‘My Demon’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Do Hee Ask Gu Wo To Marry Her?


The third episode of My Demon was unexpectedly sentimental. Do Hee and Gu Won showed their sensitive sides sooner than could have been expected, and in many ways, we are not seeing them fight the way we want to. Where are the roasts, the hair pulling, and the heightened tensions, or do they have to marry before all that happens? Does that make this show an advocate for marriage or a cautionary tale against it? Until the answers are given, here is a recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

Does Gu Won agree to be Do Hee’s bodyguard?

The moment Do Hee sees how Gu Won heals himself from the acid attack, she understands that he is not human and that what she had seen that morning with the waves was real. It also puts his obsession with her tattoo in perspective, and she understands why he has taken an interest in her while acting in such a rude manner. Do Hee immediately goes to the police station, where she files a report about the attack on her, while Gu Won waits outside with his bad attitude and runs into a woman arrested for gambling. The actress who plays her, Cha Chung Hwa, recently got married, which is why it would have been nice if the show writers had put her in better and cleaner clothes for the first run-in. Seriously, the entire Korean drama fandom was celebrating her marriage.

Moving on, Do Hee wants Gu Won to become her bodyguard, but he doesn’t care for the job since it is a huge downgrade from his previous one. An apex predator cannot tail around a mere human just because she has a tattoo on her wrist that is less than a centimeter in length. But that is exactly what he does, though he still doesn’t accept the title.

The next day, Gu Won is trying to figure out how to get his tattoo back, and he hypothesizes that maybe if he is able to recreate the conditions of the tattoo transfer exactly as they were, then he would get back his possession. In the meantime, his spontaneous combustion has started, and he needs to make a deal as soon as possible if he doesn’t want to burst into flames. He calls Do Hee and agrees to be her bodyguard. Do Hee finds it suspicious, but she soon realizes what is going on. Gu Won gets on the top of the tower to spot his next suspect, and he finds a child about to take his last breath while his parents turn, desperate for a solution. Gu Won makes a deal with the mother that he will spare her son’s life if she agrees to go to hell after ten years. Do Hee is appalled at the manipulative urgency of the situation, but the mother agrees to trade her soul for her son’s, saying that this isn’t the worst thing that could happen. An upset Do Hee decides that she doesn’t want Gu Won as her bodyguard any longer, and she decides to find her own way.

Why does Do Hee agree to take Gu Won as her bodyguard?

Do Hee’s words about the mother’s grief on Gu Won’s conscience hit him hard. It was previously pointed out by Gu Won’s butler that he must be lonely, and that means that Gu Won doesn’t have many friends to say these things to him. As for Do Hee, she is deep in thought about what she witnessed that day. Later, at a restaurant, she notices the family having a happy time together, and that changes something for her. Do Hee cannot begrudge the family the time they have earned, despite what is on the other end of it. After she lost her parents, Do Hee must have wondered many times whether she could get more time with them and what she would be willing to risk for it. As we see in a flashback, Do Hee initially blamed herself for her parents’ deaths because she had rushed them for her birthday, and that probably led to the accident. The chairwoman had told her that she was not God and she could not affect or control such things, which is why she shouldn’t blame herself. But on that very note, Gu Won was also not God, but he had the power to change people’s lives. He could save someone’s life and give people an actual choice about how they wanted to die. That did not take away the manipulation of it all, but could Do Hee really judge that considering her complicated feelings on the matter? It is not a black-and-white issue for her but completely gray, and she simply has to accept that people make messy decisions for their loved ones.

Why does Do Hee ask Gu Wo to marry her?

Ever since Do Hee saw the news of Tae Jun being killed, she could not stop thinking about his phone call to her. Do Hee calls the chairwoman and asks her whether everything is alright with her company, and the latter instantly knows what the problem is. She calls someone to meet her and confronts them about killing someone, probably the Finance Director, and she also orders an audit of the company after going through the records of the previous ten years. Before anything could come of it, Do Hee discovers that Cheon Suk has passed away, and she is completely heartbroken.

At the funeral, the atmosphere of the place is completely inappropriate. The kids are running around, and people are laughing, making it look more like a party than a service for the deceased. Do Hee begins to understand why Cheon Suk had always been so mean and why she kept herself confined to her plants. It was because she could not expect love from most of her family, and she had to console herself with her plant babies. Gu Won is a bit of a consolation to Do Hee, and he helps change her dress into something white so that the Chairwoman’s soul can find her and she can say her goodbyes.

At the end of My Demon episode 3, the family comes to know that Cheon Suk was probably taking the wrong medicines, which led to her death. Do Hee realizes that it wasn’t medical negligence but murder, since the chairwoman had ordered an audit, which was put on hold rather abruptly, indicating that it was all part of a plan. But the real surprise for everyone is that Do Hee is given all the management rights of the company on the condition that she gets married within the year. Do Hee understands that the murderer is within the family, and she wants justice for Cheon Suk. Therefore, at that very moment, she asks Gu Won to marry her, to get hold of the company, and to pursue the murderer of the only family she knew.

Final Thoughts

The preview of My Demon Episode 4 is confusing us. Is Gu Won going to refuse to marry Do Hee? Does that come in the way of his carefree bachelor life and the unattached ways of an apex predator? Or is it something actually important? We will know in the next episode.

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