‘My Demon’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Gu Won Save Do Hee?


Perhaps we overreacted with our predictions for this episode of My Demon. After all, Gu Won and Do Hee have both made it clear that they are not nice people. Additionally, Gu Won is a demon, and the series is literally named after his ‘evil’ nature. Why is it a surprise that he is blaming the entire world for his entirely natural feelings and for being an irritating person in general? Also, these two are definitely not getting married this week. With this adjustment of our expectations, let us go through the recap of My Demon Episode 5.

Spoiler Alert

How does Gu Won make Do Hee angry?

Gu Won’s butler had mentioned that his boss had never dated in the two hundred years that he had been roaming around as a demon. It is one thing not to get attached, but entirely another not to even seek out the company of anyone for so long. Gu Won suspects that what he is feeling right now could be because he is turning human. However, to retain his demon side, he needs to hold Do Hee’s hand, and that is counterproductive to his goals. Therefore, in this state of confusion, Gu Won drops Do Hee home, and he simply cannot get out of there fast enough. As he replays the time spent with her over the past few days, the singular memory that stands out is how she tried to save him from the goons. Something about her scared helplessness in that situation while she so desperately tried to be brave had won his heart.

As for Do Hee, she is sure that they both felt something when they did the tango, which is why she is confused by Gu Won’s abrupt departure. Therefore, she decides to go talk to him immediately. Do Hee has liked him since their first meeting. Plus, she is clearly not as immature as someone who is two hundred years older than her. So she slaps on some makeup (after her nighttime routine, and that means that Gu Won is special) and goes to his house, where she meets Ga Yeong, who is immediately hostile towards her. Do Hee meets Gu Won, but he is no different, either. He is rude to her and says that he doesn’t find a need to be polite and that she has been bothering him. A hurt Do Hee simply leaves, deciding that he feels nothing after all and that she had been delusional to think there was something.

Why is Do Hee marrying her blind date?

For Do Hee, protecting the deceased Chairwoman’s company is the first priority. The current acting chair of the company is the chairwoman’s son, and Do Hee doesn’t trust him one bit. Additionally, Seok Hoon shows Do Hee some records that prove that some accounting fraud has happened. The audience gets to see how the Chairwoman’s son is indeed responsible for it, and he blackmails the members of the board to get on his side. As for his son, he already has a violent streak, and he beat up the doctor because something he said made him angry. If we were not sure that the serial killer was the culprit in the Finance Director’s murder, the grandson would have been our suspect. Meanwhile, the daughter-in-law recounts how the Chairwoman had been dying, and that makes us think that this woman was present at the scene but chose not to do anything for the sake of the inheritance that would follow her death.

Do Hee goes on her blind date, and the man is as irritating as could be. We get that Gu Won is supposed to be shown as the best available choice, but the blind date need not have been so bad. Either way, Gu Won gets annoyed by the prosecutor’s corny jokes and makes the lobster bite him on the mouth. As expected, Do Hee is annoyed at him, but she is not looking for love. She is looking for marriage, and she proposes that she and the Prosecutor get married that day.

Does Gu Won save Do Hee?

Gu Won may be denying his feelings, but he has no impulse control. He knows Do Hee’s situation, and he is angry that she is marrying the prosecutor. We bet that if Do Hee asked him to get married now, he would say yes. Either way, they get into a fight in the car for reasons we doubt even they understand, and Gu Won drags Do Hee to the leader of the goons they fought the night before. He gives the man a sketch of the person who had tried to kill Do Hee and asks him to find him. When the man refuses, Gu Won starts using his powers to throw things at him. The man gets scared and agrees, but Gu Won doesn’t stop trying to hurt him. Do Hee manages to free her hand from Gu Won, and the man escapes. She is horrified at what Gu Won is doing and asks him the reason, and he simply blames her. A tired and hurt Do Hee simply tells him that he doesn’t have to be her bodyguard anymore. If being with each other is so tiresome, why do it at all?

Do Hee and Gu Won have a lot to think about after they get back home? Gu Won cannot stop wanting to be with her, and he blames everyone, from Do Hee to his newfound humanity to the movie shown to him by his butler. As for Do Hee, she is quite devastated, and she simply goes back home. Do Hee may only have a crush so far, but it hurts when the guy you even kind of like is harsh towards you.

At the end of My Demon episode 5, there is a surprise waiting for Do Hee at home. The killer is there, and he easily overpowers her and hangs her off the side of the building. At the last minute, as Do Hee is just about to fall, Gu Won gets there and saves her in time. She is safe, and Gu Won is as close to tears as she is.

Final Thoughts

Gu Won is simply going to get more jealous in the next episode. But Do Hee’s wedding date is approaching, and we desperately hope to be wrong and see them get married in the next episode. Otherwise, at least Gu Won should get the clue that the killer changes faces with masks.

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