

Who is trying to kill Do Hee?

Do Hee has indeed had a unique day. She first meets Cheon Suk, who promises Do Hee that she is not hiding anything from her. But later, Cheon Suk is seen confessing to a father that the truth may never get Do Hee’s forgiveness. In a flashback, Cheon Suk is seen being pushed back by the impact of a car blowing up, and that is the accident that gave her lifelong issues with her knees. Perhaps Do Hee’s parents died in that very blast, and Cheon Suk had a hand in it? After all, Do Hee’s father was the co-founder of the company with Cheon Suk, so ambitions may have taken a dark turn in the past. Then there is Seok Hoon. He certainly has feelings for Do Hee, but he is the next most competent person to run Mirae Group after her. He may either want to marry Do Hee for the money, or he may want to kill her for the same reason. If not, then he is genuinely a loveable goofball who needs to work on not spilling food on his shirts. 

Noh Soo Ahn is handled by Do Hee without any trouble. She simply threatens Soo Ahn to withdraw the article, or she will publish pictures of her extramarital affair. Soo Ahn has no choice but to comply, but her rage is murderous. Finally, there is Seok Min himself. He seems to have gotten his hands on whatever proof the dead Tae Jun was about to give Do Hee, and it remains to be seen if he was actually seeking that out or if it was part of some larger conspiracy by someone else. Elsewhere, Jin Ga Yeong is seething with rage at the new arrangement between Do Hee and Gu Won. At the end of My Demon episode 2, as Do Hee is trying to cross the road, someone tries to throw acid on her, but Gu Won gets in the way, just in time. Do Hee is saved, and perhaps now she will start to trust the demon.

Final Thoughts

Do Hee and Gu Won’s marriage should be happening soon. After all, that is supposed to be the crux of the story. That means that next week will see both of them getting more desperate and the situation finally coming together for them.

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