‘My Demon’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained:  Is Gu Won Falling In Love With Do Hee?


We expected Do Hee and Gu Won to get married this week. What are these two doing? Why does Do Hee hate her hand being held by Gu Won when she is fawning over him the rest of the time, whenever he is not looking? We bet his hands are the temperature of Edward Cullen’s. Additionally, it is a little embarrassing that a being who is two hundred years old did not teach himself basic martial arts. Maybe Do Hee is too good for him. The following is a recap of My Demon Episode 4.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Gu Won reject Do Hee’s proposal?

Frankly speaking, he had no reason to accept it. Do Hee may have overestimated what he would do for the tattoo. She tries to be ‘chill’ about it, but it doesn’t take superpowers to realize that she is far from it. We agree with Do Hee about the tranquilizer bit, though. Embarrassingly, though, the wrong people hear it. Gu Won knows to stay away from her for a bit, and Seok Hoon is baffled. In case he accidentally heard the whole thing, his jealousy must have shot up to another level. That day, Do Hee asks Gu Won to marry her again, saying that she is asking him in a different situation when he isn’t on the spot as much. But Gu Won still refuses. Neither does he want a real marriage nor a contract one. It is sad when that happens to the one guy you like forever. Do Hee will just have to hold out for better days.

What was in the letter that Cheon Suk left for Do Hee?

The letter was a farewell from Cheon Suk to Do Hee. She admitted that she felt like she had failed in life, since none of her children had grown up to be decent human beings and were only after her money. By placing Do Hee as the CEO, she had tried to do something right for the one person she considered worthy. But Cheon Suk was adamant that Do Hee needed to get married. Her reasoning was that the position at the top was extremely lonely, and holding on to it just for the sake of it would never be worth it. Therefore, unless Do Hee had a partner to rely on, Cheon Suk did not want that life for her. That is why she encourages her to lead her own life away from the company if she isn’t able to find a proper partner in life.

Why is Gu Won holding Do Hee’s hand?

Gu Won has started remembering his life from when he was a human, and he recollects that he was a Young Master during the Joseon era, called Yi Sun. While Gu Won cannot remember more, his butler says that since Gu Won is now human, he will have to face the vulnerabilities of being human as well, and that includes aging. That is a new nightmare for the vain Gu Won, who loves his mirrors a little too much. Therefore, he insists that he hold Do Hee’s hand as much as he can. Do Hee is surprised at this requirement, but for once, she has the upper hand with him. If Gu Won refuses to protect her and Do Hee dies, the tattoo will disappear with her. Therefore, there is nothing that Gu Won can do but listen to her if he wants to hold her hand.

Is Gu Won falling in love with Do Hee?

To be petty, Do Hee requests that her original blind date be arranged so that she has someone to marry. Then she gets to serious matters, like finding out who may have killed her grandmother. Cheon Suk’s family turned down a request for her autopsy, and that hasn’t left Do Hee with any leads, so she is doing what she can. Gu Won decides to help her with his powers, but they prove to be ineffective since the assailant keeps changing his face with masks. Just to check if his powers still work, the two end up in a storeroom where they hear the colleagues talking outside, and they are saying that there is chemistry between Do Hee and Gu Won. Given the position they are in, they are feeling the tension as well.

Later that evening, Gu Won drags Do Hee with him to the team dinner and is constantly holding her hand under the table. It is a harmless recharge for him, but Do Hee is turning red in the face. When the drunk colleagues ask him why he rejected Do Hee’s proposal, he replies that he likes her, and Do Hee has a heart-fluttering moment. But the very next second, he compares her to a pig, and it is the end of any soft spot that Do Hee may be developing for him. But before she can confront him, he storms off due to her change in mood, and as luck would have it, he runs into the gang members who are looking for him. Gu Won is hopeless without his powers and would have been killed by them if Do Hee had not arrived in time. When Gu Won saw her, it was as if the demon saw an angel in white, and he knew she was special because of the way she was desperately trying to save him. In the beginning of the episode, Gu Won’s care and consideration were evident when he was dropping her home. At the end of My Demon episode 4, that had turned to love as Gu Won tango-ed across the alley, his hands on Do Hee’s waist, beating up the goons at his will once again.

Final Thoughts

Never has a preview irritated us to this extent. And the reason is not even the promised angst but the fact that a being (Gu Won) who possessed supernatural powers for so many years and considered himself to be so intelligent and above humanity had to behave like the most basic and typical man possible. There was no thought of being mature about his feelings or even a proper way to push them aside. He had to make it Do Hee’s fault, and with this behavior, he has forever ensured that we will never think of him in the same terms as the Gu Won of King the Land. My Demon’s Gu Won was funny with his bad personality, but the moment he became that particular brand of irritating, we started praying for his divorce from Do Hee. We will be hate-watching Pokemon’s antics next week.

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