‘My Demon’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Are Gu Won’s Powers Disappearing?


My Demon has an interesting way of introducing a serious turn for the characters and then coating it over with a lot of sweet moments. That is exactly what was happening in this episode and what was promised for the next one. We have some answers regarding the mystery of the tattoo, though a lot more needs to be explained. In the meantime, the following is a recap of Episode 9.

Spoiler Alert

How is Gu Won and Do Hee’s married life going?

Gu Won and Do Hee have been waiting for a long time to confess their feelings to each other, and once that is done, nothing could make them happier. In that moment, Gu Won’s powers also come back, and he is fully healed from his injuries. The next day, both of them go on a date, and Gu Won is interested in doing all the ‘human’ things that he has ridiculed so far. He wants to do the couple’s cycling as well as row the boat. He even throws a tantrum since they do not get a couples’ set for their meal during their date. Do Hee has obviously done these things before, but Gu Won is as excited as can be. She is, after all, his first and only love. When the two of them get back home, Do Hee hears that song that the killer played on the day he attacked her in her apartment. That scares her for a moment, but it was just some other person who had it as her ringtone. Gu Won distracts Do Hee by playing a different song in the apartment and dancing to it with her.

Is Do Hee really giving up the company?

Do Hee says that she has finally chosen the best route for her. Giving up on the battle for the company has lifted a huge weight off her shoulders, and she is able to enjoy her present with Gu Won. Do Hee admits that she feels sorry for Madame Ju for handing over her company to people she hated the most, but in hindsight, Madame Ju wanted nothing more than happiness for Do Hee. Do Hee even says that her happiness is tied to Gu Won, and the company shouldn’t get in the way.

However, Gu Won can sense that giving up has taken a toll on Do Hee. He wants her to fight, so he suggests that she give up after they deal with the man who tried to attack her, so that she is not constantly scared anymore. Do Hee agrees, but they both find that Gu Won’s powers are not working anymore, so they have to wait a bit. Later, when Gu Won speaks to Seok Hoon, he says that he won’t let Do Hee give up so easily, and he has his own plans for that. As for Do Hee, she is still tight-lipped about Gu Won and the tattoo on her wrist.

Why did Noh Suk Min kill Kang Cheol?

It wasn’t Noh Do Gyeong, but Noh Suk Min, who was behind the killer this whole time. He had also killed someone else, probably the chief accountant, for which his mother was ready to disown him. Noh Suk Min believed that Madame Ju hated herself, which is why she disliked people related to her and was such an ardent supporter of Do Hee.

Noh Suk Min doesn’t know that Gu Won’s powers are flickering, but he realizes that they are uncertain and that the killer is a liability since Gu Won has seen his face. Therefore, he kills him by setting his place on fire. There is something deeply wrong with Noh Suk Min. He is not just doing all this for the property; he enjoys being the evil person and the secret power it gives him. He never understood why his mother kept him at an arm’s distance and thought it was her being nasty—something that gave her power and made him so ruthless in the present day. He plans on doing the same thing to his son as well. Noh Suk Min kills Kang Cheol so that he doesn’t lead to him, and he is in the clear once again.

Why are Gu Won’s powers disappearing?

Gu Won had already enlisted the police and the gang’s help to look for the killer, and they found him, but it was too late as he was already dead. However, Gu Won found something suspicious about the knife in his heart that had been stabbed in after his death. It was similar to how the killer had tried to take Gu Won’s life. Essentially, this was completely unnecessary, unless a message was being sent. Gu Won checks his office and finds the bug, which confirms that somebody knows all of his secrets. But the bigger shock for Gu Won is that the clocks have stopped. They were indicative of the time left for each of his contracts, and Gu Won is right when he sees in the hospital that the deal he had made for the child’s life has fallen through, and they are sick again.

Gu won riches by meeting the old lady in the train station, understanding that she knows more than she lets on. At the end of My Demon episode 9, that lady takes him to a restaurant, where we get a glimpse of the waiter’s perspective of her as a rich and polished lady. She is God, and Gu Won is defiant in her presence, which she says is expected of a demon. God tells Gu Won that she gave him the powers but did not take them back. The tattoo and the powers are on the wrong body, which is why they are fading. That means that Gu Won is also dying, and the only way for him to get back his powers is to kill Do Hee. Elsewhere, we see that Ga Young tells Seok Hoon the secret of Gu Won, and Do Hee is lying on the ground, fighting for her life in a burning apartment.

Final Thoughts

Ga Young will probably say that she was joking about Gu Won being a demon, but Seok Hoon is in a place where he is ready to consider the supernatural explanation. But the exciting thing is that Gu Won seems to have found a way out of his predicament. That makes sense for this point in the story.

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