‘My Demon’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Noh Do Gyeong See Gu Won And Do Hee?


Yes, we were wrong when we said in the recap of My Demon episode 5 that Do Hee and Gu Won wouldn’t be getting married this week. The wedding bells rang in this episode of My Demon, and these two are completely hitched, or as much as their contracts allow them to be. Poor boy Gu Won is smitten, and Do Hee is organizing her priorities. With the drama reaching the halfway mark, the leads have finally started working on the mystery and their own love story. While there really is no flaw to point out in the drama, it feels like the audience is being deprived of some wonderful squabbles between Do Hee and Gu Won. What is the point of them being demons (literal and figurative) if they are not going to be at each other’s throats more often? That is the only complaint from us, and here is the recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Do Hee marry Gu Won?

Gu Won literally runs up many flights of stairs to save Do Hee. He has certainly never been this desperate in his entire life. Even in his human life, he was a young master who spent his time watching flowers bloom, as he is slowly remembering. Gu Won had known that Do Hee was in danger because she had him and Seok Hoon saved as her emergency contacts. She had sent the SOS message to them before the killer dragged her away. Do Hee is shaken up by her ordeal, and more so because she realizes that the killer has been enjoying her torment. She is not only up against whoever hired him but also subject to the man’s own madness. When they go through the CCTV, the three of them realize that the killer probably used masks to change his face, and his only recognizable features are the marks on his neck.

Meanwhile, Seok Hoon doesn’t understand how Gu Won managed to save Do Hee, and when he asks him, Gu Won tells him that Do Hee should be the one to answer, and if she is not doing that, he should let the matter be. However, Seok Hoon asks a different question altogether. When he sees Do Hee scared of what could have happened, he asks her to marry him. He promises to be by her side, and frankly speaking, this is the kind of support that Miss Ju had wanted for Do Hee. However, at the same time, Gu Won also proposes to Do Hee, and she is once again in a tight spot.

Do Hee asks for some time to think about things, and the next day, Gu Won and Seok Hoon are shooting their shots in a last-minute attempt. Seok Hoon gets a bouquet for Do Hee and tells her that he has liked her for a long time. He proposes that they get married and sort out their feelings and plans in due course. As for Gu Won, he is seeing that he is being considered against a human. When he sees Seok Hoon’s achievements in the newspaper, he cannot throw them away soon enough. Also, Gu Won is jealous that Seok Hoon is also Do Hee’s emergency contact along with him. Gu Won hates everything about the situation, but he cannot walk away from it because he is completely bound to Do Hee, and he can’t deny it anymore.

When Seok Hoon and Gu Won talk, the latter says that he hates marriage but likes Do Hee, and he is doing what he wants to. So far, he is not coming across as reliable, even though he is saying and doing the right things. Do Hee and Gu Won go to an event where Do Hee invites her family to her wedding the next day? At this point, Do Hee has made her decision, and it is Gu Won. Perhaps it is because she likes him, or maybe because she realizes that with him, there will be no emotional or financial complications. Otherwise, the reason could simply be what she tells Seok Hoon: that she doesn’t want to change or ruin the relationship she has with him. Whatever the reason, Do Hee promotes her product at the wedding and catches a lead to investigate.

Does Noh Do Gyeong See Gu Won And Do Hee?

Do Hee notices the evil expression that Do Gyeong gives at her wedding, and that makes her think. Even at the funeral, he had been surprisingly cold. The others were happy at the death of the chairwoman, but no one was this openly cold. Also, the way Do Gyeong complimented her tattoo sent chills down her spine. Therefore, she decides to investigate him first.

Meanwhile, married life gives a surprisingly dull greeting to the couple. Gu Won is using his powers to clean Do Hee’s apartment and retrieve her favorite blouse from the donation box. Both of them are also awkward about spending their first night in the house, even though they are in separate rooms. The next day, Do Hee is a lot more composed, but Gu Won cannot stop staring at her morning face. While Do Hee wants to investigate right away, Gu Won wants to spend the day at home since he is tired from the wedding, and this is their first domestic disagreement, which Do Hee ends up winning. The couple are ready to trail Do Gyeong, and they land in the bathroom stall of his karate (?) class. Do Gyeong is incredibly violent, and he had tried to choke the life out of someone while practicing, even though they were tapping out. Bloodlust is clear in Do Gyeong’s eyes, and he is prepared to kill even if someone asks the question. Do Hee and Gu Won keep following him, and they reach the place with the lockers. This means that he was the one in contact with the killer. But he senses that he is being followed, and to save themselves, Gu Won ends up kissing Do Hee at the end of My Demon episode 6. He does this to hide their faces, and when Do Hee asks, he is simply going to cite the clause in the contract that says they must cooperate for mutual goals.

Final Thoughts

The next week episodes of My Demon should cover the awkward aftermath of the kiss and, hopefully, some of Gu Won’s backstory. Seok Hoon is also catching on to him with his investigations, and we wonder whether he will come to know that Gu Won is a demon or if he will remain in the dark.

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